New Drug Czar Appointed, Makes Ridiculous Remark

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At his nomination announcement yesterday, drug czar appointee Gil Kerlikowske got his first chance to practice saying stuff that makes no sense:

For too long, we have operated, as the Vice President said, in silence when it comes to making our country drug free and reducing the demand for drugs. [NYT]

Oh, crap. He said "drug free." He's one of those people. I mean, honestly, since when is there a shortage of proud prohibitionists proclaiming important progress at every opportunity? If there was ever a moment when no one was yelling about making the country drug free, somebody should have told me so I could bask in it.

Other things worth noting about the drug czar appointment:

*The position has been downgraded from cabinet status. Interesting, but that’s the way it was before Bush, so not a huge deal.

*The nomination announcement was made by Joe Biden, who carried on about his work on drug policy. Not encouraging.

*Joe Biden says the drug czar’s office "hasn't gotten the attention that it should have,” which I think means he wants the new drug czar to be more visible than in the past. Sounds potentially annoying.

All of this serves to remind us that the drug war doctrine still rules in D.C., but I don’t think our cautious optimism about the new drug czar is misplaced. New opponents have taken the stage and we will challenge them as we did their predecessors. The reform argument is gaining a lot of momentum this year and the new administration will face unprecedented pressure to acknowledge fundamental flaws in our drug policy. Stay tuned.

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They need to pull their head out of thier asses

Like always its the same thing, all the dumbshit they say it never makes any sense just like you said Scott, they need to wake up and smell the coffee because this country is never going to be drug free, illegal or legal drugs, I just wish Obama could just wake up and just give it a fucking chance, whats the worst that can happen, alcohol and cigarettes already took millions of lives hell billions oh and dont forget the violence, but noooo we got fuckheads like Rahm and Biden who are for marijuana prohibition, but i guess they dont care that innocent people are getting killed by stray bullets,well all I can say is I will keep posted and hope for the best, take it easy Scott Im behind you all the way.


WE need to pull their heads out of their asses. And without any anesthetic or niceties.

same ol' same ol' !!

Now that's change I can vote for!! But, in all fairness, I hated Biden's speech, too!

don't throw him under the bus yet..

perhaps he is just saying that buzzword crap to ensure he sails through the confirmation hearings..

which is very smart.


This is only day one. Let's watch for what his office goes on to publish and how they engage and portray the reform community.

Actually lets cripple their asses before they knock us on our's

I like that plan better.

The drug war cult

'Drug free America, Amen. Drug free America, Amen........'
Its the beat, the beat, the beat......

If you want to see where drug warrior Obama is taking drug war policy look at the newly released 2009 National Drug Control Strategy:

It is 99% touting the successes of the Bush administration and promising more of the same.

Look too to the 1,000 troops that the Obama administration announced on Monday they are sending to the U.S. Mexican border in a significant escalation and militarization of the domestic drug war:

The Dallas Morning News on March 12th in a story titled, "Obama says no U.S. troops needed yet at Mexican border", reported that:

"WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama is keeping close watch on the violence from Mexico's drug war, but he said Wednesday that so far it hasn't spilled into this country enough to justify sending troops to the border."

These troops have no civilian mission. They have no civilian training or authority. But they do have counter-insurgency experience and training from their time in Iraq according to Admiral Mullen the Chairman of the Joint Chief’s of Staff who dispatched the troops two days after it was reported that he was just talking alternatives with Obama in a briefing.

Militarization and escalation of the domestic drug war, that is what we are getting from the Obama administration.

This is a national security nightmare and it will get so much worse before it gets better.

The idiot Biden, during the press conference, touted a reduction in violence in Colombia as success ignoring that the promise of his Plan Colombia in 1999 was to reduce cocaine productions which has not at all happened. Just two paragraphs prior to his fallacious assertions of reducing violence in Colombia Biden says about Mexico: “All you have to do is pick up your paper anywhere in the nation, national and local — since the beginning of last year there have been nearly 7,000 drug-related murders in Mexico. If we had said that years ago we would have looked at each other like we were crazy — but 7,000 drug-related murders in Mexico. Violent drug trafficking organizations are threatening both the United States and Mexican communities.”

