Man Tries to Swallow Drugs, Gets Choked to Death by Police

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Just remember, the drug war is here to protect potential drug users from danger:

The poor man died on the scene with a broken bone in his throat and according to Chief Deputy Ard of the Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office, "there's no regret" about what happened. Check out Ryan Grim's chilling interview at the Huffington Post, in which Ard rambles in defense of using these sorts of tactics in the war on drugs.

Inevitably, when police are done investigating their own actions, it will be determined that everyone followed procedure. And that may very well be the case, because police are generally encouraged to choke the hell out of anyone who they suspect of attempting to swallow drug evidence.

The larger question -- and the one no police investigation would dare attempt to address – is whether a rational and humane drug policy would produce outcomes like this. How many among us can watch police literally squeeze the life out of this frightened man and say that justice has been served? How many among us would call that a fair sentence for the crime of possessing and attempting to conceal a small bag of drugs?

The police say they released this footage because they believe it vindicates the officers involved. Yet, in the process, they've indicted the very foundations of the war on drugs itself. Once again, we may watch with our own eyes as our drug laws destroy everything they were supposed to protect.

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> How many among us would call that a fair sentence for the >crime of possessing and attempting to conceal a small bag >of drugs?

Plenty I'm afraid. The police state mentality is embedded in our society these days. It's all most people know. On any given night there are 3-4 television shows on that glorify police actions, prison culture, and governmental malfeasance. These type of shows are very popular in America it seems. I wonder why?

Down South

Just remember the next time your in Louisiana, the cops will kill you, in order to make an arrest. Why didn't they just shoot the man and be done with it. Come on, was it really worth killing the man? What will they charge him with now?

The man's family should put on his tombstone, choked to death by the police for a bag of weed!

Why is no one asking the

Why is no one asking the cops about the 2 minutes that is missing in the middle of the video? They say they released the whole video, which they clearly did not. They are most likely hiding that they did'nt imediately helped the guy when he was dying, which they also claimed they did. Do not let either the police, OR the politicians get away with this..

Heimlich Maneuver

I guess the heimlich maneuver would have been to easy.

Video Powerful argument for Reform of laws

William Aiken

This dash cam video should serve drug reformers with a powerful argument for curbing police powers under these circustances. All the statistics of drug arrests, drug enforcement costs and skyrocketing prison rates don't have the emotional power of a man being choked to death for consealing drugs.While there have been rulings on the State that limit to what degree police can go to retrieve drugs from a suspect. The Supreme court hasn't heard any of those cases. It's hard to say how they would rule, today. Although when it comes to drug issues and police searches, there wasn't a worse justice than David Souter. Good riddens.

There shold be a website which documents incidents where the police go too far in enforcing the drugs laws. This website could be referenced whenever the issue arises. Our elected leaders need to be aware that this kind of police brutality is alive and well. The fact that this Louisiana Police Chief thought that by releasing the video, it would vindicate his officers is quite telling. Are cops allowed to choke drug suspects? That question is one that needs to be answered by the new drug czar. This death should be a significant event to rallying the public sentiment toward limiting police powers concerning these intrusive searches.


These are the people I'm supposed to have unqualified respect for? And why is it a more serious crime to kill an officer; this officer (and I won't capitalize 'officer' for that evil fuck) won't even be seen as having committed a crime. BUT HE CHOKED HIM TO DEATH, IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES! I'm leaving this country; it has become too frightening to live here. The police operate with virtually unlimited power, all in the name of drug prohibition. And, sorry to say, even with all the recent attention drug policy has gotten recently; it will not change.

It's cold-blooded murder

In Arizona, too, cops kill with impunity. In Chino Valley, just a few months ago, a cop killed an unarmed man because the cop "thought" the guy had a gun. In Chino Valley, also, the cops still drive cars that have "to protect and serve" painted on the side; their motto, too, is "no remorse."

Meth doesn't kill

War, by definition, does.

meth doesnt kill??? it does

meth doesnt kill??? it does worst than than.. i wouldnt want meth addicts in my neighborhood.. buddah heads arent drug addicts.. meth,crack,coke,heroine, hard addictive drugs need to b put to a stop


First they start...

with the unpopular groups, Jay.

People declare people that use meth or cocaine or heroin to be a menace and then turn the laws against those people for the sole reason that they don't believe users of those drugs are worthy of living a normal life and instead belong in the criminal justice system.

Then, eventually, they go after more groups. Maybe gays, maybe Christians, maybe atheists, maybe alcoholics.

