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Wrong Door Drug Raids Are No Laughing Matter

I don't exactly understand what the agenda behind this video is supposed to be, but it kind of gave me the creeps. I think it's supposed to be funny and I wonder if the creators realize how true it really is.

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WTF...thats not funny at

WTF...thats not funny at all. Its bad taste period that someone would make a parody of this subject. I understand it gets the point out but WTF? Its going to happen one day that people enmass will stop smacking their lips and blowing hot air and will start shooting back. When it happens those enforcers out there fucking with other peoples lives and freedoms had better watch out. There are a hell of alot more pissed off civilians than there are LEOs!

Bad Taste is Right

Any victim of a botched SWAT raid, and anyone who’s known a victim of these horrific raids, would spew if they viewed this clip.  This would not be funny to them at all.

Apart from that, it’s a strange clip.  And it takes place in Fresno.  If this is some kind of pro-SWAT public relations gimmick, then the Fresno PR firm that created this crap needs to get its ass fired.  The raids look like a church picnic, what with the all-seeing and wise cops immediately recognizing their screwup and exiting the residence.  Yeah, right.  Like that happens.

If this were a truly authentic-looking botched drug raid, we would see SWAT officers beat the old couple with rubber hoses, waterboard and maim the nursery schoolers, shoot the dogs and strangle the family cat.  Then they would plant the drugs.

That’s how it really is.  Especially in Fresno.


And why are they not behind bars?


3 Strikes... in 1 day... and your out of your swat costume and into a prison uniform!

Fucking Home Invaders... belong in the same prison cells as the politicians who allow and encourage these crimes!

Bet the bozo's will be laughing about these crimes over alcoholic drugs later... FUCKING WANKERS!

That's It... No Apologizes... No Repairs... No Fucking Way!

What a telling and disgusting display of ineptitude by those paid to protect us

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