Holder Renews Pledge to Respect Medical Marijuana Laws

In case anyone forgot, the new administration promises to be nicer about medical marijuana:

ALBUQUERQUE — The nation’s top cop said Friday that marijuana dispensaries participating in New Mexico’s fledgling medical marijuana program shouldn’t fear Drug Enforcement Agency raids, a staple of the Bush administration.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, speaking in Albuquerque during a meeting focused on border issues, including drug trafficking, said his department is focused "on large traffickers," not on growers who have a state’s imprimatur to dispense marijuana for medical reasons.

"For those organizations that are doing so sanctioned by state law, and doing it in a way that is consistent with state law, and given the limited resources that we have, that will not be an emphasis for this administration," Holder said. [New Mexico Independent]

Notwithstanding a couple of questionable raids that have taken place since Holder took office, it's good to hear him keep repeating this. The more he says it, the more scrutiny he'll be subjected to if DEA continues to push its luck. Personally, I'm not expecting the complete elimination of federal interference with state medical marijuana laws, but I think it will become clear over time that the situation has improved.

Still, Holder and Obama shouldn't get a pass on this ridiculous "limited resources" excuse for respecting state medical marijuana laws. The issue enjoys tremendous public support and there's no reason the new administration can’t come right out and acknowledge that the Bush policy was just cruel. Pretending it's about money is disgusting and wrong. Note to reporters: next time someone in the administration tries to portray the new medical marijuana policy as a matter of conserving law enforcement resources, ask whether they'd continue the raids if their budget was bigger.

Furthermore, the feds are still trying to put Charlie Lynch in prison for operating a perfectly legal dispensary in California. His sentencing will take place this Thursday, assuming it doesn’t get postponed yet again. Click here to email the Dept. of Justice and tell them to let Charlie go.

If these guys are sick of answering questions about marijuana policy, freeing Charlie Lynch is by far their best move.
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Medical MJ...BS?

While I think their is a valid usage for medicinal MJ...I think that a majority of the card holders don't really have a valid medical reason for using the drug. These people should be pursued and fined. If all it takes is a couple hundred bucks to get a doctor to get you a card making it legal for people have the drug and use the drug it's just one big scam.

My lawyer freind told me a bunch of his buddies pooled their cards together and now they are allowed to grow the stuff on a large scale without and legal issues.

Preventative Medicine

I would argue that marijuana can be used as preventative medicine -- stress relief for one (and stress has been shown to be linked with so many other ailments), and studies show that it may very well play a role in preventing cancer. So, I say good for them...marijuana should be legal for adults to consume anyway...

I agree, but no doctor is using it preventively...

Stress is not technically a medical condition, but there are many anxiety disorders that cause stress. Nobody has a recommendation for "stress" but they might have documentation of an anxiety disorder from a doctor and a recommendation either from that doctor or a MMJ specialist.

I'm afraid you're ignorant of the situation...

but I do know the situation in California is that most doctors are still afraid to recommend cannibus, and thus many people have to go to doctor's who are medical marijuana specialists for a recommendation. These doctors will not give out recommendations to anyone... in fact they will require documentation from another doctor that you have the particular illness that you're using it for. They have to do this to cover their own ass, and the state board of medicine has challenged the license of virtually every MMJ specialist in California. In many cases the doctors win the challenge but they have to spend a lot of money and time fighting it. I don't know about your lawyer friend, and I find it very odd that lawyer would openly violate federal law like that because he could lose his license as well. There will always be some people who are good at faking illnesses that can con a doctor... in the case of MMJ patients, they'd have to first con a doctor who isn't a MMJ specialist into thinking he/she has the condition, but this happens with all controlled substances, like amphetamines, opiates, etc. But the idea that MMJ specialists are giving out recommendations like candy is just false and if they were they would lose their licenses.

mu grandfather is currantly

mu grandfather is currantly getting medical marijuana and that little comment about how you think that anybody can get a card is a bunch of crap it took my gpa almost a year to just get his card and comments like that is why the laws are so strist just loosen up even if they are who cares is it affecting you in any way no!!! its not the laws just need to legalize it for evrybody there is nothing wrong with marijuaba ive been smoking since i wa s eight years old and im in collage and im just as heathy as any one else evrybody needs t;o loosen up smoke a joint and chill

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