Man Uses Fake Money to Buy Fake Drugs

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Via DrugWarRant:

ERWIN, Tenn. -- A man was been arrested after police said he used counterfeit money to purchase fake OxyContin pills from an undercover officer.

Unicoi County Sheriff's deputies arrested a 21-year-old man on Tuesday and charged him with criminal conspiracy with schedule II drugs, forgery and criminal simulation. []

It's almost funny, except the part where this poor bastard goes to jail for some drugs that never even existed.
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this proves the war against drugs is a forced fake hoax.

this is crazy the prohibitionists keep on with there forced hoax for enternainment. the police will now reap their artificially inflated stocks of oxycontin along with mainstream media who are aiding the war against drug racket. this fake drugs scam is proof positive that big petropharma can get away with any scam . And how in the hell is the federal reserve not fake and the money it prints not counterfeit ? this whole thing wreaks of dictatorship and stock fraud basically the war against drugs and people groups and individuals are like violent versions of bernie madoff and Martha Stewart which are in positions of abuse of power by force so they can skate by as others have pebbles/boulders thrown under their wheels. I gotta say those war against drugs people are some seriously criminally insane geniuses to keep getting away with such tyranny.

Drug Dealing Cops


mexico ain`t the only country dealing with corrupt cops. the drug war is a creation of the u.s.a. you can bet your last dollar that cops in this country are on the take as well. capone must be laughing in his grave. prohibition is prohibition, no matter what form.

A Black Hole of Fraud

Too bad the undercover cop wasn’t a fake.  It would have made for a triple whammy on the bogus drug war scoreboard.

Al Capone

Is definitely L H A O as the same mistakes of the past are practiced presently prohibition started and run by terrorist plunderers for terrorist plunderers so the world is as fucked up as they like it to be. for profit off of pain of course.

Too farkin funny

What ever happened to the law against fraud, or misrepresentation of drugs for sale, both felony's if a regular Joe does it, but legal if the cops do it, and if the drugs were fake, what law did he break, besides the funny money.And aint it illegal to sell dope, weather it's real or not?
Why don't they just do random house searches?
Oh yeah, they do..e

government hacks?

Maybe the guy was a plant from the treasury department, looking into the use of counterfeit money, in drug transactions! Oh well, I guess the would have found that out, when they busted him, if it were to be true! But you are right in pointing out that the cops can do illegal stuff like lying, cheating, and stealing, if it is their "job"! And, they think, they are not like all of the other criminals! Pffft!!

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