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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Are Coming to Rhode Island

It's official:

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- The House and Senate on Tuesday each overrode Governor Carcieri's veto of legislation allowing three "compassion centers" to dispense medical marijuana.

The Senate vote was 35 to 3. The House vote was unanimous, 67 to 0.
For the bill to become law, both houses were required to overide the veto of their own and the other house's bill. The measure is now in effect.

It's just inspiring to see an entire state legislature stand up in unison to protect patients. Carcieri's veto was driven by the same petty, false, and widely-refuted propaganda that's been deployed in desperation against medical marijuana legislation for more than a decade now:

In vetoing the bills, Carcieri said he thought "the increased availability, along with a complacent attitude, will no doubt result in increased usage, and will negatively impact the children of Rhode Island" and complicate the jobs of law enforcement officers.

Think about how remarkable it is that virtually the entire House and Senate of Rhode Island have come forth and firmly rejected this garbage. There was a time when reformers were all alone on this issue, yet today it is our opposition that stands isolated and estranged from public opinion.

The folks at the Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition deserve a big round of applause for taking on this battle and winning by knockout.
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What would happen if the Barney Frank medical bill gets passed, and then some states pass legislation saying they prohibit it? Would people be allowed to open care centers in states that are protected under fed law, but not under state law (basically reverse of today)?

Carcieri's crocodile tears about protecting children

They need protection from alcohol even more than they need protection from cannabis, but he has no intention of asking alcohol users to give up their violence promoting drug for the sake of the children. Not that banning alcohol would work any better or protect children any better than banning cannabis, it would extend the war on the families of users of illegal drugs to the families of users of alcohol.
Yeah, I'm proud of the RI legislature for being so united in beginning to stand up against this garbage, and at least protect the rights of medicinal users.

Wrong -- read up on the subject

Sorry, Anonymous, but you are wrong -- studies prove your assertion to be false. Get the facts before you say such ridiculous things -- check out Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts by John Morgan and Lynn Zimmer -- you can get it at Amazon, here:

- George

Hey Anonymous

You are ignorant and need to get your facts straight before you start talking about something you obviously know nothing about! You want the real truth
knock yourself out and listen to a few Podcasts because seems you have nothing else to do.

I think this will backfire.

I think this will backfire. Cannabis will be more tightly controlled in RI. What are the chances that you'll be able to get BC Bud at a state-run "compassion center?"

Practical prohibitionists (ha!) would be wise to emulate this model.

it there any one yet

its there any open yet and does any one know how i can start one im a card holder fro cali but now live in ct i really thinking of moving but if anyone knows where one is let me know i want to check it out

Medical Marijuana

Congatulations to the Rhode Island congress for stuffing Carcieri's veto up his backside with a scalding rebuttal of common sense and decency.We've turned the prison system into a money making and this in itself is making me sick because the jails are filled with youngsters, forever in the system for possessing weed.


I'd be so happy if it was all just legal!!! :D
Reefer is not dangerous enough to need to be illegal.
Really, what's wrong with it?

Medical Marijuana should be legal everywhere

Medical marijuana should be legal everywhere.  I know alot of people with illnesses that would benefit from using cannibus.  My uncle has MS and weed helps him out alot.  He has to move from Connectiucut to Rhode Island to get his medical marijuana card.  Alcohol should be illegal.  Weed does not do the things that alcohol does.  I have used it for years and I have never had and trouble with using it.

Medical marijuana should be legal everywhere in the U.S.

Medical marijuana should be legal everywhere.  There is nothing bad about it.  If anything alcohol should be illegal.  Alot of people with serious disabilitys need it.  It works for them and it is not anything like alcohol.

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