First arrest!

The joint police braintrust(naw,it's too easy)known as IHit has made it's first arrest in the gang warfare that's gone on unabated for several years now with no arrests.After Canadian PM,Stephen Harper,came to town with some more anti gun laws(redundant)and mandatory minimums for drug sales the locals had to put on a dog and pony show themselves.We were all getting sick of watching the media do stories on the two armored luxury(beemer and a Lexus)vehicles seized from the infamous Bacon brothers.It was time to break a big story.They inferred they had the leader of the UN gang and some of his crew.Turns out they have a member of the UN gang and four associates.They charged them with all kinds of really heavy sounding charges.I'll be very surprised if they don't have it dropped or bargained down to an assault charge if it ever goes to court.Of course now the cops are all patting each other on the back.They busted a gun store and say they were dealing in illegal weapons.In Canada,that could be a 22.Introducing new gun laws in Canada is like banning worms in the apple tree.The worms that like apples don't listen and the rest could care less.Harper just had to toss some drug legislation in there because he's the Richard Nixon of the north.He hates drugs.The kids that did them made high school hell for him so he hates drugs.The body count is still going up in daily numbers.The number for today is two,or maybe three.They're not sure if one's gang related.They always say that.Everyone knows the real leader of the UN gang is in jail in Seattle.Americans don't have to worry about things like rights or evidence"since 9-11" so they can get these guys that we can't lay a finger on.If you ever think about laying a finger on one of these guys your life is worth just about zero.To conclude,our mayor wants the drug war ended.The police want the same powers as the US (god)has.The Prime minister wants to get more drug legislation passed on the back of the gang violence and is framing it as if the opposition is soft on crime if they don't give him everything he wants and the great unwashed want the killing to stop and for everybody to just behave.That's Vancouver as of 9:30 but it's early.Lots of time to kill yet.
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