Federal Prosecutors Seem Confused About Obama's Medical Marijuana Policy

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I'm hearing a lot of discussion about this odd story from the LA Times:

The U.S. attorney in Los Angeles sent a confidential memo to prosecutors last week ordering them to stop filing charges against medical marijuana dispensaries, then abruptly lifted the ban on Friday, according to sources familiar with the developments.

So he initially orders everyone to completely back off of medical marijuana cases, then for unknown reasons, reverses course and tells prosecutors to proceed as they have in the past. It's creepy and plays right into the suspicions of those who thought the Feds wouldn’t back off without a fight.

Nonetheless, I'm leaning towards the assumption that the initial memo was just a little bit premature, but that we'll ultimately see a policy along those lines. I contacted Caren Woodson at Americans for Safe Access for a more informed analysis. Here's what she has to say:
I think it's confusion --- it's important to remember that we aren't even close to having the appropriate Obama officials seated at this point.  We expect, per the White House's comments, review of the policy as these people are formulating new policy. Keep in mind Deputy AG Ogden hasn't been sworn in yet.

At this point there has been no new movement; no new raids or new indictments. We are, however, still concerned about what becomes of the individuals still undergoing prosecution or waiting federal sentences... And I think that will require a deeper, more comprehensive discussion with the Obama Administration...once we have a better sense of who will be staying and who will not!

In other words, don’t freak out, at least not yet. The new administration has said the raids will end and that's what we're expecting.
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Drug War Policy


Sen.Webb said he would hold hearings on the " drug war" . We`ll see. That bottomless pit of money that the U.S.A. government has been using to fund its "drug war" is vanishing right before the government`s eye`s. Ain`t we just having so much fun!?



Man can discern the weather but not the signs of the times. The ancients didn`t leave insrips of 2012 behind for foolish purposes. What is U.S.A. currency worth once the dollar becomes worthless? Nothing. It`s knocking @ the door w/ an urgency and most folks don`t even see it. Amazing.

I'll bet there really is no confusion

Just the difference between what Obama is publicly telling pot reform advocates, who he conned in the elections, and what he is privately telling his enforcers and prosecutors.

Trusting drug warrior Obama is like trying to shake hands with a rattle snake.

The only real purpose for Obama making the promises he did during the campaign was to silence reformers who were confronting the candidates.

Now that the elections are over he will do only what he needs to do to split the reform movement by making half hearted assertions to the pot reform community in order to split it from the overall anti drug war effort. Divide and conquer.

Re: I'll bet there really is no confusion


Your skepticism is beyond justified, but now that we've reached a point where the raids are universally unpopular politically, there simply exists no incentive to continue them. The AG has been quite clear that the raids are over and his remarks came well after the campaign was finished.

Is it your position that federal raids will continue despite the Attorney General's assurances that they will not?

New laws and a new patent

You should read the following two bills:

H.R. 5842: Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act
H.R. 5843: Act to Remove Federal Penalties for the Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults
Don't forget to tell your friends to read it too.

Also, check out a patent that the government has, its number 6630507. It was probably approve in 2003 in preparation to the two bills mentioned above


H.R. 5842 and H.R. 5843 expired with the end of the 110th congress.

I have been told that Barney Frank and Ron Paul intend reintroducing a new 111th congress version of H.R. 5843 sometime in late April. But I have nothing official on that.

sounds like crimnals in law enfocement

dont want to give up the golden goose .dam dispicable profiteers in human misery

Stop wasting your seeds.

