LAPD Raids Its Own Officer in Weird Botched Investigation

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LA Times has the strange story of an LAPD officer raided by his own department. He was apparently innocent of any wrongdoing and the report suggests that he was targeted precisely because he was a good cop who wouldn’t tolerate misconduct from his colleagues.

What a mess. Without knowing all the facts, I'm reluctant to say too much about it, but it's a very interesting report that's worth reading.
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Fraud, Purjury, Bearing False Witness: Are Standard Procedures

Fraud, Purjury, Bearing False Witness: Are Standard Procedures... For Many Cops!

YES, Too Many "Corners Were Cut.... LIES WERE TOLD." Sounds like Leikam, Morgan, Torrence, Hayes, and others should immediately report to prison for the rest of their lives... for their own safe keeping (prisons being safe institutions free of violence and death)... because I can't imagine crooked punks like them living long when they can no longer hide behind their 'shields'... which will surely be stripped away in disgrace?

I guess it's a good thing Leikam, Morgan, Torrence, Hayes, and others fucked another cop... as opposed to a legit gangster that wouldn't suffer these crimes! Fuck them all... if they are all found bludgeoned to death in an alley... they'd have no one to blame but themselves and each other! It's really kinda amazing more cops don't get themselves killed when you realize the depths of these and other routinely committed crimes! Cops aren't the kings of 'Testilying' for nothing! This is what tends to happen when justice remains blind to the crimes and injustices it complicitly unleashes upon us all!

'By the book' Franklin may not be a friend to the cause of marijuana's liberty but NOBODY should be the victim of an illegal home invasion... no matter the pretense! And when CRIMINALS like Leikam, Morgan, Torrence, Hayes, and others bears false witness they are supposed to do the time as if they committed the crime themselves... plus 5 yrs for each count of purjury!

WTF! And why would a judge be allowed to poison or sway the jury by doing something like 'instructing the jury to think of Morgan and Leikam as individuals, not agents of the LAPD'? What Horseshit! These jack-asses would never have been able to commit their crimes without.... a badge... that also serves as their shield... from the injustices they inflict on others... in the name of the law!

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