Everyone's time will come, so don't complain about it when yours does since you obviously have no respect for people that choose different leisure activities than you do.

what drugs did he have???its

what drugs did he have???its obvious he had an addictive drug to die over it.. if it is not bud then it doesn't need to be on the street.. if he swallowed something serious that was his actions.. cuff him, lock him up, let him overdose.. he would not overdose if it was bud.. get the hard substance off the street. and let ppl have thier bud...


maybe we should just kill

maybe we should just kill anyone in possession of any hard drug

That would take a while...

considering how many people drink alcohol.

na dont kill em cuz they are

na dont kill em cuz they are doing it themselves by rotting their brain out their heads.. and when they can't function its the taxpayers money of which they rely on no expect to receive... if my child's school cannot get enough funds b/c of all the f*ckin crackheads in my state then fuck em.. it is not my problem but then they become a problem for society. its no good. my friends mother is a crack head. he deserved a real mom in life. there are way too many junkies and the taxpayers should not support them.

You do understand that those

You do understand that those drugs are "on the street" because they're illegal, right? You think meth in general is bad? Try meth that was cooked up by a redneck in a trailer park rather than in a real lab by an actual chemist. No to to mention it's then cut with all manner of shit so the dealer can stretch it out. All drugs are made worse by being illegal. Even cannabis.

So yeah, get the stuff off the street and in a pharmacy where it belongs!

Re: "get the hard stuff off the street"

I wish that hard stuff didn't exist, but it does, there's strong demand for them, we can't get it off the streets and the attempt to do so is far worse than the drugs themselves. Addicts wouldn't be doing much robbing and killing of people if they didn't need to pay black market prices. They wouldn't be overdosing nearly as much (maybe you don't care about this) if purity was standardized and access to drugs wasn't so unpredictable. Then there's the violence from the drug lords and drug dealer minions, the wasted money and lost taxes that take a big bite out of public finances, and the bitter hatred of American 'justice' and its enforcers created among Americans who are getting treated like pieces of garbage by the war on selected drugs.


Why was my post removed? Who removed it?

I did.

I'm sorry, but I can't let you dominate comment threads with repetitive posts. You're entitled to your opinion, but I can't tolerate you posting the same angry stuff over and over again all over our site. This "Stop calling serial murder groups police" line of yours is getting really old and you've posted it so many times now that we consider it spam.

I'm not going to start referring to police as "terrorists," and it isn't necessary for you to continue insisting that I do so. Since you have a very specific argument that you're committed to making, I'd recommend starting your own blog.

Poor man? Unapproved drug?

I find it hilarious that when posts like this show up, people conveniently leave out the most important details. It was meth. Meth isn't pot. Meth kills. Meth has some interesting side effects, like wild psychotic episodes up to a year after using the drug (most jail hospital workers know it and expect it), things like "meth mouth" and other assorted crap.

In this particular case, the smaller police officer was trying to make an arrest and the man resisted. First he pulled his right arm away from the cop as he was putting the handcuffs on. Then he pulled his left arm away to swallow whatever drugs he had and that started the episode. Now, he could have left it at that and gone with the police officer... eventually he would have shit the bag or the bag would've popped and he would have died. Instead, he continued to put up a fight with the cop, thinking he was going to beat the smaller man. That tells me the suspect probably had run-ins with the law before and probably was on probation and didn't want to go to jail again. He was also under the influence of meth. Ah, and a little digging at the WAFB web site uncovered this little tidbit:

"Stogner's criminal record shows several arrests over the past few years, including a methamphetamine drug charge just last week."

This putz was definitely no innocent medicinal stoner.

The suspect then used his higher weight to throw himself and the officer to the ground, and you'll notice that at that point the officer releases his left arm to try to grab the suspects left arm, then releases his right arm to do the same with the suspect's right arm. Through the rest of the fight you can plainly see the officer move his arms, release and try to grab the suspects arms, all the while the suspect continues to put up a fight. This continues until finally a second officer arrives and the suspect is finally subdued. Except now he's got a problem, he's broken a neck bone thanks to HIS desire to fight the police officer.

But did that kill him? Hmm.

"Preliminary results from the Livingston Parish coroner show Stogner died from severe coronary artery disease, an enlarged heart, and a fracture of the hyoid bone in his neck. Dr. Ron Coe says the fracture may be due to force being applied to that area. Dr. Coe says Stogner also tested positive for methamphetamine. The coroner also said the death was accidental."

Give the man a posthumous nomination for the Darwin Award. Better him dead than someone else, as far I'm concerned. The officer did his job.

To suggest that this video indicts "the foundation of the war of drugs" is just pathetic.


