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FOX News Says Marijuana Will Eat Your Soul

Or something like that. It's amazing what passes for science when it comes to selling scare stories about pot. You could send these people a press release saying that marijuana has been proven to increase your chances of turning into a lizard and they would publish something about it immediately. I guarantee it. It would never occur to them that there are no lizard people.
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We should regulate "Soul Eaters"

It didn't stop us from regulating "demon rum."


Marijuana will eat your soul and the souls of your family and friends (by association). It will also eat your furniture. Save your furniture. Eat your family and friends before marijuana eats your soul (then heads over to the houses of your family and friends to eat their souls AND their furniture).

See the logic? Now, surely I can get a job at Fox News...

Save your soul with Marinol

That would make a great ad. Kinda rhymes.


A.C 360 Chic said that ak-47 toting mexicans were growing pot on public land. Last Tuesday nite. How many shoot-outs have occured w/ in the past year on this public land? The idea of Terrorists pot growing Mexicans having a shoot-out in the midddle of no-where w/ federal agents is hilarious. John Wayne anyone? How many times can the Marijuana Prohibitionists Wheel be re-invented? Who is Man to call a Plant Evil? You can`t buy Hypocrisy because it`s so abundant.

What have you been smoking?

What have you been smoking?

I disagree

It depends on who you are. If you legalize Marijuana, not everyone will smoke it just like Not everybody drinks alcohol. Of course it will ruin your life if you may perhaps have no true initiative in your soul to start.

We should at least have the choice. If you don't have discipline of course it's agreed that it will take you over. That's why they say everything in moderation. But it's great for many of us. Everyone is different just like we have different taste buds. But you don't know until you try it. You make have a good or bad liking in response to it's effects. Regaurdless, it has so many benefits- even for non smokers.
1. Cancer- anorexia side effects (most known)
2. Reusable, efficient, biodegradable
3. Extreme temporary physical discomfort (temp use only)
4. Severe extreme and traumatic experiences such as the death of an extremely close person, horrific flashbacks, or dwelling. (temporary-extend while keeping conscious monitorization for feelings of dependency and control)
5. OCD dysfunctional cleaning and motivation (occassional)
6. Drinkers hangover
7. For some people- marijuana doesn't even give them "munchies", rather has the averse affect and is used as an appetite suppressnt.
8. meditational activities, including other relaxing projects.
9. Occasioal Sleeplessness
10. My reason- Because I can't swallow pills. I smoke the first two days for alleviation.

I just think there needs to be more extended research about Marijuana. It can be dangerous like getting in a car can be dangerous but that's why more people should pay more attention and be more careful. Because, virtually anything of reason and probability can be bad.


hmmmm where can i begin,, drug is what they label it. its a plant its our right as a free being on this earth forget about the laws that were put in place to take your freedom by the establishment kings. we make money and people die because they dont have enough its a fact 911 was a inside job need i say more. its a plant . plants are suppose to grow. from the begining of time its from earth not man made it was used for many things.. we stole land from indians we lock PEOPLE up for the way life is because of MONEY hmmm call me an idiot dont talk in school listen and be quiet dont think for your self be a good student like a good slave.. dont ask questions your an ape

while we're on the subject of eating souls

the war on selected drugs keeps chowing down on America's soul. Umm, tasty!

Eat my Soul?!?

I'd say Ben & Jerry's are better.... Well the midia says what it wants.. like my friend up there EARTH SUN PLANETS said....
"... dont ask questions you are an ape" - it is up to the people to get informed and believe on what they believe.... too bad we still have people that can see outside of the box...

I smoke pot

So if the truth be known, my soul would swallow any ignorant biggits soul in a test of wills! Just swallow the propaganda, don't start rationalizing now; yum guzzilers.

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