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Field Tests for Identifying Drugs Are Proven Wildly Inaccurate

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This is simply jawdropping:

The results of the study are available in the MPP-funded report False Positives Equal False Justice.

This research has quite far-reaching implications when you consider the massive number of drug arrests performed each year based on the results of these inaccurate field tests. With nearly a million marijuana arrests in the U.S. every year, the number of people convicted of marijuana possession who never actually had marijuana is certainly much larger than zero. I'd also like to know what other countries use these tests and what procedures exist to confirm the results before suspects are charged and sentenced.

It's a powerfully disturbing development and yet another reminder that nothing in the war on drugs is what it seems. When you pull back the curtain, every stage in the drug prohibition process is exposed as utterly fraudulent and perverted. Literally nothing that happens in the war on drugs is reliably correct.

I wouldn't have though it possible…but if we can't even trust police to accurately identify the drugs they're arresting people for, the drug war is somehow even more shockingly stupid and unfair than I thought.
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I have read a little about this a while back but this really makes me sick to think how many people are either on probation or in jail because of such a faulty test like such

Like drug testing in general

When it comes to accuracy of tests, we rely on the word of drug testing companies who are simply out to make a profit. MPP are some other drug policy group should start researching the detailed reports of these court cases because this is certainly one of the leading causes of why cases are dismissed by the courts.

Wake Up! Get Up !

The police are a petrochemiceutical drug gang! Walgreens and Merck! Eli Lilly and Pfizer ! No global petrochemiceutical corporation Has the right to use laws and police for their global drug gang for wall st insider trading power purposes!

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one of their tests produces false positives on air

I attended the press conference and I saw it for myself: One of the tests produces false positives on air. And it does it reliably. One of the field drug tests marketed by this company and used by thousands of polices forces around the country, reliably produces a false positive result when there is literally nothing in it! This company deserves to put out of business -- they are the Bernie Madoffs of the chemistry profession -- I doubt that will happen though.

David Borden, Executive Director the Drug Reform Coordination Network
Washington, DC

Funny business

Several years ago my boss told all us employees that he was going to start giving drug tests.He explained that he really didn't care about marijuana use or what we did on our own time but the insurance break he would get was not worth passing up.When the first test was given,he and his wife were the only ones to fail...they had eaten poppy seed cake and both tested positive for opiates.Needless to say,that was the end of the drug tests.
If drug tests are less accurate than polygraphs and polygraphs are illegal for employers to require for employment,why are drug tests allowed to be given by employers? And what ever happened to performance testing?


You've asked some great questions there. Too bad more people aren't asking those same questions, especially asking them of our government employees (elected and hired) and the insurance companies.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Lack of Media Coverage Typical

Why wasn't this press conference picked up by the media. Neither the print or TV broadcast the findings of these tests. This lack of coverage is indicative of the media avoiding stories that are critical of the drug war. These pro-drug war assignment editors and media gatekeepers need to hear from drug reformers when they pull this crap. This practice in journalism has been going on since Nixon snubbed the recommendations of his own study that suggested decriminalization of pot. He ignored the findings and the media ignored the study too. If there are no consequences for the media they will continue to ignore studies which further the debate and bring into question the drug war.

"How to Obtain a Pretrial Dismissal of Marijuana Charges


I am the author of the new report: "False Positives Equal False Justice." The American people can no longer wait for their government to do the right thing, so I am writing a book, so they can do it themselves: HOW TO OBTAIN A PRETRIAL DISMISSAL OF MARIJUANA CHARGES OR AN ACQUITTAL. This will allow anyone, with or without an attorney, to do exactly what the title says. I desperately need funding to complete my research as well as a publisher and welcome all suggestions.


John Kelly

No justice, no pee

No justice, no pee..

pee for relief

not belief pee for enjoyment not employment,and piss on the unconstitutional leaders and their fraudulent war against drugs !

Has there been any news coverage yet?!

I follow drug policy practically everyday. I've searched the Internet for any mention of this incredible finding by any news agency and I have yet to find even one article, yet alone the dozens of front page stories in major publications all across the country it merits. This story is absolutely huge, in fact it is the biggest story of the year when it comes to drug policy other than the new administration ceasing the raids on medical marijuana dispensaries -- and, yes, in my opinion this is better than the reform of the Rockefeller drug laws. Does anyone know of any mention of this anywhere other than by the hardworking folks at Stop the Drug War?

- Jason

Drug Testing

Dear Drug Czar your proctologist phoned they found your head.

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