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Undercover Cop Arrested for Selling Drugs to an Undercover Cop

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In yet another perfect illustration of the colossal stupidity of modern drug enforcement, here's the story of a drug transaction in which both parties turned out to be police:

An undercover Iredell County Sheriff's Office deputy recently purchased drugs from undercover Statesville police officers, raising questions about communications between the two agencies.

Statesville Police Chief Tom Anderson said undercover officers from his department were working a week-long case when they met with someone interested in selling a small amount of marijuana.

After the arrest, investigators from the sheriff's office arrived and confirmed the seller was an undercover deputy and he was released, Anderson said. [Statesville Record & Landmark]

Pete Guither gets it right:

Good thing they were able to stop that small amount of marijuana they were selling from reaching the streets.

Seriously, this is what happens when you have police posing as perps at every level of the drug business. Drug enforcement is all about creating crimes that would never otherwise have occurred, and there are about a million ways that it can go wrong. As funny as this story is, the harsh reality is that frequently when police sell drugs, it's not part of a planned operation. It's because they are actually just straight-up selling drugs.
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cops busting cops

This really is a funny story, isn't it great when cops bust cops. They just kind of fall all over each other to make another pot bust. To bad we will never know how much pot there really was or how long the cops really worked the case.

They should not allow it

It is sad that Cops have to supplement their income with selling weed. Also Cops should not be allowed to use drugs in the first place

Comment on comment posted anonymous 7-21-09

You think? Has any one ever told you you are a genius? I wish you would have left your name so I could give you your credit due;)

Re: the should not allow it

you are so dumb. cops are not ALLOWED to do drugs... they are "selling and buying" to catch those out there actually doing the crime. Figure it out!! they are potentially stopping tose who havent gotten to involved in the "underworld" either and the ones who like to put kids at risk in these situations. dont get me wrong, the ocassional weed should def. be decriminalized, but a lot of this is wrong and the cops are just inforcing the law.

I disagree. I'm actually

I disagree. I'm actually trying to become an officer and I'm completly for marijuana. I'm doing it to save lives and help people. Why can't i still smoke pot in my down time. It's stupid that cops can drink alcahol or pop pills but they can't smoke a little weed.

YOU are the man andf the

YOU are the man andf the world would be a better place if more cops were like you. SERVE AND PROTECT. not harass and condemn.

the world would be a better

the world would be a better place if more cops were like you. Serve and protect don't harass and condemn.

yah.. good thing they

yah.. good thing they stopped that small amount of weed from hitting the streets, because that small amount is gonna save our citizens and keep them off it...

Real life cops play like Reno 911 comedy

William Aiken

The comedy central show, Reno 911 did a skit depicting this exact same act of cops selling pot to undercover cops. It was hilarious, but as funny as this real life event. It doesn't appear that the media was too rile up about the absurdy and waste of taxpayers on this "Investigation". So it's up to the people of Statesville to complain about it with Letters-to-the-editors. This kind of embarassment needs all the attention it can garner.

So did they both show up at

So did they both show up at the station wearing handcuffs and yelling "Lock him up!"?

The drug war is nothing more

The drug war is nothing more than a welfare program disguised as law enforcement. If there was no money being spent on prohibition, there would be a HUGE reduction in the number of people working at some level in the justice system. From the cops to the lawyers to the judges and prosecutors, they all have a vested interest in keeping as many laws on the books as possible. Thugs with guns and power levying taxs on the peasants for "protection" = bandits!

Double standards in law enforcement

Freeway Ricky Ross and Oliver North prove prohibition has never really existed. Prohibition was invented by global elite illegal drug dealers who are exempt from prohibition as a price gouging scam. Prohibition artificially inflates the prices of legal and illegal drugs.

Bad Boys! Bad Boys! What ya

Bad Boys! Bad Boys! What ya gonna do? (wail)

Why doesn't this stuff ever make the show? :) Then I'd watch ...


It would have been funny if they both tried to arrest each other at the same time.


Yeah, the state cops show up and both of them are handcuffed somehow.

Man I love Keystone Cops.

superdad's picture

Great post man!!!

