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Obama to Reconsider Federal Blockade Against Medical Marijuana Research

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Wow, it's almost hard to keep up. Here's yet another potentially major breakthrough on the medical marijuana front:

Days before President Bush left office in January, his administration fired a parting shot at Professor Lyle Craker's eight-year quest to cultivate marijuana for medical research by abruptly denying him a federal license despite a nearly two-year old Drug Enforcement Administration law judge's recommendation that he receive one.

But the new administration led by President Obama, who has publicly backed the use of marijuana for medical purposes to stave off pain, might reverse the decision and keep Craker's license application from going up in smoke.

A source familiar with the case said the White House will likely demand that the decision be reviewed.

"Basically they want to do an autopsy of what occurred and have it go through a proper review," the source said. [National Journal]

Anonymous sources can be misleading, so I called Aaron Houston at MPP, who told me the story is true and graciously did not request anonymity.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether the administration's review ultimately results in reversal of the research blockade, but the fact that they're looking into it is a very positive indication. It should prove difficult to examine this issue without seeing it for what it is: a prolonged and transparently dishonest effort to obstruct medical marijuana research by preventing researchers from producing marijuana and denying them access to existing sources.

Given yesterday's reaffirmation of Obama's pledge to respect state medical marijuana laws, it seems that a positive pattern has emerged here. The new administration is re-evaluating the issue from multiple angles and finding that medical marijuana has been mishandled at the federal level in more than one way. It's tremendously encouraging to see the executive branch taking interest in corrupt political obstructionism at the DEA. I'd encourage them to expand the inquiry beyond just medical marijuana.
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Have you heard Obama mutter

He is clearly a past drug head! Listen to him talk....duhhh...duhhhh....

He is the perfect example of marijuana effecting memory and speech. Duhhh......Duhhhh

Keep that tele-prompter in front of him or it'll take him 15 minutes to get his thoughts together to explain himself. Duhhhhh.....Duhhhhhh


Anyone, with half a brain, knows that when one is in that position, you have to be careful with every word that comes out of your mouth. I did not vote for Obama, I do not like his policies, and I don't think he is our savior.

What I like less, is the childish comment you just made, without saying anything. You don't sound very smart, either! And, you act like a condescending jerk! You must have some mighty big inadequacies to have to write what you did! It is a sign of insecurity.

thank you

This person is the perfect example of how you should be during a debate. While mlang obviously does not agree with Obama, he can get past that to make coherent, well-informed opinions. Thank you, mlang, for showing that some people can be intellectual in not agreeing with something. Not everyone has to reduce themselves to throwing insults.

You're right!

He has to be careful of everything he says or the media will not forget anything, including the duhhhhhss and uhhhhhhhs!

inform yourself!

this is an ill-informed, childish opinion. did you hear bush talk once?? is he a "past drug head" as well? because he didn't talk well at all, and he didn't even inhale marijuana once, apparently! and you could be the perfect example of needing to get an education. it's "affecting" not "effecting." i hate people that give opinions that have absolutely no basis, and it just ends up making the person stating them look like a moron.

you gotta stop smokin crack

you gotta stop smokin crack son. that stuff's bad for ya.

"Keep that tele-prompter in front of him or it'll take him 15 minutes to get his thoughts together to explain himself."

at least he has his own thoughts to get together. as opposed to our last president, who couldn't even form a coherent thought *while* reading it off a teleprompter.

I know what a present "drug head" sounds like...

...I've heard some clips on Limbagh on digg recently.

Have You Heard Obama Mutter

"... duhh ... duhh ... duhh ..."

And you think HE'S a drug head??!!

Put aside your crackpipe and maybe you'll begin to make some sense.


You do know that he was quoting obama mutter, because, if you watch things other than the short clips on the news, he does.

