Police Shoot Unarmed Marijuana Suspect

As long as the war on marijuana continues, police will continue shooting harmless people:

GRAND RAPIDS -- The family of a Grand Valley State University student shot by police said he did nothing to provoke gunfire in a drug raid at the student's off-campus apartment.

"All he had time to do was cover his face from a flashlight in his eyes, and they shot him," George Copp said today. [MLive.com]

Police haven’t even announced what, if anything, was found in the raid. Of course, the shooting was reprehensible either way, but it's just another reminder that police use these violent, confrontational tactics without even having good information. Believe me, if there was more than a pinch of dope in that apartment, the police would have told everyone about it by now.

The one thing we do know about Derek Copp is that he's a hippie and he smokes pot. We know this because some intrepid journalist got into his Facebook page and published portions of it in the newspaper. Great job! Now that you're done frolicking on Facebook, can you please go find out why the hell the cops shot this guy?
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Lived There, Feel for Coop

I lived there and I am telling you, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland are just a bunch of wannabe's. Wannabe somewhere else mostly.

It doesn't surprise me that this bastion of bible belt conservatism would try to vilify an innocent victim of police brutality. It's time that we as American's ask our police forces to work for us, rather than for their pocket books. Stop steeling houses, stop shooting innocent citizens.

Maybe instead of hitting low hanging fruit who may or may not have commited a crime, they ought to commit themselves to the crimes that actually kill, injure or maim.

The Police Union

I witnessed in Tennessee in the early 60's, the union take-over of the mayor appointed police departments in citys all accross the south...they used brutal force, and murder to accomplish this act.
I was also told, how during the Korean war, the same ones put the servicemen's wives on the street and made prostitues out of them. Ask someone here in Long beach California about that same subject...and they will probably reply...they still do it.
Why is it...that when 40 years ago...someone killed someone...it's called a hate crime...but when the police departments continually do the same...it goes overlooked?
Why do the police departments not know...that when you go to the supreme court...and convince them into erasing the bill of rights (abrogation) they are criminals?
After all, it is against nature to punish us...we humans.

We have the right to overthrow and remove fraudulent police,

politicians,and all unconstitutional occupiers such as these who shot Mr. Copp. And this is America so we have the right to demand the U.S. military remove them. They removed Saddam Why cant they remove these assholes? Are there any Admirals and Generals out their who think and behave like Congressman Ron Paul? If so ... Help!

Stop calling them police !

If terrorizing people is public policy then its time to stop calling terrorist infiltrators police and start calling them terrorists. We need real police and military to remove the terrorists from power over others.

To the Family

Get a Lawyer, Get one now.

copy edit much?

-It is "Copp" not "Coop"
-George Copp is the FATHER of the person who was shot (Derek Copp)

A cop shot a Copp?

A cop shot a Copp?

im proud of those cops

thAt hippie deserved it for smoking dope its horriable i support the police and any tatics they use to stop marijuana crimials cause its evil killed my family i support for more harsh marijuana laws like any thc resin then you get 15 years minium and if you smell like it and test positive 25 years minium i hate pot and anyone who uses that and theres safer and more effective goverment approved drugs for people trying to say its for medical perpous

Great idea!!

With the way it is right now, prisons in California are being forced to reduce their population or face a federal court sanctions! They can't afford to pay for adequate health care! If the mandatory sentences, you espouse, were enacted, they could not build prisons fast enough. And, in addition to that, there is one simple economic fact, all of us in this country have to face. We can't afford to keep the ones we have in prison, now. We, already, have the biggest per capita incarceration rate in the world. We should be increasing the spending, by billions of dollars a year, to incarcerate, non-violent, drug offenders? Your answer is to make it worse? You obviously lack wisdom.

You have an anger problem and you need to address it before it destroys your life. Or, maybe, turns you into an addict of psychiatric drugs! Or, maybe I have misdiagnosed the problem. Did you stop taking your meds?

Right, that "hippie" deserved it! He was at home, in his own living room, not bothering anyone! You, also, seem to have excellent knack for justice, as well.

He's a typical pro-prohibitionist

Can't cope, can't spell, and can't think.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

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