Like his mindless and ritualistic parroting of the “drug free America” mantra Biden ignores the reality in the violence transfer from Colombia to Mexico. It is called the balloon effect. Squeeze the market in one place and it pops out someplace else. Plan Colombia squeezed the cartel control in Colombia and it transfered to Mexico. Next it will have only one place to go from the Mexican border, heartland America. And Joe Biden will, like all drug warriors these days, tout the increased violence as success.

“The reason you see the escalation in violence is because U.S. and Mexican law enforcement are winning,” Garrison Courtney, spokesman for the Drug Enforcement Administration, said Tuesday. “You are going to see the drug traffickers push back because we are breaking their back.”

More chaos and instability is success in the war on drugs. So look out America because the war on drugs is going ballistic and coming to main street America.

They must know that a drug free America means no alcohol

If not, I'll be happy to remind them, 1000 times if necessary. But all they have to do is read the news, it makes it very clear what a dangerous drug killer alcohol is. Go have another drink of your favorite drug, Mr. Joe Flaming Hypocrite Biden.

Legalize ALL Drugs!

Want to see the "drug cartels" all but disappear? Hit 'em where it hurts-----their wallets. Legalize drugs, let government regulate the hell out of it (they love that), and stand back while the free market brings the price down to a fraction of current cost. It works for cigarettes and alcohol (prescription drugs aren't "free market" thanks to Medicare, HMOs, etc.) BTW, keeping firearms out of the hands of American citizens will not prevent criminals from obtaining weapons. Criminals don't obey your laws. If the government keeps infringing on our rights, we'll stop obeying the law too.

The Term "Drug Free"

Is Just one buzz phrase that Petrochemiceutical drug corporations and the fraudulent law enforcers they install use to insider trade Wall Streets unconstitutional dictatorship stocks. Tyrannical double standards cause mass mental illness so its no surprise that petrochemiceutical corporations would force only their products on the public by legal fraud. Installing violence into any double standard over medicine and weapons causes risk which artificially inflates their secret stock profits on both legal and illegal drugs and weapons. The ultimate bully method of human suffering for absolute power and profteering.

exactly my point

Having been in the mental health field for 10 years now, I can honestly say I am unimpressed with the efficacy of most antidepressants, anxiolytics and mood stabilizers. I wonh't go so far as to say that nobody is helped by these drugs, but just as often I see people get caught up in the same pattern of addiction that we attach to illegal drugs; tolerance, inability to quit due to withdrawal, increased medical problems due to usage. Why is this okay? They don't seem to realize that a lot of people are prevented from getting the appropriate help and eliminating the real causes of their depression/anxiety because people are numbed from feeling the pain of their circumstances by their legal prescription drug use and too often quit therapy because "I'm not feeling depressed any more." Meanwhile they develop tolerance, their mood drops again and this time around they've gained weight and are starting to have health problems and so there is an added layer of depression due to crappy health.

Or here's another situaiton I've encountered:
Client: "I dont' think my antidepressant is working any more. My husband just left me, my dog died and I"m feeling depressed."

Therapist: (unspoken thought: "like, duh, you should be depressed") Now I might actually say something like, "given all that I'd be concerned if you WEREN'T upset."

But my point here is that I think we are cultivating a nation of legalized pill poppers whose knee jerk reaction to any of life's calamities is to go to your doctor and ask if such and such is right for you.

On the flip side of this, I work in emergency services and at least once a week I'm called to the emergency room. I've seen clients in crisis related to use of alcohol (#1 creator of shattered lives and social discord), clients threatening suicide or having attempted by overdose of their prescription medications (again, love how those antidepressants are working for ya!) or clients coming into the ER faking pain or anxiety seeking a prescription for one of many anxiolytics, most popularly Xanax or Oxycontin. I've seen ALOT of oxy addicts! All this gets started with a doctor prescribing these drugs in a legitimate setting for a seemingly legitimate problem. So now tell me again all about how marijuana is The Gateway Drug.

I'd say site is combination of solid reporting on drug war and..

editorial comment from a anti-drug war perspective, and posts from a wide range of people generally agreeing with the anti-drug war perspective and sometimes extreme in language. Only the most extreme seem to be removed, so there is a bias in favor of free speech, but there is regular editorial comment criticizing extreme language.
Of course what is extreme language is debatable. I have no problem calling drug warriors thugs because the war on cannabis is so bogus and the war on hard drug users so draconian and cruel.
Does the author of "what?" post understand how dangerous the drug alcohol is and how much catastrophic harm it causes?

re what?

