Congressional Drug Warriors Huddle in the Corner, Plot Comeback

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A thriving public debate about moving beyond drug prohibition and a new administration that wants to abandon the term "war on drugs" has sent some of Congress' most hysterical anti-drug zealots into a frenzied panic:

Escaping any real media attention last week was the formulation of a new anti-marijuana caucus in the House of Representatives. As reported in Roll Call on July 13, a press conference was held with former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL), Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Darrell Issa (R-CA) that seeks to re-commit the Congress to the status quo of 'fighting a war on drugs'.

The newly formed House Drug Task Force elected ardent anti-cannabis congressman John Mica (R-FL), who, according to the Deseret News, complained that the Obama administration "seeks to shut the war on drugs down." And that, "the record to date is dismal with the demotion of Drug Czar’s office to a sub-Cabinet position, the announced support for needle exchange programs, the decriminalization of illegal narcotics and other measures that would weaken current national anti-drug efforts." [NORML]

But for their diabolical agenda, I could almost pity them. So far the group only has 8 members, all republicans, and the media didn't really seem very interested in their press conference.

Here we have another exhibit in the cascading downfall of the once-powerful congressional anti-drug demagogues. Their alarmist rhetoric has been discredited and the nation is already well on its way towards establishing a new status quo in the debate over what our drug policies ought to be. If the worst drug warriors in Congress want to collaborate and explore new ways of alienating the public with their crazy ideas, I say we hand 'em the biggest microphone we can find.
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How did it go?

I live in south CO and was unable to attend today's meeting. If you made it.. How was it, how was the turn out?

Bunker Mentality

It’s not a new caucus, it’s a bunker.  Herr Hastert and his eight henchmen are ducking a plummeting appreciation of their life’s work as prohibs.

Dan Burton's son was

Dan Burton's son was arrested with 8 pounds of pot back in 1994 and while awaiting trial was caught growing 30 plants with a gun in the house. The growing case was dismissed and he got some community service and house arrest for the 8 pounds. I wonder how Dan Sr. would have felt had his boy gone to prison? In 1990 Burton was pushing for the death penalty for some drug dealers and tougher penalties in general for all. But of course his pot dealing son got off easy.

Dennis Hastert should be investigated.

Google Sibel Edmonds and read about Dennis Hastert.

So mych hypocrisy, so little time

Dennis Hastert is the chief lobbyist for Big Heroin, (Turkey). Of COURSE he wants the US to keep fighting the drug war, without it his product line loses value big time.

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