Stop wasting your seeds. Give them back to the earth that gives them to us. Hemp has been food, fuel, and pharmaceutical - it's time for it to be a weapon. Take it to the rivers, lakes, and streams... leave seeds in puddles and storm drains... press them into some soft bread and feed them to the ducks and geese... press them into some cheese fish bait and go fishing... put them into bird feeders... drop them into storm drains and puddles... press them into some ground meat and leave them for the foxes and coyotes to eat and distribute, feed seeds to your outdoor cat or your dog that you take to shit in the park or neighbors yard... FREE the WEED! SO WHAT if the result is ditch weed... it's NOT about THC content anymore, or profits... it's about freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom of weed! Spread the word and your seeds. Enlist you relatives, bud buddies, and neighbors. The D.E.A. CANNOT eradicate marijuana if it grows EVERYWHERE! Your government cannot possibly tear out every wild weed if we all work together... it's time to stop crying about prices and busts and free your weed! Don't throw away the gift of life that is in each seed and don't hoard them... give them all a chance to live. Toss them anywhere there is water- irrigation ditches, lakes, rivers, gardens and parks... anywhere they can haver a chance to grow. If one tenth of all smokers did so there would eventually be too much of our favorite plant to eradicate. Prices for market weed would have to be competitive because there would be free ditch weed for all. And the best part- no more having to bum smoke from a Budd and no more having to bum them some... just send them to the nearest wild crop. It's Time For Revolution! Free weed is just a seed's throw away. So what if the result is ditch weed... it's not about THC content anymore, or profits... it's about freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom of weed! Spread the word and your seeds. Get every friend, neighbor, and relative to help fight the war on the war on drugs. Reforest what man has cleared in the name of progress... reclaim earth for our plants. With enough plants we could fight Global Warming! Your government cannot possibly tear out every wild weed if we all work together. In just a few years we could see it overwhelm them to a point where they will have to legalize low THC content cannabis... and that's a move in the right direction. Drop your seeds in every flower pot, planter and garden at your local courthouse, police station, library, and park. Let them know they cannot stop our plant! Repost this message anywhere you can or print it out to pass around.

The Federal Government Is Forced Religion

It is time to remove the federal government and end their tyranny forever. Worldwide Constitutional Ron Paul Style leaders unite! Most everyone I have talked to wishes the Federal government and the local cronies implanted by their cult were purged from the earth . Something everyone needs that the Federal cult leaders never allowed is the Constitution,Bill of rights,and Declaration of Independence. Until the federal cult leaders allow these documents insuring freedom for everyone to actually be applied into action,we do not recognize their unconstitutional therefore fraudulently occupying forced religious cults right to exist! So death to the federal cult leaders,death to the u.n. Death to their failed fraudulent wall st profit from misery scam!


Here we go again! If you note, those pieces of paper you mentioned, also refer to a creator, in several different ways. Real faith is not what holds the blame. Actually, the, original, "religion", of this country, is far from what is held to be that of today's "religious"!

But, the religion, referred to here, is one that does not worship the freedom established in the inalienable rights given to us by that creator! Many, today, seem to worship a false God, not represented by previous teachings of liberty, freedom, and free will. I am free to do what I want, as a Christian, to screw up my life. But, smoking some cannabis, is not going to do it, unless the illegality of it gets one arrested. I love the new quotes from letters of Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln that refer to smoking "hemp"! I wish they were quoted more!

Cannabis is made illegal illegally:

An Illegal government has no right to make entheogens illegal. An illegal,unconstitutional government such as these local,state and federal racketeers dont have the right to exist and will eventually be marched to the prison execution chambers they had built unconstitutionally. Cannabis is not illegal; the assholes that say it is are an illegal,foreign occupation!

Dont expect Federal Fraudulent Policies to end

If the expectancy to end the fraud is placed on the same fraudulent occupation of frauds who past and currently operate fraudulently. Frauds wont stop being frauds unless they are physically removed from power over others. Been the same forever . You are pumping a dry well if you think unconstitutional leaders will become Constitutional leaders and suddenly make everything theyve fucked up become better. A good start would be to force all federal to local tyrants to live in the numerous prisons they had built while waiting their turn to be executed in their own execution chambers. I bet that would be the end of unconstitutional tyrannical dictators and dictatorships not only in America but everywhere else as well !

How do we know?

Everyone is so opinionated about whether or not to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Unless we keep moving forward towards legalization and controlled studies, we will just keep going in circles as a society of dogs chasing our tails. Check your ego at the door and open your mind.


I thought the people for medical MJ ran from 68-95%, depending on the poll. I can't figure what our egos have to do with this!?

I am of the opinion that most doctors, who do not favor using it as med, have some ulterior motive. You won't need to see the doctor, for pain pills every month, if the cannabis works well! It might cut into the pain doctors' profits! There might also be fewer (mostly unneeded) procedures at $2,000-5,000 a whack!

And be careful about judging all of us, by some of the irate posts, carried on by the same person, prolifically! It might seem egocentric when it is, in reality, just psychotic!

Medical Entheogenic Cannabis Stem Newspaper.