I wish I could have been in the building to watch the cop dragged out trying to explain...he's gonna have so much fun after the de-lice and showers!!! I love hearing that one of their own has to suffer that type of disgrace. Don't play both sides asshole on or the other you are either with us or against not both!
we do not like RATS and they do not like the fact that one of their own makes more money.

Can you read?!

After reading your responses, I have to make it perfectly clear that this was NOT a dirty cop busted for selling pot.

This was two, separate, and independent drug investigations that were unaware of each other.

Why have some of you rejoiced in seeing the law "take down one of their own" when that is clearly not what happened?

As for why so many man hours are being thrown at marijuana, well, that's just silly. Pot prohibition is slowly grinding to a halt, and will be reversed. Many states have already adopted medical use laws, and California currently has proposed legislation in the House (CA House Bill 390) that proposes to treat cannabis like alcohol, and reap the tax dollars that currently go to things like 65" TV's, and PS3's; 25" rims, leather sofas. You know - drug dealer pimp pad shit.

Kind of stupid to turn a blind eye to it after that realization.

Obviously, you're a LEO

Obviously, you're a LEO cockholster, but that is besides the point. The point is we have law enforcement officers so intent on entrapping people on minor drug arrests (ie, "small amount of marijuana") that they will go to any length for the bust; even to the point of NOT communicating with other law enforcement agencies.

When we look at all the police beating and tasing people on the streets on this country, its obvious that the police have a real f'd-up sense of reality. POLICE are to PROTECT and SERVE the public, not entrap, beat, or harrass fellow human beings for some short-lived glorious arrest.

Prime example, I was followed for 3 miles through a little town by a stater no less just because I was on my bike and in my state they are going after bikes hard this year. I was tailed to see if I would somehow do something he could stop me for --- his actions were a waste of tax payers' dollars as he was a stater in a little town out of his jurisdiction, but hey he might get to write a ticket, or harrass someone until they talk back and he can tase them -- because this is what police do --- they harrass you until what their little training manual says is an arrestable offense is found from your response.

Undercover Cop Arrested for Selling Drugs to an Undercover Cop

There are two sets of laws, three really. One for the common folk, a much less extreme set for the wealthy and privileged....And it would seem the cops are outside the law.

Firing two or three shots into some teenager's back gets them two weeks suspension with pay. Drugs are freebies....

cops arrest each other for drugs

How can we make this happen more often? Suggestion: some folks call and complain people are SELLING drugs, others call another agency and complains people are BUYING drugs at the same location where nothing is really happening. With any luck, one agency will send undercovers to buy, and the other will send them to sell drugs at the same location. Here is the kicker: tell both agencies that bad guys are pretending to be cops and doing fake drug stings.


Setting aside the enormous stupidity of BOTH police agencies, I would like to know why were the charges against the "seller" dropped?.. He did sella small amount of marijuana, didn't he?... So what if he's a cop, he sold marijuana, RIGHT? What part of being a cop means that when you break the law your charges go away?..

Not even to mention that now the cops in NC are selling drugs so they can arrest the buyers... oes that not stink of entrapment?,,, "hey, wanna buy some pot from me?".... BANG! you're under arrest.

BOTH of these stupid, stupid police departments need to be disolved, the idiot cops fired, and replace them all with a new crop of idiots that like to entrap people into committing crimes.

It is nice to know however, that Iridell County and Statesville City have no crime. I mean there must not be any legitimate criminal acts to investigate if they have to go out on the streets and entrap people. Must be a very safe place to live, huh?

 I see that shit on COPS I

 I see that shit on COPS I don't understand how they can get away with entrapment its clearly video taped and still nothing done about it and then when the puts his hand in the air he gets slammed to the fucking ground, im talking like if Ray Lewis hit ur ass. All over a dime or nick sack get the fuck outta here.  



Cops entrapping cops ....

Cops entrapping cops .... lol

"small amount of marijuana" ... way to go after the big fish too


War on Drugs

Glaring proof of the absurdity of the "war" no one wants. It's still high school - the jocks vs the heads and these cops will never mature.


Had this operation gone down smoothly, and the cop did bust a regular joe for buying a "small amount of marajuana" I know that I could sleep so much sounder at night knowing some guy isn't going to be smoking a joint and instead is going to have to hire a lawyer, and waste the tax payers money with jailing, and trying his case, over $10 dollars worth of weed, in it self shows the very heart of the problem with our legal system. Is it really all worth it? I mean come on!


