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Propaganda Alert: Marijuana Makes You Bad at Video Games

If we thought the departure of drug czar John Walters would mean the end of wildly preposterous anti-pot propaganda, we were wrong as hell. is now claiming that marijuana makes you suck at video games and they're not even kidding at all. At the risk of giving them traffic, you have to see this to believe it. They've made an entire webpage, complete with videos and profiles of imaginary characters that got slaughtered because someone was high.

Of course, this is all sure to land far off target, mainly because everyone knows pot makes you incredible at video games. It's like steroids for high-school Halo champions. Claiming otherwise just makes you sound stupid, while simultaneously reminding your target demographic how much fun it is to get super-baked and massacre space aliens with a laser cannon.
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I'm 64 and I play World of Warcraft stoned, every night

I'm not, by far, the only one. With that, I'm outa here for the night and into WoW.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!


Moonrider, no you are NOT, lol. I don't WoW every night, but ganja and video games are two essentials to a good quiet night. I started at 11 in the early 1980's. I aced Tempest, Pac Man, etc. I also worked hard and went to school and have two degrees from University, and am working on my doctorate. This business that marijuana hampers your game is total BS. FYI, I'm in the gaming industry as of today and am NOT hurting, lol. Pot is not for those who choose to be lazy and stupid. They will just be laziER and MORE stupid while high. With all great things come RESPONSIBILITY. I stopped listening to these right wing nuts and their left wing nutriders. Morality doesn't get effected under marijuana if you are by NATURE a moral person. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA NOW!!!

Too Funny

i <3 the abovetheinfluence commercials probably the best thing to come out of this war on drugs..... there has been few times i can think of where i've laughed harder than i do at all the crap they spew.

Pot makes you bad at video games.... hahahahahaha it feels like the kid brother that thinks he knows better, he keeps coming back to you with tidbits of wrong information, you correct him and think to yourself, well, atleast hes applying himself to something...

To the comment F up above me

i love the abovetheinfluence commercials probably the best thing to come out of this war on drugs..... there has been few times i can think of where i've laughed harder than i do at all the crap they spew.

Pot makes you bad at video games.... hahahahahaha it feels like the kid brother that thinks he knows better, he keeps coming back to you with tidbits of wrong information, you correct him and think to yourself, well, atleast hes applying himself to something...

how about a new game

where the monsters are the wierdos who work at above the influence swat them with a fly swatter and watch em splatter.why cant any of these mass murders target these kooks instead of all these inocent people .

Proof of the lies.

I got a 88% complete in GTA 4.

Above the influence = you are above stoners

We make jokes about it, but this is really a serious thing. Above the influence means "stoners are inferior". That is the message they want to send to the kids. In the future i really think society will look back at this and realize the repression and abuse, similarly to how we look at past racist laws and socially accepted attitudes, or the salem witch trials (not exactly the same as either racism or burning witches, but very comparable). Look at this:


Who in the world thinks this is an important (serious) thing? Games are not profitable! Except, for the few, that are work in with the gaming industry, it is, purely, entertainment! It's for fun!

And kids don't need to be smoking dope! They need to have at least 18 years of sanity before they use something that will alter their brain function! The need to get their hand eye coordination finely tuned, before the mess it up with intoxicants!

And, yes it might mess up your game. But, tell me, who does not have just as much fun when they are under the influence while playing games?! It is not serious stuff. It is supposed to be fun! Which adults can have by using intoxicants. And no matter how much they try, no one is going to be able to stop men and women from using mind altering substances,PERIOD!

This is just, another dumb, thing for he drug warriors to push on kids. What say, they get it controlled to the point that it is not easier for kids to buy and possess drugs, than it is booze!! It is going to take thinking out of the box, before these people, at Above The Influence, ever figure it out! The just make us all laugh, a little, when we see the stupid commercials! Well, IMO, anyway!

I think the idea was...

I think the idea was that the whole idea of these anti-drug commercials is serious, not just the videogame thing. And he has a really good point, but I think it's made better when talking about far more dangerous drugs like heroin and cocaine.

When young people are indoctrinated to believe drug users are inferior people or less deserving of respect they are going to believe that when they are older. They won't care if a drug user has a clean needle or a clean pipe, or a safe place to use, or a safe place to buy. The won't care about, and will probably oppose, legislative efforts to make the lives of drug users easily, because they listened to bullshit like this when they were growing up.

matt potter

Thats Funny

Ive been smoking weed for 10 years and iam perfect at video games you name i can play it, but the game i love the most when im stoned is God of War, i mean there is nothing more fun than slashing up greek mythical monsters with devistating combos, I mean when im high iam liteterally the god of war.

Wow, what a great idea!!!

Let's put the idea out there that one should select their recreation drugs on the basis of how well they complement our video game performance. Does this mean the drug czar is recommending that kids snort a line of crank before they pick up the controller? After all, getting them synapses firing at rapid speed and picking up a few thousandths of a second reaction time makes a competitive difference ...

Weed makes me better at some

Weed makes me better at some games, sometimes it makes me worse though because I don't think and get killed because im so stoned. Weed makes games more fun though wether you win or lose lol.

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