If There's No "War on Drugs" Anymore, Then What's the Helicopter For?

If the new drug czar wants us to stop thinking of our drug policy as a "war on drugs" maybe he should tell police to stop trying to impress school children with their noisy war machines:

The students at the High Point Elementary & Adolescent Schools were greeted two special visitors who landed an Army National Guard helicopter on the school's baseball field in May.

Once the dust had settled and the rotor had stopped spinning, students were invited to get an up close look at the Kiowa, which is equipped with counter drug equipment for surveillance and heat sensing. Officer Chiaco explained that observation helicopters like these help fight the war on drugs by assisting the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and local police departments with counter drug operations. [Ashbury Park Press]

See, this is why the drug czar's new plan to pretend there's no war on drugs is destined to fail. People who hate the drug war will find no shortage of examples of gratuitous militarized drug war excesses to point towards. And the drug soldiers themselves will always bask gleefully in the perceived glory of their epic crusade.
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Drug Enforcement is a Terrible Influence on Children

Drug soldiers send their ridiculous messages to children with the fatally flawed belief that the garbage the government spews will make kids to stay away from drugs.  So is a Kiowa helicopter the government’s idea of out of sight, out of mind?

Lots of kids never consider drugs until they’re introduced to the glamour world of serious partying thanks to expensive and inherently flawed anti-drug education programs in the nation’s schools.

From there, children grow up exposed to drug enforcement propaganda that exaggerates the monetary value of drug hauls, along with the allegedly huge amount of pot that can be grown on just one marijuana plant, and a host of other get-rich-quick images that include promoting media depictions of fabulously wealthy drug kingpins up to their necks in speedboats, Ferraris and fast women.  It’s no wonder kids are awestruck and more curious than ever about drugs, especially if they’re living in utter poverty and are looking for a quick and easy way out of the hood.

If that’s not enough, drug enforcement’s militarist and authoritarian mindset promotes the idea that it’s perfectly okay to use military-style hardware and tactics to address medical and social issues.  Black hooded, jack booted thugs with badges kick down doors in the middle of the night.  They shoot, maim and kill American citizens.   Drug warrior toys like the Kiowa helicopter leave a lasting impression on children that big guns and violence are the way to go.  Using all that as a guide, why not deal drugs and up the ante a bit by turning neighborhoods into war zones?

Drug enforcement is a scam that expends an enormous effort to prevent itself from being found out.  We can expect it to perpetuate its own existence at any cost, even if it means creating what it claims to prevent.  Clearly, the cost is too great.  There will be no end to this mess until Americans end the drug war.


what the drug warriors need to do and won't

Stop the stonewalling and begin to explain why alcohol users deserve to totally lord it over cannabis users. The killer drug is very legal and the non-killer drug is criminal. Justice and public safety be damned, public finances too. Let's see how bitterly we can divide communities and the nation.

yikes, the scammers have hijacked my post

bad boys

The problem is on our end.

This happened once before. We'll get it figured out soon.

The "war"...

...issue is just the new semantics.You know, like how torture is now"enhanced interrogation",and kidnapping is "extrodinary rendition",and escalation is now a "surge". How will the ONDCP end up redefining "the drug war"? Something ludicrous, no doubt.

WARNING: Boys with Toys

I've survived 50 trips around the sun so far and will survive the fools responsible for prosecuting and enforcing illegal marijuana prohibition for profit for the forseeable future!

Our struggle for equality will always be hampered by false truthes and the mangling of the meaning of words!

As long as we continue to allow government and religious leaders to warp the english language... while spreading their false prophocies and delusions... we will suffer these fools!

When fools rule... they make a mockery of our democracy!

Take back the air

These helicopters are precisely the reason we were given the second amendment. Which, by the way, includes the right to bear arms capable of shooting down these criminals.

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