Behind Bars in the Land of the Free

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The Cato Institute is hosting an online debate/discussion on incarceration, featuring posts from experts with diverse perspectives on the issue. I haven't had time to dig into it yet, but Pete Guither has posted some interesting excerpts and reactions.
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Debbie Jones Demands Fair Play

I Feel that if mariguana can be classified as having a medical purpose, then why can't we legalize Meth? I need meth every day of my life,it helps me to function at my best. Meth is a much safer drug, it literally promotes a higher feeling of self-steem, and the price on the streets needs to be brought down to a more economical level. Can anyone really aford these outrages prices were paying lately? If government could control the price, more people would be able to enjoy it's benefits.

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But methamphetamine is legal. And, it does have a medical purpose! It is a class 2 drug, and controlled. I understand they use it in the air force to make sure they can tolerate the 48-72 hour missions, enabled by the stealth bomber. I also read of it being used in Vietnam, as well. In fact, it, likely, was used in every war we have had, since the Korean conflict.

But, allowing the control of those drugs to stay in the hands of mobs and cartels, guarantees the availability of anything, from cannabis to heroin, in the schools of our nation. Dealers don't card. You know?! And kids can buy drugs, easier at school, than they can get alcohol.

Regulation can only occur with legal drugs. It is a matter of the law. No one says kids should have access to any drugs. So, why do we see it in so many rants? The kids are at more risk in the current system!

So, what are we telling the kids, if we legalize drugs? We are telling them that we care about their, dangerous, ability to get illegal drugs and kill themselves. And, that we want to decrease their ability to obtain those drugs! Come on! Let's fix this mess! Let's keep it from starting in childhood. Let's do it for the kids!

And we need to stop worrying about the adults. Let them ruin their lives, if they want. They should know better!

The prices are also high because of the black market pricing that comes with illegal drugs. It is a risky business! So, you have to pay more to compensate for your supplier's, risk taking, business!

If dangerous drugs were legalized, it would still be a problem with the regulation. Everybody who wanted those legal drugs, would have to register and get a prescription to obtain it. Believe me, you would not be allowed to use it without strict medical supervision. And, if a problem was detected, they would constantly be trying to get you to see the destruction. associated with having a meth habit!

drug war and athens, ga.

according to wsbtv, atlanta, 2 men were arrested in athens, ga. for nitrous oxide possesion . a cop slid up under a tractor trailer and "saw" the people inhaling from a balloon. the cop ran out and the people scattered. 2 were arrested. the university of georgia is located in athens, ga. the "drugs" are everywhere in athens but beware of the cops up under vehicles and stuff while in athens.

Amerika, land of the lies

Has there ever been a less honest government than ours. Everything our government spews forth, is a lie. I used to have a friend(I use the term in it's loosest form) I don't think, it was because he didn't know any better, I really think he couldn't help it, like some mental thing that controlled him. I noted on several occasions, when I knew better, and he was in a conversation with someone else, and had the choice to lie, or just tell the plane truth, with no consequence either way, he chose to lie. It didn't take long before I noticed how elaborate his lies to cover lies became. It consumed him, yet everyone knew he had a problem with he truth, he kept building on these lies to the point he started believing his own lies. He didn't know what the truth was, and would often argue his pointless lies because he believed them. I knew our "friendship" was over not long after it formed, but it fascinated me for some reason, the way his web kept building, yet wouldn't collapse. The last I heard of him he was in jail, but I'm sure he didn't do it. jk.
I see the same pattern in our government, I don't believe anything they say, or am I just skeptical?

Where do you live?!!

I had the same type of friend years ago. He would lie to his parents , even if the truth was nothing bad! He ended up in jail, in a "mental" condition. He , obviously, was mental to begin with. That "friendship" did not last long, either!

re: "land of lies"/"everything our gov't spews forth is a lie"

and "am I just skeptical?" You're exaggerating is what you're doing. Lumping together the good, bad, and indifferent. We can't nail the problem children (like the DEA, or the Prince Georges County PD, or the killer "Judge" Retchin down in deepest Mississippi, sorry that was an error, she's still being an excuse for a human being in our nation's capital actually) without judging when our various governments, judges, police, etc are doing their job, and when they're fucking with us.

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