The Debate Over Medical Marijuana Should Have Ended a Decade Ago

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NORML's Paul Armentano has a piece at reason marking the 10th anniversary of the government-funded Institute of Medicine report, which proved beyond any doubt that marijuana is medicine. The debate should have ended right then, but our opponents adopted a desperate strategy of claiming that the report said something other than what it clearly said.

Fortunately, the American people took matters into their own hands we've made tremendous progress over the past decade towards increasing patient access and changing the tone of the debate. Our opponents have almost entirely conceded marijuana's medicinal value and now resort to the pathetic fallback position of saying that smoking is bad and patients should take THC pills instead.

We've been proven right morally, scientifically and even politically. But it's still amazing to think that only a few short years ago our opponents were still claiming that marijuana wasn't medicine. Now that everyone knows those people were dead wrong, it's worth considering how phenomenally irresponsible it really was to withhold the truth about a medicine that could have helped people.

Paul makes an important point that after years of legal medical access in several states, anyone can plainly see that opponents of medical marijuana weren't just wrong about science. They were wrong about every single bad thing they said would happen if medical marijuana became legal. Many of those people are still considered experts on drug policy. They shouldn’t be.
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I get, really, tired of listening to the same, lame, comments from the people, who want to claim the gateway theory and all of those other, crappy, arguments.

Is there anything out about what has happened the last ten years in California? Has there been an increase in crime? Have those stoners cause all of the havoc they were suppose to? Are accidents in factories up, because of cannabis use? Is it easier for the kids to get it? Are the kids (under 18) consuming more or less cannabis? Has anyone done any investigation that will once and for all blow these people out of the water?

As far as I know, California did not drop off into the ocean, or suffered any other major catastrophe!.

Especially if, the MMJ use has increased to "anyone that wanted it" why haven't the drug warriors done the studies to prove us all wrong. Were we right?

If we were, we need to do the studies and publish them so we can gloat a little! I 'm not beyond that!

It would also be a big selling point on the complete legalization and regulation, as proposed by the San Francisco legislator.

cannabis debate

notice at how the mainstream media dropped the cannabis issue this week over the aig scandal? the month of april will put it back on the front page. americans support cannabis legalization way more than the government . silence is the key when it comes to keeping that drug war beast fed. attention to it causes disruption. can`t do that now can we?

talkin` `bout pot


silence is key to keeping the drug war afloat. the light of day will kill it on the spot. look @ our current congress. it`s a disaster. a human calling a plant "evil" and " bad" is a human that needs some psychological and spiritual help. welcome to the land of the free...........

Viva la 10th Amendment. Now Legalize it!

"Neither the composition of cannabis nor human physiology has changed since cannabis was illegitimately removed from the U.S. Pharmacopoeia in 1940."
--Tod Mikuriya, MD September 20, 1933 – May 20, 2007

To keep Cannabis illegal while tobacco and alcohol are dispensed freely is murderously stupid.

Richard Steeb
San Jose, California

AMA in 1937

In a letter in opposition to the Marihuana Tax Act, the AMA stated the following:

Since the medicinal use of cannabis has not caused and is not causing addiction, the prevention of the use of the drug for medicinal purposes can accomplish no good end whatsoever. How far it may serve to deprive the public of the benefits of a drug that on further research may prove to be of substantial value, it is impossible to foresee.

Impossible to foresee indeed.

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