A cop selling drugs to someone is called entrapment, so even if the person wasn't an undercover cop it would still be thrown out. These cops are just plain stupid, so many things could have gone wrong, a shoot out etc etc. The cop selling the drugs still should have been charged with selling narcotics, I find it hard to believe that he was authorized to do so; any law enforcement agency knows that they cannot sell drugs to apprehend criminals.


Ok let me start by saying I am an undercover cop (UC). In my county we have four agencies that communicate (deconflict) our cases very well, but things sometimes happen even though you strive to deconflict cases with the other agencies.

             I personally was stopped by a patrolman (who has no knowledge of under cover activities) with a dealer in the passenger seat and 20 kilos in the trunk.

             As far as selling drugs to a person for the purpose of arresting them afterwards is called a reverse buy (RB) in my state. The purpose of the RB is to discourage people from buying in a particular area, and to make people wonder "is that a cop or a dealer".

             Dealing and possession of marijuana is against the law period there is no gray area in most states so we are just doing our job that we are to sworn to do. I don't remember anywhere in the oath I took 18 years ago "to uphold and enforce the law of the United States, the State of ?????????? EXCEPT when its a whiny drug using slug". We have a saying in hour division "Saving (city name) one dime bag at a time." and we mean it. If you don't want to get arrested then don't buy dope or do anything illegal for that matter.

            The thing to remember is we are a small group of people, doing the job of a large group, for low pay, long hours, enduring verbal and physical abuse sometimes from the people who called us. We are not perfect just like you and yes there are dirty cops out there and all I can do is try to do my job the best I can to make up for it.




how about...

How about fuck your system of enforcement.  What an enormous crock of shit that is the Drug War.  I mean, really guys, its not getting any better and billions on billions have been spent on this.  I mean, shit, how much has been spent on weed alone?  All for something that used to be legal and quite beneficial to the economy of our country though hemp. 


Fuck the police cause you guys uphold a lot of bullshit and then appease yourselves by saying, "We're just doing our job." 


If that's all it takes for you guys to ease your conscience of performing injustices then fuck you.

how about...

How about fuck your system of enforcement.  What an enormous crock of shit that is the Drug War.  I mean, really guys, its not getting any better and billions on billions have been spent on this.  I mean, shit, how much has been spent on weed alone?  All for something that used to be legal and quite beneficial to the economy of our country though hemp. 


Fuck the police cause you guys uphold a lot of bullshit and then appease yourselves by saying, "We're just doing our job." 


If that's all it takes for you guys to ease your conscience of performing injustices then fuck you.


The entire war on drugs is nothing short of a scam, and just another word for entrapment, because like many have previously said, enforcing the illegality of drugs is just perpetuating the problem. e.i. ( an undercover agent has to sell a lot of drugs and be part of the drug distribution system to get to the one real drug dealer out there)  


So this is where illiterate people go to have heated debates about topics that are only interesting from a misguided point of view. This where I go to laugh at people using big words that they can't even spell correctly.

I agree with undercover officers luring out the dealers and users. I think marijuana should be legal. I think our economy sucks because of the careless thinkers controlling the values of drugs. And I think if enough undercover cops were around, selling drugs would be no longer worth the effort or risk.


Man, in my city if you get drugs, those drugs have a 85 percent chance of beihg there because the cops got paid to make sure the drugs were there. End of story, Cops are corrupt as hell in my state, and I imagine it's the same everywhere.

pot.... oh i thought it said

pot.... oh i thought it said "drugs" what an exclent use of tax payer dollars.  for one, how is that not entrapment? a police officer breaking the law to trick you into breaking the law.... and to get weed off the streets. Yall need more weed on the streets. statics show crime rates in leagal states dropped almost over night by over 35%. not to mention create more funds applied to things like education. The sad truth in most cases is these task force opperate without regaurd for the laws they vow to protect.  most are on the take, because they are paid dogshit to risk their lives investagating those they serve.  all leads to cartels or a higher level alphabet boy club. what a raket! dog chasing its own tail.

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