How wonderfully vague and generalized your post is. To many of us you are more than just a little confused about the double standards of Unconstitutional dictators and how they use drugs and laws against drugs to purposely cause chaos and mental illness for Wall Street power and profit. What do mean by the term druggies?

Oregon House bill 3274

provides for state regulated organically grown high thc potency cannabis for medicine and every product and job produced from cannabis hemp as high thc potency plants grown huge have proven to be far superior for medicine and every product made of hemp. Oregon mill workers and artisans jobs are restored thanks to the dedicated people working to end fraudulent prohibitions and remove from power those who would force unconstitutional policies such as the war against drugs on the people. we thank you so very much and appreciate you all who help end the fraud that is prohibition.

Gil Kerlikowske; Shill For Drug Gangsters, Cartels & Terrorists

Gil Kerlikowske; Shill For Drug Gangsters, Cartels & Terrorists

President Obama appointed Gil Kerlikowske (transcript) as the latest drug czar, or Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. In other words Kerlikowske is the latest shill for the cartels and drug gangs of the world. The ONDCP is the U.S. government's official voice for preserving and protecting the drug gangster business, drug cartels and stateless terrorist armies that all thrive on profits derived from the continued illegality of drugs.(more)

gil kerlikowske

the marinol martha stewart

People Still Dying over Nixon LIE

Gil Kerlikowske; Shill For Drug Gangsters, Cartels & Terrorists

President Obama appointed Gil Kerlikowske as the latest drug czar, or Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. In other words Kerlikowske is the latest shill for the cartels and drug gangs of the world. The ONDCP is the U.S. government's official voice for preserving and protecting the drug gangster business, drug cartels and stateless terrorist armies that all thrive on profits derived from the continued illegality of drugs. full story


Gil Kerlikowske: New Drug Czar same as the old Drug Czar

If you want to see where drug warrior President Obama is taking drug war policy look at the newly released 2009 National Drug Control Strategy:

It is 99% touting the successes of the Bush administration and promising more of the same. full story

Anti Drug War FAX Protest Action.

New drug czar

Signs of Sickness and

Ron Paul and Stephen Baldwin on legalization
(transcript) U2b

Sports & pot 02-27-2009

Michael Phelps, Hypocrisy, & American Drug Policy

NFL Buzzkill

Decreasing Marijuana Penalties Does Not Increase Pot Use
March 12, 2009 - Seattle, WA, USA

Institute Of Medicine
Report On Medical Marijuana Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary Next Week
March 12, 2009 - Washington, DC, USA

Tops Record High...
Pot Smokers Arrested In America
At A Rate Of One Every 36 Seconds.

"Crimes of Indiscretion: Marijuana Arrests in the United States"


2007 -- 872,721 Inhaling or Not
2006 -- 829,625
2005 -- 786,545
2004 -- 771,608
2003 -- 755,187
2002 -- 697,082
2001 -- 723,627
2000 -- 734,498
1999 -- 704,812
1998 -- 682,885
1997 -- 695,200
1996 -- 641,642
1995 -- 588,963
1994 -- 499,122
1993 -- 380,689
1992 -- 342,314
1991 -- 287,850
1990 -- 326,850

Congresswoman says Calif. should legalize pot
U.S. Congresswoman on CNN: Contemplates Legal Cannabis
“Pilot Program” In California
March 12th, 2009 By: Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Nixon Lied

"You know, it's a funny thing, every one of the bastards that are out for legalizing marijuana is Jewish. What the Christ is the matter with the Jews, Bob?

"Even if the Commission does recommend that it be legalized,
I will not follow that recommendation."

"You're enough of a pro," Nixon tells Shafer, "to know that for you to come out with something that would run counter to what the Congress feels and what the country feels, and what we're planning to do, would make your commission just look bad as hell."
- Richard Milhouse Nixon

"Marijuana does not lead to physical dependency, although some evidence indicates that the heavy, long-term users may develop a psychological dependence on the drug"
- The Shafer Commission of 1970

Nixon Lie Keeps on Killing

The War on drugs is a budgetary failure. $80-billion a year

Unless you are the one spending it.
Or getting taxes back on the trillion spent since 1937.
Failure? Making profits segregating classes of people?
Removing Higher education for life, feeding the labor pool.
All while eliminating fossil fools, booze and white powder competition.
Employments good for private prisons,
and the paraphernalia sold to feed and house 2 million plus.
They give small towns tanks and big towns Highway funds,
and cash to eradicate burlap and canvas.
This is no failure, its working as planned.
Perpetuation is the game.
Both sides prosper while the players pay... DdC

