Why Are Democrats Barking About Rush Limbaugh's Drug Use?

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National Review Online has a good point here. Obama's past drug use was rightfully declared off-limits during the campaign. Everyone on the left seemed to agree that was appropriate, so bludgeoning Limbaugh over his own drug use is lame.

You could make a decent argument that Limbaugh's behavior was more shocking (in light of this wildly hypocritical statement, for example), but that's really beside the point. The fact that past drug use is no longer a landmine on the campaign trail is an encouraging signal that our political culture has matured beyond the finger-wagging of the past. If we want it to stay that way, then there must be a bi-partisan truce when it comes to trashing someone's character for using drugs.

If you're actually discussing drug policy, that might be different, but just blatantly citing past drug use as evidence that someone's an asshole is not cool. This isn't about Rush Limbaugh, it's about moving beyond the "I didn't inhale" era so that we can have public discussions of drugs and drug policy that aren’t politicized and perverted to the point of absurdity.
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Rush would say things like locking up dopers, when he was a doper all along, the hypocracy is stunning.

Bum Rush The Show


Rush was rushing @ the convention. bouncing and grim`a`cing. he thought he was singer for metal band for a moment. heroin has a tendancy to do that . what a surprise.

Ugh, that was so lame. And

Ugh, that was so lame. And actually, no heroin doesn't do that. You must have heroin confused with certain psychedelics. If your gonna make a joke about drugs at least know what the hell you are talking about first.

You can guess that I happen to completely agree with the original post here. Making jokes about Limbaugh's drug use, like you just did (consfearacy), is totally lame and immature...we're never gonna move past the "i didn't inhale" phase of not wanting to discuss drug policy with people like you perpetuating this crap. I don't care what drugs a person uses, I'm not going to sit there and act all high and mighty and morally judge that person based on how they choose to relax, or on the fact that they may be an addict. It makes no sense. You wouldn't make fun of a person who had bipolar disorder or lung cancer would you?

Plus, It really bothers me how society in general treats addicts like they are human scum...Personally I'd rather all the judgmental prohibitionist assholes that like to poke fun of other people's drug use/problems would just disappear from the face of the earth - just imagine how much better we would all be without these guys.

Interesting take

I think in politics today, the thing most frequently (and effectively) used against one's opponents is to call them a hypocrite. What makes Obama's drug use so much less offensive is that he hasn't ever preached against it or been a champion of the drug war.

You're right that it shouldn't have any place in the debate. Hopefully we'll evolve to where it won't.

Until then, someone calm Rush's son down:

Rush Sucks

How can a current Oxycoton addict hate on Obama for personal cannabis use 20 years ago?!

Do you know?

The definition of an addict is one who compulsively uses something, drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, to the point that it causes social or physical harm. Was Rush unable to do his job? Did it affect his performance at being an asshole?!

Why would you refer to another drug user in such a, derogatory, way? It is the epitome of ignorance, and could not help our cause. Do we KNOW that Obama does not use cannabis now?! To properly call someone an addict, the correct definition of the term has to be understood.

The second point is how do you know that he is currently an "addict" anyway? "Judge not lest you be judged" Or a person that lives in a glass house should not be throwing stones.

We must pick our fights wisely! And, yes, Rush is a hypocrite for criticizing "dopers" while, at the same time, using oxycodone! That makes him look real smart, doesn't it?! Just another drug warrior!

Dude calm down, he didn't

Dude calm down, he didn't refer to drug users in "such a derogatory way". All he even said was "Oxycontin addict". I am a recovering addict and in no way is the phrase "Oxy addict" derogatory. How did he even judge anyone? Rush was a known opiate addict doctor shopper.

There is a reason

Most people, treated for chronic pain will not become addicted. It is just that type of ignorance that has put some doctor behind bars and taken the, much needed, pain control away from deserving patients. And, some of the ones to blame, are the people who thought "Oxy" was another recreational drug.

Referring to a pain patient, as and addict, is what happens to many pain patients. But, the studies showed addiction rates in pain patients runs somewhere between 0.008% and 3%. That means 97% or more of the patients were denied adequate pain relief and still are, because of that ignorance.

I watch my mother, get around, crying out in pain, every few feet. And she uses a walker. Her inadequate pain control is a result of doctors, too, scared to give people enough medication to give them back their lives. That way it is, my mother is an invalid, stuck in the house 97% of the time. She should have good enough pain control that she has an acceptable quality of life. She should be enjoying her life, not dreading every day when she can barely get out of bed. Enjoying life, instead of being in so much pain that it causes some to think of ending their lives.

There was a patient, who did just that, on one of the pain blogs I participate in, just last week. She could get nothing for her pain and figured it was better to be dead! What a waste of a life!

Rush was a person who was, allegedly, on pain medication for a known back injury and chronic back pain. Maybe, he became an addict. But we will never know because of the propaganda around his problem, and the way it was handled.

So, you see, there is a reason behind my anger,or madness, or whatever you want to call it. The drug war tortures many people out of its blatant ignorance of science. We don't need to be contributing to that ignorance by referring to a possible chronic pain patient as a addict. We could have no way to know the truth. The drug warriors, like that hypocrite Rush, have messed it all up, already! We don't need to add, to other chronic pain patients', misery, through such actions. Some chronic pain patients have been driven to the illegal market to get adequate medication when their doctors are punished for "over-prescribing". Some have enrolled themselves in methadone programs so they can, at least , get some pain control. They are the group that seems to be receiving the most discrimination from doctors, nowadays. It is now, "standard of care", to make patients suffer in pain. I can never accept that as good medical practice! I thought doctors were supposed to be compassionate!

