17th gangland assisination may have been due to police press assault

Feeling the heat from their complete failure to make even one arrest in the spate of gangland killings the police have been using their trained mouth pieces to make all kinds of allegations and to predict upcoming arrests of gang figures.A recent campaign has been telling anyone listening that the cops are digging into gang financing and the most recent victim is from a prominent developer family with no criminal record and a family that's standing behind their brothers reputation.I am not aware of anything that puts these together except 40 years in Vancouver's drug scene and a fair knowledge of how the whole thing works.If I was a gang leader feeling the heat and had any reason to think one of my money men was under surveillance I certainly wouldn't wait for the guy to fold and spill his guts.This guy was hit in a deserted parking area at 330 in the AM.You tell me.Drug deal gone bad or someone tying up a possible leak?These gangs have better intel than the cops.This has been shown over and over.I know this must sound like business as usual to people from a country where gunfire in the city isn't even reported anymore.This has never happened before up here.Canada has the toughest gun laws in the world and politicians still add more every time they feel election points are available.We have laws against our laws and guess who has the guns?Cops and criminals.A government MP was recently told to recuse himself as speaker at a shooting club because they were raffling off a classic Beretta handgun.Total bullshit.They dragged out the old; sending the wrong message.If Harper had his way we'd all be under 24 hour surveillance and there'd be laws governing every breath from sun up till dawn.This prohibition is going out with a bang.How many more will have to die to convince the politicians that it's a loser?Then they'll be charging us a fortune for what we get for cheap.
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Mob rule!!

It sounds more like old Chicago, circa 1930, all the time. Yet, the drug warriors think they are "winning"?

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