The Elkhorn Manifesto

High on Hemp

Granny Storm Crow's MMJ List

Thank You Miss Rosa

The Racist Ganjawar



J.4.J. * Human Rights & WoD * November Coalition * (F.A.M.M. * F.E.A.R. * M.A.M.A. * N.O.R.M.L. * WAMM * Cannabis News * MAP Inc.Org. * Drug Sense

Blieten started Colombia RAVE ax and the Czarship Enterprise. Strange that Obama is the least offensive, compared to the cabinet.

United Nations Drug Report Disappointing

The report was released just weeks after scientists at Johns Hopkins University retracted their research findings that suggested that a single evening's use of ecstasy could cause permanent brain damage and Parkinson's disease. The scientists admitted that they utilized the wrong drug in their studies.

* The UN report makes no mention of the retracted studies.
* Drug labelling error forces retraction...After RAVE Ax Passes

Obama & The BC3

Joe Biden, Drug Warrior

Kevin Zeese has been watching Joe Biden in action for more than two decades. Zeese is a Beltway-based political organizer with a law degree who, in the 1980s, co-founded the Drug Policy Foundation. A CounterPunch contributor, he doesn't wear single-issue blinders. "Corporate government and militarism are the major issues," said Zeese when asked for his take on the vice-presidential nominee, "and Biden is terrible on both.”

What the WHO doesn't want you to know about cannabis
New Scientist. February 21, 1998

Health officials in Geneva have suppressed the publication of a politically sensitive analysis that confirms what ageing hippies have known for decades: cannabis is safer than alcohol or tobacco.

DAREyl SWAT Gates LAPDog Perversions

I submit we load up a few tons of quality hempseed,
and a couple Steelyard Blues cargo planes,
and spread the seeds over Mexico,
the Free the Mexicans Air Force.
The hemp will turn the brown low cost pot,
into burlap and canvas not worth getting caught over.
A staple to merchandize themselves out of poverty and coyotes.
The same for family farmers here, but until,
The mills can process the fiber sent from the south,
The cartels can still sell the Sinsemilla and Gold to touristas.
The Cali market of kynd bud in stores safe for a term hopefully.
No one seems willing to overturn Nexxon, outside of Ron Paul.
While Bliedumb sees stardom wiping out druggies.
Tagging his Seattle lackey to carry out orders.
Counting on violence to spur troops into headlines.
To finally carry out the prayers of the wishy washy religionist,
Daryl DARE SWAT Gates 11th commandment...
"Shoot the Casual Users."


There will be a United States senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs hearing “Law Enforcement Responses to Mexican Drug Cartels”

Majority Office

Minority Office

Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs
Majority Office

Minority Office

Senate Judiciary Committee
Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs

DATE: March 17, 2009
TIME: 10:30 AM
ROOM: Dirksen-226

Please FAX them today your opposition to continuing the war on drugs.


That means writing to your state and congressional representatives. Often. About all of the issues. Write to congressional committees. Write to your city council and push them to pass resolutions asking state legislators to change the laws because the laws are causing too many policing problems locally.

Write to you governor and tell them to stop wasting your money on expensive prisons that don't work at protecting anyone.

Telling a violent double standard based illegal government to

make things better for anyone other than their bullying 1% of the population is like stepping in front of a freight train 7 seconds before impact and telling it to stop. irrational people who make and enforce fraudulent laws are not going to comply with common sense.

the title "drug czar" is ridiculous!

We dont live in the soviet union do we?

aahpat, love the way you jumped down that "what?" guys throat

and gave him the thorough intellectual thrashing he deserved. And my ears perked up, so to speak, at the phrase "Jim Crow Joe Biden." I have to see how I can work old Jim Crow into some future rants. Something like this maybe- cannabis prohibition: it's the same old Jim Crow wine in new bottles. We sure didn't have liberty and justice for all then, and we sure don't have it now.

Good one!

Run with it.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Total Cost

Can anyone get me the total cost of the Drug War? I don't mean just this year or for the past 5 years, I mean every dollar ever spent? I'd settle for 1970 to date though.

If so e-mail me: [email protected]

Many thanks!

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