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Police Shoot Unarmed Marijuana Suspect

Submitted by smorgan on
As long as the war on marijuana continues, police will continue shooting harmless people:

GRAND RAPIDS -- The family of a Grand Valley State University student shot by police said he did nothing to provoke gunfire in a drug raid at the student's off-campus apartment.

"All he had time to do was cover his face from a flashlight in his eyes, and they shot him," George Copp said today. []

Police haven’t even announced what, if anything, was found in the raid. Of course, the shooting was reprehensible either way, but it's just another reminder that police use these violent, confrontational tactics without even having good information. Believe me, if there was more than a pinch of dope in that apartment, the police would have told everyone about it by now.

The one thing we do know about Derek Copp is that he's a hippie and he smokes pot. We know this because some intrepid journalist got into his Facebook page and published portions of it in the newspaper. Great job! Now that you're done frolicking on Facebook, can you please go find out why the hell the cops shot this guy?

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