Cook County Marijuana Decriminalization Ordinance a Done Deal

On Friday, Drug War Chronicle reported that the Cook County (greater Chicago) Board had passed a marijuana decriminalization ordinance Tuesday, but that there were mixed signals from Board President Todd Stroger about whether he would sign it or veto it. After equivocating for a couple of days, however, Stroger has told the Chicago Tribune that he will not veto decriminalization. The measure will go into effect in unincorporated areas of Cook County in 60 days. It will not automatically go into effect in towns and cities in the county, but it will give those municipalities the option of adopting it. Under the ordinance, police officers will have the option of issuing $200 tickets for people caught in possession of 10 grams or less instead of arresting and booking them. The move has caused some controversy in Illinois, with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who once supported decriminalization, ridiculing it, and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn (D) offering tepid semi-support. Five years ago, Daley supported decrim as a revenue enhancement measure and because "it's decriminalized now... they throw all the cases out." But Daley was Chicago Public Radio. "Crimes that are not grievous crimes against persons need to be looked at," he added.
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Now for the rest of the

Drugs , that cause death and ruin families for years and years, oh not because of the drug it self because of the laws .

The drug laws made by exempt drug dealers do worsen drugs

and add violence to a problem that would be less harmful if all drugs are legal. Prohibition is and always has been a scam orchestrated by the worlds global elite who run drugs,people,you name it while being exempt from punishment. Imagine if cigarettes were made illegal,the problem would be made worse immediately. Teach people which drugs do what and that it is not ok to bully people over them at all.


This is the first time i've heard gov quinn make some sort of stand on the issue. So if he's tentatively supporting decriminalization does that suggest that he might be in favor or at least not opposed to the MMJ law working through the state legislature?

thinks we need to think of

I use Medical Marijuana for back pain and depression have been using it for more then 20 years. Stop taking all the pills the doctors were giving me. Went to the doctor for my last years check up she said i am healthy and going to live along time. The way I look at it GOD put everything on earth for man to use at his own digression. This in the bible, that we put our hands on when we go into the court room to make sure we are telling the truth. It sounds a little out of place to make me put my hand on the bible for something that God himself as saw fit to give us for pain and other medical reason and we as a people don't have to do anything to it, we don't have to add or subtract anything form it for it to work it come out of the ground grown by GOD himself think about that next time you put you hand on the bible for someone using Medical Marijuana in a court room.

stop spewing propaganda. Weed

stop spewing propaganda. Weed does not kill, weed does not ruin families, and weed is not bad for your health except for the smoke. Do some research before you go posting. Weed is not physically addictive. It can harm people's lives, but it also helps a lot of people. If you want to talk about a bad drug, talk about alcohol. 45% of automobile deaths and 60% of all homicides are alcohol related. Clearly the legal drug is the one doing more harm to society than the illegal one. The worst part about marijuana is that fact that it is illegal so it breeds violence with gangs. If it was legal deaths would decrease. This is a step in the right direction. Don't be so close minded about a subject that you have done no research on.

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