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Former Drug Warrior Now Lives With his Parents

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The power shift in Washington isn’t looking favorably on the folks who ran Bush's drug war. Oh, the irony:

Justin Rand, 24, formerly a "confidential assistant" in the White House's drug policy office, exited right before the election to work on John McCain's campaign -- so, he hoped, he could remain at the White House. After McCain's loss, Rand could no longer stay in Washington because, among other reasons, he couldn't find a job. He has since moved in with his parents in Jacksonville, Fla. [Washington Post]

So basically, this guy got hooked on anti-drug propaganda and let it take over his whole life. He was doing it five days a week and surrounding himself with some of the best-known suppliers. Now he's unemployed and lives with his folks.

Parents, please don't let your kids end up like Justin. There are some warning signs that your loved one may be addicted to the drug war, such as lying about drug use statistics and hanging out with sketchy people like David Murray.

They'll usually try to rationalize the behavior ("I'm just doing my job"), but the truth is that supporting the drug war is associated with impaired judgment and prolonged exposure can turn you into an insufferable jerktard.
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Justin Rand is Petrochemiceutical Drug Gang member.

All these pukes that force the war against drugs on everyone are a drug gang,extortion gang,forced religious cult,the list could go on. The point is your local petrochemiceutical pharmacies(walgreens,bimart etc.) are drug kingpins and any police ,law enforcement,politician,anti drug group,like justin rand are the gang bangers and bosses for these petrochemiceutical drug pharmacies which fraudulently occupy . Ritalin and addural are methamphetamine like drugs, oxycontin is like heroin, get it ? this whole war against drugs is a sick sadistic joke on everyone,every place,and every thing. Everyone knows that the war against drugs is a larger than life insider trading scam. You know like what Martha Stewart was imprisoned for only much more malevolent. Arrest people for marijuana,the violence and danger makes the stock profits for marinol unnaturally inflate,arrest people for meth and the stock profits unnaturally inflate for ritalin, arrest people for heroin the wall st stock artificially inflates for oxycontin. The largest wall st profiteers in the global petrochemiceutical drug stock trade are all the unconstitutional prohibition forcers as the drug gang and wall st petrochemiceutical drug pharmacies which fraudulently occupy your towns,cities, as the kingpins/cartel. The scam is proven as it was with Martha Stewart(patsy?) however somehow these unconstitutional prohibitionist gang bangers remain free. justin rand and all like him will have severe tortures dished out to them in hell ! Walgreens,Right aid and all the other unconstitutional law enforcement prohibitionist gang bangers get out ! Death to your fraudulent occupation. Stop paying Unconstitutional law enforcement people to be your drug gang ! How in the hell are these war against drugs forcers able to get away with a larger more violent version of what Martha Stewart was imprisoned for ? Thats just what unconstitutional fraudulently occupying dictatorships whic pose as legitimate law enforcement do; they use terrorism and plunder to rig the stock market in their favor.



this idiot was just sucking on the drug war pipe. now that the drug war dope is gone, he has to be experiencing withdrawal. what a pity.

Justin Rand now is your chance to be a healer

Justin Rand its time for you to help expose the scam that is the war against drugs. Do the helpful deed and help stop this violent war against drugs before its cronies commit another terrorist attack! Justin Rand its time you help end the terrorists wars and war against drugs. Also Justin Rand you are lucky you are still free and not being tortured in hell as punishment for forcing your terrorism and plunder on people! the war against drugs is scam and you know it ! help end it or suffer the con-sequences!

Scott, this may be your best

Scott, this may be your best post ever


Maybe he just wanted to try and intercept the unstoppable flow of cocaine coming up I-95 from the Keys :) Seriously, this guy is a grade A loser that just doesn't get it. He can redeem himself, though -- he could get on this blog and share some inside information. Of course, the buffoons at ONDCP probably make employees sign something forbiding them to ever discuss such things...

Really DRCNet???

Am I the only one who finds this a little silly for to post? I'm 100% against the drug war and think all drugs should be legalized, taxed, and regulated but shots like this are completely irrelevant.

I'm also 24 years old, have a masters degree in engineering, and have a great job, and guess what... I live with my parents too. I do so because its the most economical thing to do in these times, eg. why should I pay anyone for rent when I have a great relationship with my family who provide me with free room and board. It's because I live with my parents that I have more money that I would if I had to pay rent, and often use that money to contribute to and other organizations fighting the war on drugs (as well as for organizations fighting for liberty in general, such as Ron Paul's campaign for liberty).

You may scoff and laugh at me, saying I should leave the nest, but guess what, for most of human history people have lived with their immediate and extended families, and honestly there is no shame in that.

I completely agree that the person in question should have pursued a better career path than that involved in fighting the war on drugs, but its shots like this that trivialize our whole side of the debate.


