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Did you notice anything missing from this conversation? Seriously, if we're concerned about the drug trade funding terrorism, the only answer is to fundamentally rethink our drug policy. This problem didn't just arrive on our doorstep last year. We've been fighting a hopeless and counterproductive war against these guys for decades and they're more powerful now than ever before. The solution is to do the opposite of what we're doing, not to make little adjustments or try a little harder.

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not to be persnickity


The full legalization of marijuana as a key to saving our failing economy was a talking point on this very Ep. Not saying it was not oddly left out of the above discussion..

Where was Jon Stewart for this interview?

Jon Stewart seemed to be taking the night off from asking pointed critical questions. The whole interview seemed to revolve around this notion at "OMG, the Taliban and all these warlords and terrorists -- the entire country really -- was trading in opium" and all we had to do was clean up this Wild West town and arrest all the perps and, you know, things will be copasetic.

It reminded me of the moment in Casablanca where the authorities are shocked, shocked to discover that there is gambling going on.


How much better if Stewart had someone on who said, with respect to Afghanistan, either "we're screwed" or "do what the Senlis Council recommended and just buy up all the opium on the market rather than counterproductive military action against peasants?

One thing i don't know about

One thing i don't know about is, even if we legalized opium and heroin and let the afghans make money off it legally, it would still not necessarily keep the money away from the taliban and al quaeda (i mean, couldn't they just sell it privately, or have a connection with people who sell it privately?). Plus, even if we constrain the sales to the afghan government, the taliban has been in power before, they are a very powerful group over there, wouldn't they have representation in a democratic afghan government (or at least infiltrate the government), or in some other way use their power to get to some drug profits?

john stewart is on our side

Hello fellow Stoners,

What a time we are in. Illinois is getting ready to finally ok medical marijuana... like everyone with a sane attitude on this topic, I think pot should be legalized, and we all know that this would take a major source of money out of the hands of the terrorists. When nixon started the war on drugs, and cut off a lot of pot supplies, heroin addiction shot up. I think the horrors of addiction would actually go down if people could legally smoke weed. I AM In chronic pain, so I will benefit from the medical legalization, but that is not nearly enough.

This issue could be decided by the president, if he would just take a stand ... instead, he avoids the topic, jokes about it... but, if they legalized, and it works out as everyone knows it will, he would be vindicated.

Opium Isn't the Danger.... Amerikas Imperial Foreign Policy Is!

Opium Isn't the Danger.... Amerikas Imperial Foreign Policy Is!

American Foreign Policy is as follows: You own the oil we demand and you better not restrict our access to it or else. Or else we'll be forced to steal it from you - because the u.s. gov't has the might and god gave christians the right!

Imagine if you will that the middle east possessed the same, or superior, military technology and might and claimed that amerikan corn was a national defense issue. What if amerika was successfully invaded by a coalition of foreign nations looking to secure the worlds largest food supply - that amerikans foolishly convert into fuel even though millions die from hunger... would that not be a higher cause then the u.s. claim to foreign oil?

If only christians were smart enough to ask 'what if'! 'What if' I read a book of non-fiction or walked a mile in the shoes of the enemies they created?

A Stupid Woman

This is a splendid example of an incredibly stupid woman masquerading as an expert. It is clear that she knows nothing, nothing, about the third world and the level of corruption found there. Arrest the dealers; bomb the shipments; root out the crooked politicians? Yeah, that'll work! As I have learned from living in Mexico, there are always more ready and eager to take their place; more clever ways to move the goods. In fact, the next cadre of "narcos" probably cheers on our efforts, as we, in effect, are removing their competition for power and money.

She's right, though, the whole situation is driven by money. The most pernicious effect of the WOD has been to make billionaires out of psychopathic killers. Here in Mexico, money channeled into the hands of these killers by our ill-advised drug war policy permeates all levels of society. There's only one answer: cut off the money! And not by the politically-correct pipe dream of reducing demand. That will not be accomplished short of massive governmental oppression (yes, even worse than we have now). There's only one answer: legalize! The politicians actually know this, but, of course, being politicians they lack the courage to even suggest it; let alone start doing it.

I look forward to the day when not only are all drugs legal, but that the drug warriors are tried in Nuremberg-style tribunals for their gross violations of human rights.

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