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Bad Cops Caught on Camera

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Dear Men and Women of Law Enforcement,

There are video cameras everywhere these days. In people's pockets, on trees and lampposts. On your squad car and in front of local businesses. So maybe you should think twice before beating people up for no reason and filing false charges.

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thank goodness for video cameras

they help some to reduce or at least hold accountable the behavior of criminals in and out of uniform.

LOL at stupid cops

While I try to respect officers of the law, I find it more and more difficult. I notice a lot of cops abusing their priveledges such as turning on their lights and sirens just to go through a red light, then once through, they turn them off. Also see a bunch of cops speeding without regard...yet if an ordinary citizen did it, they would be fined. Then I look at what cops waste money investigating versus what they try to pass off on people.

I'm not proud of it but I have cop (friends?) in high places...

I'm not proud of it but I have cop (friends?) in high places... even a Lt. in a large metropolitan city... a former special ops team member that I've spilled copious amounts of godless russian blood with during the cold war in afghanistan. A tough formidable dude... almost as deadly as myself... back in the day!

I routinely enjoy 'ride alongs' with him for the shear fun of dealing with idiots, morons, and domestic abusers... and if drugs are involved it's invaribly the gateway drug alcohol combined with meth and/or coke... not marijuana.

In fact whenever I mention this obvious fact I always get 'the frown'... like an adult might give a child when they challenge the questionable logic of an adult.

Most of the cops I've come to call friends (20-30) are truely young adrenaline junkies, and generally do not care about the law, or the constitution for that matter, they just want to have fun, drive fast, and not be pestered by stupid people, and collect on average a $45,000 a year paycheck... not including the overtime that can easily add another 20 - 30k a year!

Make no mistake cops have incredible discretionary powers and often fuck with people just because they are bored or believe someone deserves a 'pull-over'... no evidence of wrong doing required...everyone and everything is suspect... in a paranoid world!

It pains me to know that these friends are also enemies that I may have to deal harshly with someday... should they get stupid and violate my rights!

B.S. Sun Tzu says: Keep your enemies closer!

A "few bad apples" eventually spoil the whole barrel

And judging by all the stories I read on this site, at Digg and over at Radley Balko's Agitator site, there are way more than just a few "bad apples". Seems to me the barrel's already been near 100% spoilt.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

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