At least a, compassionate, law about cannabis could give a lot of those people, a little added relief and, possibly, a better quality of life. Well, I will get down off my soap box now. I get carried away at times. This is my passion.


Just a sugesstion, but mabe medical weed would help.

Every policy from fraudelent leaders

is fraud. It is not even a government it is a forced religious cult.

Chronic pain?

Rush could have been a chronic pain patient that bent to the whims of the others that forced him into "drug treatment". Who knows if he now suffers pain because he is refused proper opiate therapy! Nobody knows! But, it is really insane for a group of people to condemn him, without ever being able to know for sure. It certainly is the height of hypocrisy! That makes us just like Rush!

Rush "Do as I say, not as I do"

Rush was for locking up all drug abusers until he got caught. If he had Buckley's attitude, it would be different.

The Limbaugh Factor

Fans of Rush Limbaugh must realize by now that he’s as obnoxious without OxyContin® as he is when he’s taking it.  That alone should be enough to neutralize or limit some people’s expectations about whatever harm pharmaceutical drugs can do to a person.

Also, Limbaugh’s choice of drugs probably saved him from some major grief from his chief audience.  Both meth and OxyContin are drugs most commonly associated with the white underclass, a culture which makes up most of Limbaugh’s dittohead listeners.  Had Rush sucked on a bong, or popped acid or mushrooms, he would have most likely been condemned by his hippy-hating listeners and had his talk-show career ruined.  So Limbaugh skates on the drug charges among his fans, at least.

Among Rush’s critics (roughly 80-percent of the American population), anything Rush does wrong is fair game, including his demonstrated hypocrisy concerning people with real addictions.  Limbaugh’s hypocrisy is what his detractors really have in mind when they charge him with being a drug addict.

It’s truly unfortunate that Rush created a situation where drug addicts get a bad rap simply because Rush happens to be one.  Perhaps as Republicans continue to publicly disassociate themselves from Rush Limbaugh, American drug addicts should take the hint and do the same.


Problem is

In spite of his hypocrisy, a lot of what Rush talks about on his show is correct, particularly concerning small government and the economy. Tossing him because of the hypocrisy would silence a voice that informs the people about things libertarians don't get the widespread coverage he has, to teach Americans about the value of individual liberty. That liberty is as important economically as it is for we who oppose prohibition.

Every voice that speaks out for smaller government is a voice we need. It wouldn't hurt for all of us to email him ([email protected]) to call him out on that hypocrisy, and ask him to extend the same kind of understanding and forgiveness his listeners gave him, to users of other drugs. He might even be persuaded to support reform, if we give him the data on the costs (in money, lives and liberties) of prohibition, tho I do not suggest we try to get his support via the taxation model, he doesn't want government getting so much money in the first place, that would just turn him off to our issue, I think. That's the side of the issue to bring up with the socialists/liberals/democrats.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

I agree.

If Rush would get off his high horse and not be such a hypocrite about it, he could do major things for decreasing the drug abuse in this country. Instead, he just hops of the drug warriors horse and rides off, crushing the peons as he goes! Too bad, he does not see the conservative side of the problem with the war on drugs. It just promotes the situation where the drug warriors and the gangsters both get well paid, and maintain each other's profession!. And, the little guys, in the good old US of A, end up in prison, wasting tons of money! At the same time, we are losing, tons of money, through lost revenue, as well!

Norm Stamper for Drug Czar!

Gil Kerlikowske do the honors sir of recommending Norm Stamper for your position as drug czar instead of you so you can spend more quality time with your family. So we all can spend more quality time with our families! Mr. Kerlikowske . Tear down that war against drugs wall! You know prohibition is declared unconstitutional in America and a fraud perpetrated on the people of the whole planet! So for the love of all that is sacred! An end to the wars and violence could be helped immensely with Norm Stamper for Drug Czar!

Rush Limbaugh Riding The Wall St. Gravy Train

Insider trading his way to the top as oxycontin prices are manipulated at the business end of guns pointed at heroin addicts. Service with a smile for oxycontin service with a grimace from the risk for heroin? Is it not very cruel to apply violent double standards to people by law ? These prohibitions are excuses for war mongerers to keep wars going as the Oliver North and Freeway Ricky Ross story proves. How much longer can violent double standards exist by law ? It would be nice to at least go from being a type 0 civilization to at least a type 1. I mean what the hell ?

Oliver North Gets A TV Show

While Freeway Ricky Ross goes to prison? Unacceptable! How can so many people know about these things and not make a change for the sake of goodnes,peace,and prosperity for all?

Drugs & Rush

You losers need to find some more meat to chew on,we conservatives led by Rush are kicking your ass and you know.Get a new look on reality, try conservatism you bunkers.

Rush, does he tell the truth?

The only way a person can not understand Rush telling the truth is that you leftwing nuts do not have the ability to think for yourselves, you react emotionally not pragmatically. Reality is distasteful sometimes, especially when you are guilty of perpetrating the lie.

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