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If Pawlenty Wants to Be President, He Should Reconsider His Opposition to Medical Marijuana

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Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has declined to seek a 3rd term, prompting speculation that he's planning to seek the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. Wouldn't it be strange if Pawlenty's presidential ambitions had something to do with his decision to veto a bill that would stop police from arresting terminally ill medical marijuana patients? Does Pawlenty think that Americans want a president who supports arresting people who are about to die?

Someone should show him the polling data on medical marijuana. Is Pawlenty aware that an anti-medical marijuana candidate got crushed by a pro-medical marijuana candidate in the 2008 presidential election?

Opposing medical marijuana in any way is politically risky, but Pawlenty specifically turned his back on people who are dying. In today's political climate, that's a big mistake.

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He only listens to

He only listens to Limbaugh...

too late for Pawlenty to backtrack now

he's gambling that America is going to turn back to hardline again. But I think the genie is out of the bottle when it comes to MMJ and it's potential to help people, and vetoing a bill to allow MMJ only for terminally ill patients is hard to spin as anything but fanatical.

President? Huh?

He's an idiot, not even close to presidential material. He's living in the dark ages! Where's Jessie Ventura?

Oh Pawlenty...

I had been hearing that he was considered a vice-presidential candidate for the Republican Party during the 2008 referendum. Whether or not it was true, I don't know, but this rumor probably helped his reputation rather than hurt it. I would not at all be surprised if Pawlenty ran for President for 2012.

As a student living in Minnesota and a strong supporter of medicinal cannabis legislation (I have actually called all the MN Senators in April to make sure the bill passed), I feel very strongly about Pawlenty and will be reminding those who have forgotten the idiotic and inhumane veto he issued that this man does not want what is best for the United States.

Pawlenty Veto

The Spotlite for the Compassion Chronicle, Newsletter for People United for Medical Marijuana (
31 May 30, 2009

Gov. Tim Pawlenty(R-MN) declared he is “very sympathetic to those dealing with end-of-life illnesses and accompanying pain.” Then he vetoed the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana bill passed by both houses of the Minnesota legislature. Those dealing with end-of-life issues, Governor, are called patients and care-givers. They are our family, our husbands and wives, our Mom and Dad, our friends, or God forbid, our children. Their pain is our pain. Every time they hold that cool, wet and ice-filled washcloth to wipe away the sweat from the recently balded head, remember, Gov. Pawlenty vetoed that bill because he shares law enforcements concerns about expanded drug use. I asked an oncologist recently if he had ever given his thoughts to local police about procedures dealing with conducting felony traffic stops or if he had even been asked about that before. “No” he replied with a laugh. Instead of laughing, I almost cried.

Patients and care-givers deal with some of the most awful circumstances and finding a bit of relief from the sometimes daily pain, nausea, spasms and less desirous conditions too horrible to describe here, is a ray of hope. Funny thing though, at least to me, that hope comes from a plant. Here is the joke, I was known by many to give as a gift, to those who were not feeling well, my world famous orchids. Just looking at those wonderful colors made my mood much brighter and I hoped the same effect would help others. People United for Medical Marijuana ( works with those who suffer and live in fear of arrest, property forfeiture, and jail to mention a few of the possibilities associated with our stupid Drug War government policies, by providing a voice, a loud voice, a relentless voice, a spotlite if you will. Giving a perspective that is sorely missed by politicians but not by families, like the young woman I met at the hospital this week.

Her bronze skin shone like copper. The dark hair and petite round face are very attractive and comforting. She spoke to me softly as she stroked her aunt’s hand. This was the second chemotherapy regime the aunt had received. Her older cousin had suggested using medical marijuana, after the first treatment but the family members disagreed, all of them had looked after the small, frail woman and wanted the best for her. The cousin pleaded saying that the hunger she would feel from the vaporized marijuana would restore her appetite as never before. As the moaning grew louder, and the throwing up turned to dry heaves the family was now paralyzed with fear. They did nothing. The tears welled up in her eyes as she told me “This time will be different.” I had given her my card with the PUFMM website, she said she would share it with others. I did not reveal this family’s name upon their request. In the following installments I will provide observations that you the reader will be able to relate to because they are all our lives. We want what is best for our son or daughter, Grandma and Grandpa, a decision made, between the patient and the caregiver because it is a healthcare decision not one for politicians. And if the politicians want to stir up a hornet’s nest continue to follow the lead of the good Governor.

hope that for his Sake

When he needs pain medication he won`t be a poor person ,or a minority with a history and that he will be like Rush Limbaugh .
Above the law , we all know if Rush were not very rich and very white he would be in prison for a very long time to come.

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