Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced in Massachusetts

Paul Armentano at NORML has the details. From the comments, you'd think the thing had already passed. That's probably a bit much, but I don't fault folks for being excited right now. Marijuana policy reform is gaining momentum in a way we've never seen. It will still take time, but the first step is understanding that our goals are achieveable. For too long, we've been told that "it's never gonna happen."  Suddenly, the discussion is erupting into the mainstream everywhere you look.
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Legal Really?

How fitting that one of the first states in the freedom-loving US should be considering legislation like this right now. Having seen so many victims of the "War on Drugs" in my time at schools, I think Massachusetts might become the most populous state in the Nations. JMichaelZ

getting high

yeah, you can drink yourself to death but how dare you go and get high off of a plant. GOD forbid. can`t have that. hypocrisy biscuit w/ xtra cheese. free to any sucker that wants one.

thank you!!!

there are hundreds of violent crimes every day because our govt wants to try and save us from what. a plant that is not addictive, has not been proven unhealthy in any way, and that our doctors give cancer patients to relieve stress and pain. instead that fill us up with addictive pain killers that eat at our liver and evenyually kill us. alot of people dont realize that we are a demoratic country, and have the right to choose. dam* im only 19 and i realize that.

I know everything

Listen to all you pot heads! Marijuana creates an empty shell out of a once vibrant and colorful person. As the mindless zombies walk out street looking for grannies to rob and kids to beat up for their pot only to go home and beat their children (if they even have the motivation to do so). Pot users eventually fail at every aspect of life as they go on murdurous rampages in order to secure their next fix. Marijuana is by far the worst drug in the world because it leads every user to use even worse drugs. If it were legalized cities would crumble as everyone would kill tog et their hands on their drug. Devil's weed! I'm surprised you pot heads even have the motvation to type on a keyboard, or even pay for the internet. I bet you all broke into someones house and forced them to type out your messages as you threaten their lives. Marijuana kills.

You sound like a horrible

You sound like a horrible person. I pity the ignorant people like you. I can just hope that one day you will open your eyes and your tiny little brain. It is clear you do not know everything.




It's a joke, people. jeez.

Devil's weed...

I hope this is a joke, but if it isn't, it's still funny. I've smoked a fair amount of pot in my day, and I'm currently pulling straight A's at a top U.S. university, I've never stolen to pay for drugs, I've never tried harder drugs, and I'd say I'm a pretty damn vibrant and colorful person.


obvious troll is obvious

Ha ha

That was hilarious.


u need a life i smoke weed everyday and i have all b's in my classes and have a part time job with over 1500 in the bank so go fuck ur self

Look Here

I just want to say that as a weed lover i can honestly say that i have NEVER robbed a grannie or used the last money i had to get a "fix". You act like this is crack?!?! Weed comes from the earth its not man made like crack or those other real drugs. God put it here for us to smoke! Plus, how many people do you know that have overdosed on weed?If you know someone who has robbed a store or old lady to get a blunt then honey they aint smokin weed, they got some of that hard shit in with the weed. Not to mention, i smoke weed on a regular basis for the last 7 years and I go to college and have a 4.0 GPA- ive made the deens list so dont talk about how marajuana kills cause you obviously dont know what your talking about. I LOVE WEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BI-OTCH

yeah ur real educated

people that think that weed is such a horrible drug. that it causes people to kill and rob and do unciteful crimes because there under the influence of marjuana. those types of people that believe that, are the ones that go into forign countrys for reasons unknown. or shoot up schools because the believe there right. well i got something constructive for you to do go home roll a fat blunt smoke it the hang ur self cause ur the reason our world is becoming so stero tipical ,ass holes

fuck you

how dare you say that! you know absoutley nothing about this "drug". THC is not addicting what so ever you dumb stuck up cunt. Don't knock it until you try it you worthless fuck!

You may be the most close

You may be the most close minded people i have ever heard of. Look at yourself, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. God clearly put marijuana on the planet intending people to smoke it; it's a plant for relaxing and for healing. The only way someone would move to hard drugs would be because they clearly are looking for ways to leave their life and they most likely have an addictive personality. A family member of mine has smoked pot his whole life and he is a hard working father who is extremely successful owning a high dining restaurant while supporting his family. Who are you to judge someone who uses a non addictive drug that uses it to relax. What a generalization. Not everyone who smokes pot is mindless. Marijuana is the worst drug? WTF is wrong with you?! Ever hear of crack cocaine, heroine, lsd, ALCOHOL? ADDICTIVE DRUGS? Stop judging people on a choice that they make that betters one owns personal life. It's not your choice, so why should you care? "I bet you all broke into someones house and forced them to type out your messages as you threaten their lives. Marijuana kills." this truly makes me laugh..marijuana DOES NOT KILL YOU FOOL!


ok, listen here u deer fucker, i love pot, its good for u, go fuck a deer and then a frog and smoke a bowl its never done anything to my brain but make me hate you once again GO FUCK YOUR SELF

I know everything?????