I guess someone else made the mistake of generalizing! (maybe just gloating) But, you have to admit, most young men today, if employed, would more often be living with a spouse. But, you have every right to live the way you do. And, there are lot more of us that are unemployed, who have no choice! I would rather be working, and out on my own!

Re: Really?

That's a fair point, but I think you sort of misunderstand the point of the post. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with living with your parents.

Our opponents are fond of the stereotype that smoking pot will cause you to live in your parents' basement the rest of your life. It's ironic to hear that a former drug czar staffer is now doing exactly that. It's not about making fun of him, it's about turning the stereotype on its head.

In other words, the post is a joke. I lived with my folks for a few years after college too.

this is his chance to choose a more productive life

Spending all your working time trying to force people to choose alcohol to get high is as productive as spending all your time using drugs, legal or otherwise, to get high, except when you are "successful" and alcohol related catastrophe is the result.

Funny because it's true

"Jerktard" -- I can't get it out of my head now.


I thought I made it up, but apparently not:


Great, great post, Scott.

waste of time

I'm not really sure that this was necessary. This was a staff assistant who is now out of work like a lot of people. Rejoicing in his misfortune seems petty and small. Perhaps stick to the big fish next time? Keep up the (normally) good work.

Re: waste of time

Again, this post is a parody of the stereotype that stoners will end up living in their parents' basement. It's satire.

Waste of time

Fair enough, but calling out a low-level assistant that's unemployed like a lot of people these days seems to not be be a particularly good way of winning hearts and minds.

Re: Waste of time

I totally get what you're saying, but you're still taking the post too seriously. It's not supposed to win anyone over. I'm just making fun of pot stereotypes.

Sometimes I'll do a post that's sarcastic and not supposed to be taken seriously. I understand that it left room for misinterpretation, but that's a chance I take sometimes. I got a couple emails from colleagues who enjoyed it.

Regardless, I appreciate your feedback and I'm sorry that someone tried to call you out on it.

Re waste of time:

What the hell is wrong with you? A staff ass-istant ? The whole war against drugs is a violent unconstitutional scam ! Their prohibition jobs arent supposed to exist .

waste of time

"A staff ass-istant?"

I see what you did there. Very clever. You make us look bad, as do posts that focus on people and not policies. This is why we're not taken seriously.

And oh yeah, you're an idiot.

re again waste of time:

Fuck off D.E.A. implant! you make yourself look stupid as the story being posted on is about a person who worked for a fraudulent branch of government leadership forcing unconstitutional policy on people. This is why you are not taken seriously . And oh yeah, youre a D.E.A. implant and when you pass on youll be down on your knees screaming in hell to die !

waste of time

Wait, so when I pass on I'll be screaming in hell to die? Did that make sense to anyone?

You are....not intelligent. Some advice: turn down the rage. You're more likely to persuade others that way.

Its a waste of time

to attempt convincing criminally insane sociopaths that their intimidation and violence are hurting others especially when they suffer from severe double standard induced megalomania while operating a fraudulent government. The only way to stop them is to physically remove them from power and enforcement positions.

waste of time

But once I've passed on, won't I already be dead? Why would I still be screaming in hell to die?

Anyway, it's a good thing you posted that last one three times. NOW I get it. You do our side no favors when you present yourself as paranoid and uneducated. We need not pollute the message boards with our arguments any longer. Feel free to email me personally at [email protected]. We can chat some more! I'm happy to present a far better communications strategy.

You made one mistake!

You started feeding the troll!! He says less when ignored!

patton miles

works for the d.e.a. our side? patton miles is on patton miles side

Re on patton miles

This guy is a d.e.a. spy ? how so ? what makes you think he would support the drug war and poo poo our stop the drug war efforts? did he say something in post to let on to that? show some proof.

re on re on patton miles:

Read the waste of time post above and response from Mr. Morgan . It angers some people that anyone would defend any war against drugs narc. Alot of people that post in here have been traumatized by people such as justin rand so it hurts to see someone in an anti drug war posting room defend their unconstitutional and deviant actions. The most important thing is that we all have the freedom to post whatever we would like and others dont like it they have the same freedom. Dont give up people! love you all peace


feeding the troll!

Down on your knees

You will scream in hell to die ! ha ha !

Not at all

I certainly didn't mean to defend Justin Rand or his politics. My point was that Scott ought to be following the unemployment adventures of David Murray rather than an unemployed administrative assistant who may or may not have worked for him. Like I said, a lot of people are suffering while looking for jobs. This just seemed unnecessary. And no, not a troll. Glad to be here.

Mr patton! It is not you!!

Mr Patton,

The troll is the guy you have been feeding! Glad to see you put your name on the post. It is easier to tell who is posting what. You did say the Scott did a "normally" good job, in your post that criticized him for doing the article. I can tell you are a supporter of the cause. You, obviously, explained, clearly, why you have issue with the, above, blog. But that guy you are arguing with is just going to keep it up. I think I see three of his posts for every one of yours!

