Police Dispatcher Fired for Giving Medical Marijuana to Sick Relative

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Via MPP, another example of the daily idiocy that will continue until medical marijuana use is protected throughout the country:

Laura Llanes does not regret buying her aunt marijuana, even though it has cost her a job as police dispatcher.

She was stunned, nevertheless, when she was fired last week after admitting she bought the marijuana to help relieve her aunt's suffering through breast cancer and chemotherapy.

Marijuana for medicinal purposes is legal with a prescription in 13 states; Illinois is not one of them.

Llanes, 28, of Lake Villa remains adamant she did the right thing, saying her biggest mistake was telling a few co-workers what she had done: "They ratted me out."

Her aunt, who lives in Aurora, was "sick constantly, not eating, not having an appetite. She is diabetic. She has to eat. She was whittling away to nothing," said Llanes.

"I thought I will get her some marijuana so it would get her to eat. It worked. She did get the munchies." [Chicago Tribune]

It's a sad story to be sure, but if there's a bright side, it's that this entire story in The Chicago Tribune makes opponents of medical marijuana sound like monsters. There's a bill in the Illinois legislature to end this madness once and for all. I hope the state's legislators read the paper today, because this story tells you everything you need to know about why medical marijuana laws are needed.
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Once again well spoken

Once again you said it right, the poor old lady was erroting to nothing sitting there suffering, in my mind she did the right thing, another thing that makes it sad is that laura probubly had to go to the ghetto or a street corner to relieve her aunts pain and suffering, if somethings going to happen it needs to happen somewhat quick because there is people in pain everywhere around this country, I just hope when something does change, that its for the better Take it easy Scott

E-mail your congressman

It's sad that this has happened. I live in Illinois and was hoping such things would stop....obviously not yet. Ms. Llanes shouldn't have to go anywhere but to the pharmacy or, even better, the nearest gas station, to buy marijuana for medical reasons or any others at all. I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but the government is wasting time and money fighting marijuana. Even worse is what's happening in Mexico and other parts of the world because of it. Every last one of us needs to e-mail our Congresspeople and demand changes. Seriously...call them out for being in the pharmaceutical companies' pockets and not legalizing marijuana. If enough people in their districts threaten to vote them out of office...they'll have to listen or be out of a job. I know I'm just one guy, but I'm telling all my friends, and of course having them tell their friends and etc., to do this. Yeah, I know, I'm a year early for elections, but gotta get the effort started.

Laura Llanes should be given her job back, and publicly apologized to. If it were legal...someone should kick the asses of whoever it was that ratted her out for buying marijuana for her sick aunt. These assholes need to realize that not everything is black and white and not always do things buy the book if it means doing more harm than good. What the hell happened to the police protecting each other? I can assure you that many of the officers in my corrupt little county smoke pot on a regular basis and don't narc each other out. How do I know this? One of my friends was arrested with possession of nearly an ounce and a pipe, but when he got to court he was only being charged with the pipe...there was never any official record of the officer confiscating any pot from him. The cop must have taken it and smoked it or used it for some other illegal purpose like entrapping pot smokers. Obviously my friend never mentioned the marijuana in court for fear of more charges being added, but how many times may something like this have happened? How many people have had their pot taken from them by these corrupt cops and just been afraid to say something? It's rare in my area for people to be charged with more than a couple of grams or a pipe. I'm beginning to realize why. It's also annoying that I went to high-school with one of these pricks, smoked pot with him after school, used to illegally drink underage with him, and now he's arresting kids for doing exactly the same thing. He even believes he's doing the right thing...poor misguided bastard.

The laws have got to change and soon. Seriously, threaten to vote out your congressperson...if enough of you in their districts does this they'll have to listen or run the risk of losing their jobs. The power of the vote is the only way to get changes. America did the "unthinkable" when we elected Pres. Obama...that proves that if enough people want change we can get it!

As I've written here before

Emailing them doesn't work, voting doesn't work, what is really needed is for recall petitions to be started in every congressional district in the nation except Ron Paul's (because he does respect and uphold the Constitution). Faced with the very real possibility of recall (petitons already out there gathering signatures), they'll be jumping thru hoops to change their positions.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

old bill?

Is there any way to find the old bill that was supposedly past twenty years ago to allow an Illinois resident to use medical cannabis? I have not tried to find it. But, it was in an article, I read, not too long ago. It would be very interesting to review its status, at this point in the game!

This lady made the mistake of thinking the people she worked with in such an intimate situation would not rat on her! I guess she needs to learn more about who her friends really are, and, how careful she must be in confiding in them! She was just too naive!

I still can't believe a co-worker would have done this to this lady and her grandmother. What a low life! It would even be worse if that person that turned her in was a "good Christian." It would drive me nuts, since I have the same religious persuasion, and would never have picked the law, over compassion for a suffering human being! In this case the law is an ass!


I think what you are searching for is in the reader's blog entitled "Arrested for my cause".

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

I found it!

It was in 1971, But, the legal aspects of it not being implemented confuse me. I also found an article from the GAO in 2002 that stated that all of the medical MJ states were having minimal problems with their change in status the first five years it was studied. Another study found that teen cannabis use had no significant change(-2% to +3.9% range in 10 states)

The laws have got to change

The laws have got to change and soon. Seriously, threaten to vote out your congressperson...if enough of you in their districts does this they'll have to listen or run the risk of losing their jobs. The power of the vote is the only way to get changes. America did the "unthinkable" when we elected Pres. Obama...that proves that if enough people want change we can get it!

Sorry, voting doesn't work

But starting recall petitions just might.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

I'm a victim of the Illinois laws

I remember being told by the officers that were raiding my home that they understood that I needed to use cannabis for pain...over and over. It was a trick.
They were so disappointed at finding only a few small plants that they changed numbers and lied. Evidently they were told they were going to have a huge bust and were afraid of looking stupid.
This happened after I called one of the Illinois state senators to ask him why he voted no on SB650, the previous medical cannabis bill.
The state police lied enough to make it a mandatory 4 years and 100k fine!
My house was paid off and I felt the best thing to do was to sign it over to my daughter, to avoid the state taking the home as asset forfeiture, and leave the country. I spent a couple of months in a legal state before I left, and I DO have a prescription to use cannabis for pain relief.

These sick cops have cost me my home, my family....everything. The woman that lost her job has no idea how very lucky she is that it's all she lost!
I'm 51 years old and crippled with arthritis. I will never see my 77 year old mother alive again.
Illinois is disgusting.


My parents live in Illinois. They are anti-pot so whatever. If they knew I was a legal marijuana patient in the state that I'm in I think they'd disown me. Fortunately they are not the hipocritical pieces of crap that think if you smoke some herb for relief you're a waste of life and meanwhile they crack another cold one and probably go drive afterwards. They are against alcohol and marijuana equally. Still drives me nuts though that I can't be honest with my folks.

I really feel for this dispatcher. She did the right thing getting the pot for her aunt. She did the wrong thing telling her bitch ass snitch coworkers.

This shit makes me sick with the U.S. government, but what the hell is new....Freedom my ass. Man can't even smoke a little herb in the comfort of his own home but there's 100 places in my city I can go get shitty drunk and it's perfectly fine. Can pick up a pack of tobacco anywhere too so I can put that toxic shit in my body. Great.

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