You are a complete idiot. There are proven studies that marijuana is NOT an addictive drug, and therefore it makes absolutely no sense that people would be going to need their next FIX. Just because people smoke pot does not mean that they are any less functional or competent than anyone who does not smoke. I smoked for my 2nd semester in college almost every day, and I had better grades then, than in my 1st semester when i smoked occasionally, if anything I DID BETTER. You should get your facts straight before you go pointing fingers at people, and acting like you know what you are talking about. And I have one question for you, have you ever heard of ANYONE who smoked a joint and then killed someone, or beat their wives, or went on a murderous rampage as you say? But how many people get drunk and then do those exact things? HMM maybe it is time that you get your head out of your ass and educate yourself, maybe you wont fail at life like you so accuse us of doing.. oh and go fuck yourself.

Uhh... Obviously someone

Uhh... Obviously someone hasn't done their research. Go ahead and let me know what result you get when you search "annual deaths caused by marijuana and marijuana related accidents."


Have you ever been to a

Have you ever been to a health class?Mindless zombies?Most of the users are college students, future leaders of the world.I don't know what hole you live in.

AHHH this person makes me

AHHH this person makes me sad. they dont even realize they have been brain washed to think this way. drink yourself into a early grave we need less people like you. do a web search of all the famous empty shells of artists, writers, presidents who smoked up to solves problems. pompous fool...

ur dumb

smokeing bud dosent make you rob peopel ive been smokeing for 8 years and ive never robed any1 ur just some dum mofo who trys to push there belifs on other no one said you had to smoke. if it became leagle it dosent mean you have to do it. and colorful people ur gay arent u

Successful troll is

Successful troll is successful.


You guys should learn to use the internet, those who fell for this.

Help me out here SCOTT

Why are we not using this POWERFUL forum to direct people to make the leagalization the number ONE question for Mr. Obamas "Online Town Hall" meeting for Thurs?

Robert Hutton

I'm sorry you pot head.

But read my post above. That is why.

Obama's Open For Questions

Obama ‘Open For Question’ About The Economy — Ask Him To Support Taxing And Regulating Marijuana

March 25th, 2009 By: Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director
Share this Article is once again asking the public to pose questions directly to President Obama via its ‘Open For Questions‘ service. The topic of this week’s forum is the national economy, and not surprisingly, many of you have already put forward questions to the President regarding the taxation and regulation of cannabis.

For example, the most popular question in the category “Budget” is: “With over 1 out of 30 Americans controlled by the penal system, why not legalize, control, and tax marijuana to change the failed war on drugs into a money making, money saving boost to the economy?”

Similarly, under the topic “Financial Stability,” most asked question is: “Would you support the bill currently going through the California legislature to legalize and tax marijuana, boosting the economy and reducing drug cartel related violence?”

Marijuana-related questions also top the “Green Jobs and Energy” category, and are among the top vote-getters on the site overall.

According to website, President Obama will “answer some of the most popular submissions live at” on Thursday morning. That means that we only have a few more hours left to contact the White House.

Please take a moment right now to log on the and vote for the questions above, as well as others pertaining to the need to regulate cannabis. Let the President know that millions of American voters believe that the time has come to tax and regulate marijuana. Help us send The White House a message our elected leaders can’t ignore.

I just posted something.

But it hardly matters since marijuana questions already dominated several categories by the time I got to it.


To the ignoarant person above you are an idiot. There are millions and millions of pot smokers, do you think there are that many heroin users? And the only reasons there are is not a physical and medical reason due to marijuana its because the dealers offer them the harder drugs. Also it relaxes and calms you down so I can highly doubt your reasoning that people that do it go around and rob grannies and beat up kids for money. Kids at my school like the person above can smoke 3 times a day, pull off straight A's and be colorful as you say.


It's satire... he's joking. Probably only works on people who have heard these stereotypes a thousand times. ;)

i agree

ur right lol I got it right away, but im only 16...I was in the new-age DARE program, and by now they've got the brainwashing thing down PAT. That's not to say it can't be overcome with logic though...

Yeah, excuse me while I put down my pipe

and go on my daily murderous cannabis fueled rampage. Happens all the time, right, though for some strange reason it's very, very rarely reported....
Seriously, though, there appears to be a horrifying case from Baltimore of a teen wanting weed so bad he killed during a robbery to get funds for it, he was just convicted. So don't say it never happens, just point out the bottom line is that alcohol is far more of a killer than cannabis could ever hope to be and the law certainly shouldn't be in the business of turning that scientific fact (not really subject to debate) on its head.

