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SWAT Raids on Innocent People are Bad

The Baltimore Sun reports on Cheye Calvo's attempt to bring transparency to the use of paramilitary drug raids in Maryland. Unsurprisingly, the law-enforcement community is not interested in having their activities monitored:

However, the executive director of the National Tactical Officers Association says reporting requirements for SWAT teams should emanate from the law enforcement community, not legislators.

"Our data shows that when SWAT teams are deployed, the violence goes down," said John Gnagey, who was a SWAT team member for 26 years in the Champaign, Ill., police department.

I'd love to know what data he's referring to, because that just strikes me as false on its face. SWAT raids are inherently violent. The violence at Cheye Calvo's house wasn't reduced when the SWAT team showed up and started shooting his dogs repeatedly.

Of course, the SWAT director thinks the legislature should just butt out and let police decide which reporting requirements are appropriate. Did you hear that Maryland legislators? The SWAT team doesn’t want you nosing around in their business.

Police are fond of pointing out that if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about. Perhaps it's about time someone spat that line right back at them.
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umm No

the swat team is doing everything they can to keep people safe so shut the flying fuck up u stupid ignorent stoner hippies they are doing their jobs in the safest mannor so go fuck yourselves and your drug loving commuinty

Troll or not, I have to reply

From the wording and tone of your post, I must assume you are a SWAT cop, and think you are all powerful and superior over the citizenry.

Listen up, buddy, We, the People, are your employers, you will do your job the way WE say you will do it, period! And, know this: you WILL, from now on, be held accountable for errors of judgement, raids on innocents for whatever reason, lack of proper investigation, lack of proper warrants, miscarriages of justice, and use of excessive force against people and dogs (particularly, in circumstances where force is completely unnecessary which has been the majority of complaints against SWAT units, lately).

Now, I do not agree with this statement when it comes from government or law enforcement and is addressed to the citizenry, because what preceeds that statement is usually some kind of encroachment on personal privacy and civil liberties. But, in this case, we, your employers, have every right to look into how you conduct yourselves on the job, so, "If you aren't doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about." Right? Right!

I won't reply to the troll but I will to you

Excellent points! Kudos! I wonder if he is aware of how his glaring mispellings and use of derogatory name calling make him look? He appears to be the kind of cop I hate, the ones who if they hadn't been able to be cops would have become criminals because they have a deep seated need to have power over, to debase, to humiliate, and even to hurt other people. Being a cop gives them license to act in their nature. I really wish there were a reliable way to weed out these twisted individuals before they get a badge, better yet before any municipality spends one red cent training them.

Oh, oh, looks like I just did much the same thing, calling him and his ilk "twisted". At least I didn't use any blue language in the process, and I am going to let my comment stand as written.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

I won't reply to the troll but I will to you

Hey Moonrider,
There is a reliable way to weed out the twisted sickos. If they volunteer for SWAT they are unfit.

Swat +Communism+Fascism+Capitolism=Wall St. drug scam

Thats right umm No this means you umm No a fraudulent forced religious cult posing as law enforcement for petrochemiceutical insider trading profits by terror and plunder! umm No get off of our planet !


I posted without telling umm No jerktard to kill himself ! Yee friggin Haw.

All drug raids

are against constitutionally innocent people; any evidence of illegal activity is found only AFTER the shooting stops. And even the guilty ones aren't usually doing anything "wrong." Illegal, yes. Wrong, no.

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