You are not the person, to whom I was referring, as a troll. And I know you are, not at all likely, a DEA plant. Those are the claims of the delusional troll!

Note how he keeps posting the same thing over and over! And he will not stop!

Dude;;is waste of time,not at all Miles Patton? Sir?

Why so concerned about what Scott is doing? You said attack policy not not people and now you bring up following David Murray who may or may not be Justin Rands Boss or formerly his boss. Hey its also true that alot of folks have lost their jobs because of less than constitutional policy orders followed by David Murray and unemployed mercenaries who may or may not have worked with him. I think people who see the war on drugs as a complete scam and foreign occupation as many United States Military Service Veterans do are going to see it as completely necessary to completely dismantle the war against drugs on all levels of employment. So when you say unnecessary. Do you mean unnecessary to everyone else or unnecessary to yourself? Have a good life.

Fair enough

I think, more than anything, I'm saying it's counter-productive. I think we actually have the political winds at our backs right now, and we should be making appeals based on reason, rather than anger or spite, as was the case with picking on Rand. Reason and common sense are our strong suits. You have a good life too!

Anyone else in here ?

Think this is very strange and suspicious? most .... everyone in here are all about common sense ... Response ? Do you wish to join ?


I will support people who are not afraid to post with anything other than anonymous as the identity. So that means NOT YOU!

Fair enough re

So you cant see how people in this forum would be suspicious of someone posting sympathy for any war against drugs employee even low ranking? The drug cops have attacked alot of people in here physically,verbally,attacked our children,stalked us ,menaced us, you name it theyve committed all sorts of crimes against many in here ,freinds and family in the name of an unconstitutional war and occupation. So youre saying its counter productive for you correct? Its very strange to most of us in here to here you still defending Rand. Its very reasonable for many in here to attack unreasonable people with unreasonable policies such as Rand. So I guess i just have a tough time relating to any sympathy for bullies whether its their job or not.

Im gonna remain anonymous but what do you mean join?

Join as in join the conversation? join a health club that has a spin class and stairclimbing machines which generate human powered electricity for the community ? Join an entheogenic botany co-op ? please be more specific. and some people have been fucked over so many times that anonymity is crucial for survival. So i hope im not raisin mlang52 s anger or disdain as i really dont understand what that one person meant by join. Join what ?


You just keep proving my point!

Join as in getting a real name that you are not afraid to post under in this forum. You know. One you use to log in ...., that label you see at the right, at the top of this page. Becoming brave, instead of harassing everyone behind the anonymous label! You are an excellent example of the meaning of a troll.

And you are not the only one who has been "fucked over"! What? "The man" got you scared?

Way to Kiss patton ass

Mr Patton ass. Good for you Patton ass kisser. I hope remaining anonymous pisses you off good! Cause no matter what you say Justin Rand and any other fucking narc dont deserve to have their fraudulent jobs nor are their drug war jobs supposed to even exist ...Period... so all you politically correct jerkoffs that think being peaceful to violent people will work; good luck with that.


You made me laugh , today!! I needed it!!

Right to privacy is objected to ?

I Guess even in a freedom oriented posting forum the right to privacy is scoffed at? I dont agree with with some posts whether named(if the name is even real in the first place) or anonymous but I will keep observing everyones right to privacy. sincerely; Mitch

Privacy vs liberty

No, I do believe in the right to privacy. Basically, posting a name has nothing to do with right to privacy! No one would know who you are, really!

I just find it hard to tolerate trolls, who hide behind the anonymous label, to harass others. If you are too scared about being seen commenting on this blog, I guess you can hide behind the "right to privacy" if you want. But, it is just a cowardly way to handle it. It would be less confusing if you would use something like "jercoff" or something so people would know who was commenting and who was hiding behind the label of "anonymous". That would not reveal who you are. Hey, I know a way to not have to worry about privacy! Don't comment at all! Chickenshit!

I will not comment at all till next fall if at all ever again:

Im not scared i just dont see the difference between a fake screen name or some made up name posted or anonymous ;its the same to me. but anyway im never commenting again . I feel to depressed now to participate anyway now that ive bummed people out in here or pissed people off for which i appologize and hope i didnt cause any undo stress. Im moving into the deep woods with no electricity and growing a giant herb garden today anyway on a south facing fertile gentle slope of 55 acres in the high foothills. Something I love to do every year. Its a beautiful off grid organic farm with plenty of native fruits and favourite veggies and some of the finest medicinal,entheogenic and culinary herbs ever grown. Blessings sincerely; with love from the socially and mentally challenged cowardly jercoff chickenshit. p.s. maybe next fall I will come back and get a screen name and be in a better frame of mind after harvest ,hopefully with more intelligent posts that arent a drag. peace out

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