Weed smoking murderer!

So, this kid, not on weed, robbed and killed. How do we realistically combine the two? Maybe we should consider his anti-social behavior leading to the death of that person, because he thought it was OK, in his mind, to rob and murder? He, obviously had problems, other than the "weed", that contributed to his becoming a murderer. If he was smoking weed at the time, then you might have a legitimate claim. As it appears, you do not! Then again, if he had been on "weed", he may not have been so damned violent!

Blaming the "weed" is really a stretch!


Is this, really, the intelligence level we have to deal with, in convincing people?! I realize you might be a kid. So, I will try not to be, too, harsh.

You are saying something that is completely unfounded in the scientific literature. Even LEAP (cops) will tell you people are much more violent on alcohol than they are the cannabis. The death rate for drugs is, much, smaller than that of alcohol, or cigarette, abuse.

Cannabis use has not been associated with death (or murder), "human organ" dysfunction, or anything else you stated. There has never been a documented case of overdose of cannabis, in 10,000+ years that it has been used!

And do you really think anyone that wants to use it, is not already doing so? You are naive!

Before you write something down, research what you are going to say. Then, put it in a way that the meaning can be clearly understood. It will make you look more grown up!


Thank you for actually making these points, it is about time someone knows their facts and uses them too. Thank you for showing these stupid people who have absolutely no idea about the facts and just accuse people of being mindless potheads who serve no purpose. I am sick of all these people who think they can just go around saying bad things and throwing out information that they made up in their head to sound smart, when the real research disproves all of it!

So again,


you know i dont understand how people who smoke cigarettes which cause cancer and other diseases and people who drink there lives away is ok. all you people on here saying that weed is a negativ thing is just stupid. no one has ever died from being high off marijuana. yeah people have died from getting it like from a drug deal where something goes down. but this wouldnt hapeen if it was just legalized. personally i dont see weed as a negative thats why i smoke it but a lot of you people on here are hypocrits and dont have their facts streight.

god given greatness

God put these plants on earth for a reason, or if you don't believe in God, these plants were still placed on earth for a reason. Everything has a purpose and thus so does weed. I smoke pretty much every day but in no way do I let it run my life or let it distract me from doing things I enjoy. A few hits of weed after a long day of school/work is a relaxing experience that more people should enjoy end of discussion......


Listen u worthless pieces of shit, pot is very good for u, it is a naturally grown herb, and yes people do grow it on their own, so u haters need to fuck a dog, a rabbit and a frog and go smoke a big fat bowl u FAGGETS

While i love weed and fully

While i love weed and fully support legalization, i'm tired of the "It's just a plant" thing.  So is cocaine/heroin.  Just because it's a plant doesn't make it healthy.


The fact is that it's healthy/not addictive...that's enough.  Also, chill out bro, you're giving smokers a bad name by raging like that.

You all say the same thing

What is illegal should stay illegal, and thats it. Tobacco was illegal at once, but now look. It is ruining peoples families over cancer. Same thing with alchohol. It is probably the easiest way to break up a family and hurt someone really badly.

Pot is a slow burner to the

Pot is a slow burner to the users existence. Oh yeah, you can do amazing on tomorrow's exam if you smoke before it, but how about tomorrow? or next year? or the next decade? The reason why weed is the worst drug is because its been portrayed as the best drug (i.e celebrities flaunting their marijuana usage) and the fact that it doesnt harm you as fast as cocaine or meth would .. which brings me back to the first sentence. Pot is a slow burner to the users existence. It's like being in suspended animation, over and over and over again. I've been a daily potsmoker for 5 years and I knew from the 1st years results that marijuana wouldn't do nothing more than make me dumber, duller and dubious about every situation.. believe me when I say I've been raised to be a hard worker and smart learner .. only to be shot down by marijuanas decietful ways. I've had countless arguments and ruined what were great relationships with my loved ones over my anxiety and paranoia. I became selfish and stupid, I hurt alot of people in the process including myself (depersonalizing my being through the usage of self abuse, self hatred, self deception) .. Its kind of funny how weed smokers recycle their daily lives so they can fit an El or Bowlpack between activities that are just as fun sober, than high. I unfortunately can't say that I've stopped my sinful ways .. it hurts knowing that I've changed my identity from a charasmatic, colorful, cheerful person to a pothead with the usual typical pothead insights (i.e pot kills nobody, pot makes me more creative, yadayadayada). I'm aware and ashamed of who I've become, almost feel pathetic in a way. Oh yeah, it may be Gods plant alright, but how about poison ivy?

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