Drug Warriors for Sensible Drug Policy

Some interesting comments from former drug czar Barry McCaffrey at Huffington Post:

Our traditional justice system has been inadequate to the task of breaking the cycle of substance abuse and crime. Four out of every five offenses are committed by someone with a drug or alcohol problem; and we just keep locking them up!

Given the abysmal outcomes of incarceration on addictive behavior, there's absolutely no justification for state governments to continue to waste tax dollars feeding a situation where generational recidivism is becoming the norm and parents, children and grandparents may find themselves locked up together.

And here's Robert Weiner, former spokesman at the drug czar's office, writing in the Baltimore Sun:

Why…is the Obama administration proposing to spend an even higher percentage of its anti-drug resources on law enforcement than the administration of George W. Bush?

Mr. Kerlikowske has said, "It is only through a balanced approach - combining tough but fair enforcement with robust prevention and treatment - that we will be successful in stemming both demand and supply of illegal drugs." Yet, in the 2010 budget, there is a 3.3 percent reduction in treatment and prevention initiatives since 2008, exacerbating the bias toward enforcement, which now represents 65.6 percent of the budget, even higher than the last administration's 62.3 percent.

So why are these prominent drug warriors now criticizing U.S. drug policy for its perpetual focus on enforcement and incarceration? The short answer is probably that they now work as consultants with clients in the drug treatment industry who love seeing editorials like these.

But I'd like to think that on some level they feel maybe just a little bit responsible for their role in filling our prisons with an unfathomable number of people who don't belong there.
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McCaffery and Weiner have moved to a difference place

in the drug war industrial complex. They used to make their money and power from the prison/police gang, now they're part of the forced drug treatment gang. McCaffery is spouting (for big bucks, he may be addicted to them) the most damning indictments of his previous positions. So it goes.

Why do the ant drug people always say drugs and alcohol?

At the same time they say alcohol is a drug. What gives? Sounds like seriously mentally ill double speak and spin. Why don't they just say drugs,or drug problem? Maybe it's some kind of mk ultra hypnotic mind control chant?

Current Trend to Disavow Drug War

Recent MSM coverage of the prohibition debate has not been kind to the drug war.  What’s obvious is that the drug war as we know it is on its way out.  A perceptive politician will note this modern opinion trend and will join the drug decriminalization/legalization parade.  The shrewdest among politicians will step up to lead the parade.

Drug war sponsored corporate polluter Wall St. stocks crashing

Most everyone is selling their stocks in global corporate polluter corporations such as fossil based drug and oil,Monsanto,etc,as they crash.These are the corporations which paid the governments to start and continue continue prohibitions on fairly traded,certified sustainable and organic resources such as cannabis and many others with multiple uses. Alcohol prohibition was no different,and alcohol is a drug,get it? They knew to call it alcohol prohibition so they could fragment peoples thoughts to keep everyone ignorant to the fact that alcohol(resource) prohibition was actually the start of drug prohibition. If alcohol(resource) prohibition would not have happened America and many other countries would now be using alcohol and/or water,biodiesel,etc as motor fuel instead of fossil fuel(fuck rockefeller and his goons!). Cannabis(resource)prohibition same thing with more uses. Everyone knows all this and that's why triple certified fair trade,sustainable,and organic stocks are replacing prohibitionist sponsored global polluter corporations/governments stock which will be completely out of business and disintegrated within a year or two maybe less. The smart business person chooses sustainability over irrational bullying. Peace

spead those marijuana seeds

It would be very interesting if people discarded their seeds along the highways of america. This would force the laws to be changed, since it would be growing everywhere.

...and poppy seeds!

It's not so important that these two jarheads are now taking aim at Obama for his specious adoption of Drug War tactics and mentality. What's important is that Obama has duped us all into thinking he'd be sensible on the issue when he was campaigning just because he said nice things about medi-mar raids and the syringe ban which he promptly flipped on us. George Bush does look good by comparison and considerably so! Bush gutted Byrne grants which fund drug task forces and Obama has re-opened their spout wider than ever. He's threatened use of troops on the Mex border. He abandoned both his promise on syringe xchange funding and med-pot raids. He laughed at legalization in a national forum. He's sent the DEA into Afghanistan! The man is a nightmare! What's next? My guess? He's gonna really screw the pain patients - probably riding a wave out of a Jackson witch hunt.

The other 269 words

I wrote this in response to McCaffrey at Huffington before I knew there was a 250 word limit. Thought I'd post it here in full so I could have my say. Thanks.

Drug courts are fundamentally flawed. I've been an addict for over 35 years and, brother, I've seen it. The word is out: you are better off taking straight time and relying on overcrowding to get you out fast than to blunder into one of these open-ended drug-court deals.

Addiction is characterized by relapse. Drug court sentences use incarceration and the threat thereof as "punishment", "sanction", etc., for the "offence" of relapse. And it just keeps on your back (yeah, like a monkey) until you've finished to some junior-G Man's notion of "recovery" has been met or until you have finally hit the maximum time they can keep you, which is something you'll never see in the joint. The agents have wide latitude in what they can force you to do and how long they can force you to do it. Their idiosyncracies are limitless and they uniformly take the most draconian outlook on addiction treatment. Methadone? Hah! You have a chronic pain condition? Bite a bullet junkie!

It gets worse. They lock you up by throwing you into "treatment". That means you are locked-up. They just don't call it a prison. They call it CBRF. Or a "treatment center". If you are a woman you will likely be on a locked-ward with men. In my wife's case, those men included sex-offenders who were being "observed" prior to their release from prison to see what their response would be to release and, presumably, women. Such as my wife. They're only junkies! Who cares? He's right across the hall from Mom all night. They masturbate in group sessions. It's all true. The CBRF was Recovery House. In Superior WI. More on request. The Justice Dept, Civil Rights, wouldn't do a thing. Nobody would.

The treatment is useless. It's, "One size fits all." You might be an old junkie locked-in a room full of alcoholics talking about the "4th Step" all day. Or a crack-head talking to a suburban teen "marijuana addict" (whatever that is!). What good is that? Useless and aggravating. Everybody with a bad attitude. Except the one guy who is paying cash to quit whatever. Boy, does he get screwed! They get the bad attitude real quick. It's all about packin' 'em in and paying as little as possible providing something they can still call "treatment."

Drug Court or court-ordered may seem like a good idea but it's not. It's terrible and it's Big-Brother at his worst. The Drug War has to be torn down like a dilapidated building and a new edifice, state-of-the-art, built in it's place. Start from scratch. Drug Courts try to re-use old Drug War materials like prisons, judges, prosecutors, and cops for a building they don't belong in: we need a sleek new, energy efficient campus of sensible drug control and treatment. You have to start by tearing the old one down and that means legalization. Of course.

Barry McCaffrey? I wrote him about it amongst many others. What a joke. People like him make me sick.

Very insightful.

It bothers me when I read the comments on the page how many people come out in support of drug courts (especially after most comment sections I read now are full of anti-drug war posters), as if they're helping out drug users and being soft on them.


I've heard about this and the hellhole that is drug court. It is essentially a limitless probationary period. At least with regular court, whether you get probation or a jail sentence, it is a set amount of time and you have something to look forward to, as messed up as it may be.

Keep spreading the word. There's a reason drug warriors love drug courts and the freedom fighters hate them. And it sure the hell ain't because they are beneficial to drug users.

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