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Police Lobby for Harsh Marijuana Laws

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Pete Guither points out that police don't just enforce harsh drug laws. They actively try to convince legislators to support laws that give them more power to put people in jail. Something to keep in mind the next time police say they're "just enforcing the law."
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I've seen officers and lobbyists do this in person and

it's not pretty. Lying to a legislator should be an offence,

drug bust`


can`t see the forest for the tree`s huh? drug prohibition is taxpayer funded welfare for law enforcement. politicians can count on those government workers for votes. american citizens seem to enjoy punishing themselves. something ain`t right.

So True

They are not really police . They are a fraudulently occupying terrorist religious cult.

So true! So sad!

Bush/Cheney were set to spend $80 Million on a prison in Iraq, no doubt to continue pushing their evil-self-righteous “crush everyone who doesn’t think like us” attitude on the poor Iraqis.

But after $40 Million was spent, it was recognized the prison was so poorly constructed, that construction was halted. Yet more tens of millions wasted on CRAP instead of something good, or investing our own tax dollars in our own society instead of using it to spread terror in other countries!

police lobbying for harsher penalties

if you let police make laws or influence the lawmaking process the whole country will end up in jail, the Barney Fife syndrome. Andy Griffin goes out of town, leaves Barney in charge. Comes back to find the entire town in jail, including Aunt Bea! There are too many Barneys in our system. Dont let them make any more laws, we have too many people in jail the way it is.

The Drug War....

......dedicated to creating a healthier world through suffering.

Why do they need to keep criminals in charge?

Whenever they are ask the question, why do they need to keep criminals in charge, the responces are priceless. Even my own 85 year old sister had no responce, except "I don't want to argue about it". I must be missing the whole point, so far, every conversation concerning cannabis, the same thing happens. Every argument dies in the face of, why do we need criminals to be in charge? All I'm saying is, drugs are here, they are sold everywhere by outlaws. If we legalize what is currently going on, we can at least get the criminals out of the business. That would accomplish, taking black market profits away from gangs, stopping sales to kids, controlling strength and purity, and allow collecting taxes in the "billions". Use every arguement available, as long as facts instead of beliefs are followed, legalization is the only sane answer.

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