The Fine Line Between Drug Raids and Armed Robberies

It seems Philadelphia's drug cops have adopted a nasty habit of raiding corner stores accused of selling paraphernalia, then smashing security cameras and just straight-up stealing cash and merchandise.

The accused officers are denying everything, of course, but the Philadelphia Daily News found multiple former informants who acknowledge being paid with cigarettes. Hmm, I wonder where those came from.

It's truly remarkable how often the soldiers in the war on drugs can be found committing worse crimes than the people they're investigating.
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Philadelphia Police SOP

All too common for the Philadelphia Police.

A bunch of thieving mass murdering thugs. Among some of the worst in the nation.

Rogue Cops

‘"It's like this unregulated little band of rogue cops, is what it sounds like," Walczak said.’

So is Mr. Walczak saying that the Philadelphia police department has regulated bands of rogue cops?  I guess those would be the ones who don’t get caught stealing, because they’re regulated and all.

Regulated rogue cops use the forfeiture laws to steal.  Unfortunately for them, by observing certain ‘legal’ procedures, they reduce their personal share of the total haul because everyone else wants their cut.

There are ominous overtones to this latest police scandal in the city of Philadelphia.  Could it be that the forfeiture laws are a gateway crime leading to armed robbery?  It certainly seems that way.


Rogue cops

In my experience, cops are, at best, liars and bullies; at worst, murderers and thieves. Drug cops, in particular, give new meaning to the term "career criminal".

The cops who raided my house (in 2003; this is nothing new) took, among other things, my address book, my drivers' license, empty tins, my mail, a book about prescription drugs, a surveillance camera (brand-new, still in the box), cigarette lighters and fuel, a paper on which I was keeping track of payments I was making on a truck (a "pay-owe slip") and $56. I eventually got the money back, but the rest was destroyed as "paraphernalia."

Under Arizona law, anything that wasn't illegal for me to own should have been returned to me. But, hey, soldiers don't need no stinkin' law, do they?

Probably had a good reason

Probably had a good reason to raid your house rita. sucks when people break the law dosent it, usually this dosnt happen to good people. Food for thought

Doesn't happen to good people?

Go read the reader blog post entitled "Arrested for my Cause" and those which follow it and then come back here and tell us that again, with a straight face. What a crock!

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Not Too Surprising

I'm not too surprised by this story. When I lived in Buffalo, NY, a similar story broke out. Two cops were "shaking" down an immigrant corner store owner. They would come in and hit him up for cash, then steal stuff from his store. They finally caught them on video tape.

Even after they aired the video on the nightly news, the cops were denying it. Unbelievable!

There are a lot of good cops out there, but there are also a lot that are only separated from the criminals by the badge they wear. The only difference.

Unfortunately, a lot of those work narcotics. It seems like they gravitate towards that job due to the money involved.


good cop--bad cop

No system is perfect. There are a lot of people persecuting police officers. I believe that the people who hate cops are the people who are committing crimes. I am not saying that there are no bad cops around, but the majority of the law enforcement organizations are here to protect and serve. The majority of the criminals out there are bad mouthing the police organization because they are upset they got busted. Documented are thousands of cases where police acted as heroes and law enforcers; no one seems to want to report or testify on their behalf, so I am. I respect the law enforcement organizations for what their true goals are and strongly suggest that people such as your selves find a new line of work.


No one here is saying that there aren't many, many brave and professional police officers. But this post is about some cops that broke the law and stole from people. When police violate the public trust, shouldn't we talk about it?

cops are fascists. there's a reason people say "F*** The Police"

theyre all on power trips, and they all abuse their power

they dont protect and serve, they abuse citizens.

my friend got busted for pot recently, and the cops took, among other random things, his xbox power cable and his router's power cable..

they left most of his lights and pumps that he was using to grow, though!!


funny thing is, supposedly, he got busted by some super-anti-drug cop who is super-anti-drug because his wife is a cocaine addict! lololol...

if this shit doesn't get legalized soon, we gona have to revolt. violently.

luckily, looks like cali and mass are paving the way for reasonable laws...

So they raided his house for

So they raided his house for just a little pot? right, i think you are being a little biased in the facts your presenting


War brings out the worst of every one !

Police are on a Power Trip All Over The Country

The Bush Administration gave so much power to the police that they ALL act like thugs now. I have NEVER EVER met a police officer who had ANY thoughts WHATSOEVER to actually HELPING PEOPLE. These people who work in law enforcement just like the power it gives them. And with the way the police in this country have been acting in the past 10 years, I HOPE EVERY MUNICIPALITY IN THE COUNTRY RUNS OUT OF MONEY TO PAY FOR COPS! That could be ONE good thing to happen from the FEDS BAIL-OUT (THE ONES WHO STOLE 6 TRILLION OF AMERICANS' MONEY) GAME!

botched raid, couldn't find anything, permanant damage

IN 2002, cops kicked in the door of where they knew I lived with my 1 month old baby...the door flew across the living room,crushing the babys sleeper...but he wasn't in it...he was with they held my exes head down on the floor hard with a gun, they tore apart the house...they didn't find anything in the house. I hld my infant, wide eyed, not knowing what was happening, in handcuffs, until finally they released me...but they weren't finished-they were mad they didn't find anything.

After that I did not have a front door, it was in January in Wisconsin. I put up blankets over the door. I contacted the landlords who wouldn't do anything, so my neighbor and I nailed up the broken door.

I complained and later a cop returned and held a gun on me.

I told the judge, but no responses. I left the county, and the judge says I had no right to move without his permission. He is still harrassing me.

I want to know-if cops raid your house (almost killing an infant) and THEN find out they are stooges, why don't they have to apologize and at the very least repair damages?

Especially since I was innocent! They just acted like I was guilty even though I wasn't. Like I did something criminal and I didn't; it was ALL themselves.

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