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Mac attack

I was playing poker about a week ago and after about 8 beers and half a mickey of rum I whacked the computer table after losing with a boat to a straight flush.It was about the 15th such hand in the space of an hour.Cost me my entry into the $2000 final and a semi into the 10,000.It also cost me $84 in repair costs.I was hung over for about two days.That's what happens when you drink with hepC.I know you've probably all heard that Canada now has mandatory minimum sentences.Until Stephen Harper and his version of the nazi party,Canadian style,it'll continue to deteriorate.The big villain here now is the indoor grow op.The money and manpower being put into the stopping(as if)of the grow is depressing.Along with the grow busts comes a whole tirade from politicians who are decrying the evils of marijuana.It's evidently been so 'effective" that high school kids think there's no difference between pot and meth.The right wing plague that captured American politics has hung on here in a big way.Even the lefties at Vancouver city hall have taken an anti pot stance.All this in spite of the public's pro legalization response to every poll taken on the subject for years.I guess the end of prohibition is still a long way down the road.The NDP was supposed to filibuster bill c-15 into next session.That they couldn't even get that organized does not bode well for any help from them.They claim to be the voice of reason on the drug front but have done nothing that's been helpful.They claimed that someone didn't show up so the filibuster died.Sounds at best lame and at the worst,like incompetence.
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Bill C-15

We don't have mandatory minimums yet. The Liberals stalled the final passing of the bill. Seems that they may have had a little negative feedback from their supporters. It goes for final vote in September. With any luck those d**chebags in Ottawa will have had time to shake their collective heads and realize what a useless and costly, (lives and dollars), bill this will be if it passes.

Harper is still stuck up Bush's ass and has no idea what's going on. Doesn't seem like Obama has much of a clue either.

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