Obama Reconsiders Federal Blockade On Medical Marijuana

I voted for Obama, I'm a white male in my mid 50's. I suffer from Diabetic Neuropathic Gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach.) Which causes me to surf waves of nausea from mild to severe every hour of everyday. Inhaled Cannabis Vapors gives immediate relief from chronic nausea and vomiting. The most commonly prescribed drug for my condition is Reglan/Metoclopramide which, if taken on a regular basis, causes irreversible Parkinson like shakes and tremors, my doctor said as he handed me a Reglan prescription. It also causes 'Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome' which is rarer yet fatal. It is cruel and unusual punishment to deny me, or anyone, Medical Marijuana for whatever ails us. FACT: Marijuana is not toxic. FACT: Marijuana is not addictive. FACT: There is no drug in today's pharmacopeoia that safely controls chronic nausea and vomiting except for inhaled cannabis vapors removing all tars and carcinogens. I have tried Marinol and it is worthless. My nausea and vomiting is so severe that I am willing to risk arrest, prosecution, imprisonment, forfeiture of money, property, educational loans, housing and government benefits just to treat my chronic nausea and vomiting with marijuana. This is truth, "Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the safest, most therapeutically active substances known to man. It would be arbitrary, unreasonable and capricious for the DEA to continue to stand between those sufferer's and the benefit of the substance."-Francis L. Young-DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge, 1988. Legalize Medical Marijuana or better yet stop Marijuana Prohibition altogether and save the world's economy. As you so eloquently put it our Federal Government, for whatever reason, "has been operating a prolonged and transparently dishonest effort to obstruct Medical Marijuana research by preventing researchers from producing marijuana and denying them access to existing sources." Get over it politicians like Sen Chuck Grassley who still believes the false propaganda that marijuana use leads to harder drugs and will cause young people to commit suicide. Marijuana will be legal for medical and recreational use soon in the USA. We simply cannot afford to outlaw Medical Marijuana and/or Industrial Hemp. GM, and other major car makers, use Hemp for door panels, fenders and bumpers. But since it is illegal to grow Hemp (non-THC containing marijuana) in the USA it must be imported. Real smart guys, hey why not start there. Legalize Medical Marijuana and Hemp and the USA will experience a financial boon not seen since FDR repealed Alcohol Prohibition.

I feel your pain!

I feel your pain! I am a forcibly retired pain management doctor. It is what has molded my consciousness about this insane war on, some, drugs. Fact is, there are very few people that care about your plight. I don't doubt the advantage that cannabis gives you in attaining a better, more normal, quality of life. It is the drug of choice. It relieves neuropathic pain, and treats the symptoms of the neuropathic gastroparesis. Both, incurable diseases.

Isn't it amazing that your doctor can hand you a deadly drug, on one hand. But, because of the law, cannot even recommend that you use a drug that has not killed anyone by overdose or drug reaction. It is so obvious that "the law is an ass"!

Brinna's picture

The Criminalization of Medicine

mlang52, your statement that you are "a forcibly retired pain management doctor" speaks volumes. Few people know how physicians are caught in the crossfire in this War on Drugs. Physicians can't even count on the American Medical Association to back them up, because the DEA has the AMA by the short and curlies. What do I mean by that? Simple. The DEA has given the AMA a monopoly on printing the code book that each physician must buy, and update regularly, in order to comply with the insurance codes. The AMA sells the code books which account for over 2/3 of the medical organization's annual budget. The AMA would find it difficult to survive if it had to depend on physician membership fees alone. So, the next time you read a statement about how the American Medical Organization does not support smoked medical cannabis, now you know why they have had to say that.

Yep The CPT manual

I remember that well. You see, I had a small office. And, even built my own computers and filed my own insurance by computer. I ran it in a very frugal manner! I never purchased them. I did not know the AMA was making the money! They have a terrible membership rate, from what I hear, now. I was not a member.

While I'm ecstatic that Obama is easing

medical marijuana enforcement and needle exchange rules I can't forget that he is a vociferous drug warrior otherwise who is rapidly escalating and militarizing the drug war on the Mexican border.

Direct quote - March 15, 2009, Dallas Morning News
Animation - Aid & comfort blog

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