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Pennsylvania Liquor Store Employees Will Now be Nicer to You

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Via Radley Balko, the irony is truly staggering:

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania liquor store clerks need to be more bubbly when they're selling Champagne.

The state's Liquor Control Board is spending more than $173,000 to try to make workers friendlier and more well-mannered at the nearly 650 stores it operates. The board says it wants to make sure clerks are saying "hello," "thank you" and "come again" to customers shopping for wine and spirits. []

Seriously, alcohol users don’t need you to be nicer to them. Just be glad you can buy alcohol in a safe place, with products labeled for purity and no fear that you'll be charged with "intent to distribute" if police find a case of beer in your trunk.

Instead of being nicer to alcohol users, can we finally stop destroying people's lives for choosing other intoxicants instead?
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let us just be nicer to everyone

you do not need a reason,
be nicer to boozers,
be nicer to stoners,
be nicer to the straight and mundane,
everyone needs you to be nicer to them,
just because they are people.

Great Sentiment!

I am willing to bet that instead of handing out that money to their employees, and encouraging them to be more bubbly and nicer, which I am sure certainly would be the result of a big bonus. Instead, the powers that be decided to hire professional cheerleaders with that money, all of it going to them.

Sure enough, from the Comcast link, “It has hired Pittsburgh-based consulting firm Solutions 21 to help coach store managers so they can instruct their clerks on issues such as how to greet customers and where to stand.”

A nice thing the the liquor stores could do is

sell organically and sustainably grown entheogens such as cannabis while succeeding from the tyranny of the local,state,and federal frauds which fraudulently occupy the planet!

The hypocrisy is so deep

you need hip waders now when you go into a liquor store in PA. How so many Americans refuse to acknowledge the blatant double standard (booze vs. pot) in our laws is beyond me. I fear this sickening nonsense is only just beginning, now that the economy has soured and the moneyed interests in the booze industry are worried.


re The Hypocrisy is so deep.

It is the rivalry created by the double standards mixed with intimidation/bullying to create secret fraudulent exemptions from Wall Street insider trading penalties. Violence creates risk.Risk raises monetary value. Its the same scam that put Martha Stewart (scapegoat) in prison. You notice That Martha Stewart(scapegoat) was not messed with until she promoted Organic,sustainable,fairly traded foods against Monsanto corporations instructions and expectations? This is the same terror and plunder that would not allow the Constitution,Bill of Rights,and Declaration of Independence to allow life,liberty,and happiness for Native American Indians and Native Tribal Africans,and many other folks. This problem is always carried out by 1 % of the earths population through effective deviant bullying and bait and switch tactics. It is the age old scam of profiting from the suffering of others while forcing the belief that double standards forced on the people are legal. Hence their bullshit slogan "just doin my job". These terrorists hide behind the fraudulent laws that they enforce while they enjoy complete exemption from penalties which cripple common folks.


Maybe this means marijuana is getting somewhere, maybe the owners at liquor stores have their backs against the wall and they have no choice but to be nicer to costumers, because their probubly starting to stray away from booze and smokin the cheeba and maybe they dont sell enough booze, well i hope thats what it means.


Secret fraudulent exemptions from Wall Street? Foods against Monsanto corporations? I think whoever wrote the comment on 3/17 was truly smoking crack. With that rambling nonsense you have more to worry about than liquor stores.

I don't know if the poster

I don't know if the poster was right or wrong in his assertions, but both of you made the all too common argumentative error of stating completely subjective, entirely unsupported opinions as facts, with little to no evidence to back up your contentions.

When you say that someone's ideas are "rambling nonsense" you should back up your own assertion with some sort of evidence, otherwise its like one person saying, "the moon is made of green cheese" and the other saying, "nuh-uh!" in reply. Neither side can be taken seriously as neither side presents evidence of any kind to support their conclusions.

Plus, saying somebody is smoking crack because you disagree with their position is childish, resorting to insults and personal attacks rather than crafting a thoughtful and well-reasoned counter-point.

I don't mean to attack either of you, it just seems to me that internet discussions too often devolve into schoolyard bickering matches, with those involved doing little more than launching personal attacks and insults rather than actually debating the ideas, opinions and facts which are in question.

This is why I rarely bother to engage in any sort of debate or discussions on the internet anymore, it would appear as though most people online don't care about what they are discussing, just that they be "right" or "win" the argument, usually by name-calling or obfuscation.

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