For those that have asked about pain

As any of you that have followed my rantings on STDW for any length of time know, I have a serious medical issue with my spine and a long history of drug abuse.I have been suffering with uncontrolled pain for over 5 years now and really felt I was never going to find relief.I have read everything I can find on opiates and the brain and had a few ideas but the medical profession had no interest.At last my medical brain trust has come up with something that really helps not only my depression and anxiety but actually relieves most of the pain.This is non narcotic(I know I probably lost some of you)but works IN CONJUNCTION with a narcotic baseline and it really works for me.Word is that it's effective in a majority of cases but doesn't work for everyone.If you have chronic pain and have a physician who will at least put you on a base line narcotic,tell them to try Gabapentin.The first day sucked but the second was my first day of relative normalcy in a very long time.This is not a commercial and I only mention this because I have had so many people asking about the subject.You need a prescription and have to find a doctor that will at least try using some kind of opiate base line that provides some relief but has no holding power.That,in itself is the biggest problem and after the Jackson death,good luck.Specialists are always the best bet but you have to have a condition that they believe needs major pain relief.I know how awful it is living with constant chronic pain and to do so as a drug addict is the absolute worst thing.That's why so many people self medicate.Pain is a major killer and destroys the bodies functions slowly but effectively.I've lived as a drug dealer and addict and I've been in pain and the down time is far worse with the pain.That's compared to waiting for your door to come crashing down 24/7 and not knowing who is coming through.You just know it's going to be really bad.
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pain destroys lives; it even kills!

A pain doctor, Dr Tennant, from California has written articles on the occurrence of chronic illness, including increased incidence of heart disease, in chronic , untreated or poorly treated pain. He had several articles that tell of the ill health caused by doctors who don't treat pain aggressively.

Gabapentin has been around for years and is commonly used for neuropathic pain. These anti-epileptic meds also have been known to be useful in the treatment of the depression associated with bipolar disease! No wonder it makes you feel better! Thing is, we doctors have only touched the surface of the problems associated with chronic pain. We are just discovering the benefits of these "adjuvant" drugs.

But, as long as the DEA and government treat doctors, who treat chronic pain with opiates, as criminals, you can bet there will be a lot of people is suffereing needlessly with chronic pain.

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