Police Raid Innocent Elderly Couple, Blame it on the Weather

Police in Indianapolis burst into the wrong and terrified an elderly couple, but they have an explanation:

Officers were trying to serve a warrant for a man wanted on drug charges. The address listed on the paperwork was 4042. The Minton’s home is 4048, with both house numbers clearly marked.

But Major Mark Robinett of the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, who is in charge of warrant sweeps, said he was told that officers had a difficult time reading the addresses because of overcast skies.

I've heard a lot of weak excuses for botched drug raids, but this is just classic. As is often the case in such scenarios, the explanation serves only to make police sound even more confused and incompetent than they already did.

Seriously, if you can't even see what you're doing, then don't burst into private homes with your guns drawn. A word of advice to the Mintons: you should sue these people silly. The admission that their vision was obstructed at the time of the raid, though utterly disingenuous, is tantamount to gross negligence. I'd just love to see them on the stand trying to explain this.
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They were probably high.

Really the subject line says it all. The sad fact is, I'm not even kidding.

Whether or not these cops were under the influence, this brings me to an interesting thought: We should propose legislation imposing minimum sentencing for law-enforcement officers found guilty of drug offences (indeed any offence). Said minimum sentences should be equal to the maximum sentence for civilians.



Law enforcement officers, like our political "leaders," are above the law. Hypocritical cops swill booze at their favorite watering hole then drive on public roads, virtually immune to the laws they enforce on average citizens. Even the most lame excuse for their failed conduct is smugly accepted as they pat each other's backs. Many in law enforcement are nothing better than a bad joke, and should in fact be in prison. So they got the house numbers wrong and broke into the wrong house, do you think they care? After all, they are very "special" and as almost always, above the law.

The Weakest Excuse Ever

That is by far the weakest excuse I've heard for a botched raid!

damn right they should be sued to the max

the houses are clearly marked and they go to 4048 instead of 4042 because they couldn't read the number on the paperwork because of "overcast skies". is that just their way of saying they'll do and say anything they want?
listen SWATheads, don't go breaking into the homes of Americans unless you're sure you have the right house, that's not too much to ask. don't just guess, or you'll piss off so many Americans they'll take your shiny little drug war toys and corrupto fest away from you.

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