Starting a news paper service printed on paper made from medical cannabis stems leftover after bud harvest is an excellent idea ! kudos to that! possibly The Daily Entheogen ? The Daily Stem? The Daily Plant? The Cannabis Times? The Daily Removal of Fraudulent Policies and Policy makers who started unconstitutional wars against people and plants so petrochemiceutical corporations can install dictators is near! The police are cartel for the global petropharma tyrants

The Drug War

Hey i found this website Infowars.com. Everyone needs to check this site out, the movies and the radio show too. There is a lot more going on than just a phony drug war.

re the drug war

Also check out prisonplanet.com and coast to coast am with George Noory

This doesn't bode well

Mexico and the US: As Guns Go South, Drugs - and Violence - Go North
Dan Glaister, The Guardian UK: "For the Obama White House, pondering how to reshape the Bush administration's war on drugs, the concerns presented by the deepening crisis in Mexico are twofold. The first was highlighted by the chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, talking about US-Mexican counter-narcotics co-operation. 'They want to clearly stop the guns from the United States going south. We want to stop the drugs coming north,' he said."

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

What’s Going On With O’Brien?

U.S. Atty. Thomas P. O'Brien declined comment on what prompted him to issue the directive or to later rescind it.”

We may never know what caused U.S. Atty. O’Brien to go bipolar on cannabis dispensary raids, but any federal official who brings attention to themselves by challenging the current administration’s drug policies, particularly as the policies apply to medical marijuana, is risking future career opportunities when they leave their government post.

Mr. O’Brien’s policy to continue to targeting medical marijuana is certainly not going to win him friends in high places—friends he may soon need.  I read somewhere that 75-percent of all former Bush administration officials are finding it nearly impossible to secure a new job, and it’s not just the economy that’s the problem.  Certain star players in the Bush/Cheney administration, such as David Addington, are viewed as pariahs, and may have to change their careers entirely, assuming they don’t go to jail first.

Several months after Bill Clinton entered office, he dismissed all of former President George H. W. Bush’s U.S. Attorneys and replaced them with federal prosecutors who were Democrats.  Whether Obama will engage in a similar clean sweep of the U.S. Attorneys as Clinton did is unknown at this time.  But if the new president does decide to keep any former Bush Republicans in the deputy AG’s position, it is now likely that Mr. O’Brien won’t be among them.


opinionated? re psychotic?

How is a prohibition run by terrorist wall st scammers not psychotic? Hoping for abrupt removal of fraudulent leaders with equal and opposite force is just good common sense. The whole continuing fraudulent occupation of war against people and drugs mongers relies on continuous conversation with politeness as stalemate to their arrests and /or removal from power. If a government operates illegally ,the people that operate this illegal government can be removed by equal and opposite force. To say that hoping for the prohibitionists/scammers removal by the same force theyve inflicted is psychotic is in itself psychopathic. These war mongers if you havent noticed are not going to listen to rational ideas just like any other empty eyed criminally insane tyrant who desires power. So make fun of others all you want and continue trying to talk peacefully to violent bullies all you want. Removal of unconstitutional occupiers and their wars against people and drugs is a war effort worth supporting. Or maybe everyone should just keep nicely asking them to please stop . Yah we would like you tyrants to be nice now so will you please listen to our polite requests? Maybe the war against drugs thugs will simply stop if we treat them nicer than they treat others? yah right any way keep up the good work.

Peace to the drug war cops!

Peace to all the drug cops. We wish peace and prosperity for all the drug cops. Will all the drug cops please return the favor and end the wars against people and drugs? Were being nice to you drug cops ;will you please be nice and end your violence against people and drugs? Oh; we are about to release the names of some high up so-called anti drug police who trade marinol on the stock market which depends on marijuanas illegality for illegal stock profit manipulation. Also traded on wall street by these living examples of double standards are oxycontin,(affected by heroin law),ritalin,and adderall(effected by meth law). Basically the same drug families that are illegal are also legal in petrochemiceutical form; can you say Martha stewart times a gazillion?

David Blume youtube and coast to coast am w George Noory

Alcohol Can Be A Gas interesting what happened with Rockefeller in 1903. hmm

What is with the off topic posts on nearly every thread?

This is a drug law reform forum, not the place for other topics unless they directly relate to drug law reform.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Hey Moonrider!

If you click the blue words you find out it is spam advertising. They usually take them off. Which they apparently have!

I must admit, I was hoping

I must admit, I was hoping things would change right off the bat. I guess I didn't take into account how long it was going to take to get the proper people sworn in and get the new policy going. Still hoping the feds will back off....they have a bit, but you still hear about people getting busted.

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