[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada So you want the death penalty for meth possession?Hell,why not all the hard stuff,no tolerance,right?If you don't like someone or how they live,just choke them to death.Meth was a small problem that had been almost wiped out in the early 70's.The drug war fixed that.Once the gangsters found out they could cook something up in the kitchen sink that was that.You people no longer surprise me with your outright ignorance.You just want to kill someone,vicariously,through a cop who was so intense that he didn't notice or care that a man had been killed by his hand.Once you see a person die like that and still write the posting you did,you no longer qualify as a human being.I can't(or won't) say what you are.

Reply to JJ

"But did that kill him? Hmm."

No, it was just pure coincidence that he happened to die from something else at the very time he was being choked.

Accidental? Yes; i'm sure the cop didn't intend to kill him, but he didn't seem to care very much, and apparently neither do you. Would he have died if he had been healthier? Apparently not, but regardless, the cop DID physically bring him to his death by squeezing his neck enough to get the evidence that would allow him to charge the guy with possession. Plus, if he was driving under the influence, they could already have charged him with that, no need for a possession charge. But the cop HAD to have the possession charge, he couldn't just let that go. (And by the way, it is much safer to drive on meth than it is to drive on alcohol. Meth might be a more harmful drug, but in terms of driving, alcohol incapacitates you a lot more).

"To suggest that this video indicts "the foundation of the war of drugs" is just pathetic."

If we weren't so intensely trying to stop anyone anywhere from consuming meth, this wouldn't have happened. If you don't believe it is safe to relax about hard drugs and just be MUCH less punitive about it, consider how things are going in portugal. I hope you'll realize that this guy's death was preventable and unnecessary. (And by the way, you say that if the guy had been able to swallow the drug he would have died? I doubt that. When consumed orally, drugs are much less dangerous because they reach the brain a lot more slowly. It takes many times a dose to create the same effect orally as it does smoked or injected. Plus, if drugs were legal they'd be vastly safer. You wouldn't believe the amount of crap that is put into drugs on the street (plus, people don't know their dose when they buy a drug on the street. How can you avoid overdose if you don't know the dose you're taking?) Look at the moonshine alcohol deaths happening in India because alcohol is illegal.)

Sorry to make you go to other places, but I do hope you'll go to these two links. One is a video the other is an article in this website.

Death sentence?


I am afraid if I thought the way you do, that the death sentence would be the verdict for all the "stoners" in our country. People, like this man, have a severe problem and deserve compassion and help. Not death! I pity any of your family, with the judgmental attitude you seem to have.

I would never put anything as dangerous as cocaine and meth in my body. But that does not mean I lack compassion towards someone who has made that mistake. It is no different from the mistake all of my cohorts made, back in school, when they decided to start smoking or drinking too much alcohol. It just gets out of control for some.

This is not an anomaly

[email protected],Vancouver,B.C.Canada I have seen many friends chocked to the point of death ,only to be revived by someone with the proper training who happened by.I myself was once chocked and made the decision that I would rather die than be returned to the pen.There was a infamous drug squad officer who used to use a chop to the adams apple to better seize evidence.He finally killed a kid and the papers played it like the 19 year old kid had it coming.I'm sorry to see that this still goes on down south.Using a choke hold to prevent the swallowing of a drug is a sure fire certain way to assure someone will die.I lost three friends that I know about.I still don't know how I survived but I remember going out.This used to be SOP in Vancouver.The police,over the years,managed to eliminate all access to capsules,pay phones,lactose and manitol and the DEA has made the shipping of many precursor chemicals that drugs are being cut with far too dangerous for the traffickers to risk all manner of horrible bleaching and processing chemical substitutes are being used.It sounds like a good idea until you see the results on the street.I know for an absolute certainty that drugs on the street are 100 times more lethal due to DEA efforts to eradicate items.Don't let anyone tell you that these people care.They are either turning a blind eye or they have no concern for human life.As for violence,every increase in violence is as a result of an escalation in tactics by the agencies out in the field.Anyone that's ever seen a raid on a mom&pop grow op knows what I'm talking about.Choking a person to prevent the swallowing of evidence must be disallowed.There will be more bodies until this practise is stopped.


I'm 65 years old and I do not recall there ever being passed any legislation, at any level of government, which granted cops the additional authority to be judge, jury, and executioner on top of their legitimate role as investigators and/or arresters (and supposedly "protectors", but they''re not very good at that).

When a cop kills anyone, a full investigation (just exactly as is done when a non-cops kills someone) must be done. Perhaps by a team of prosecutors, PIs, and defense attorneys? And the cop should get the same kind of trial and, if convicted, the same sentence as anyone else would get under the exact same circumstances. Any suspicion of misconduct should warrant immediate investigation and, if proven, severe punishment and loss of the job.

Since we give cops permission to be in a position where they have authority over us, we MUST hold them to the very highest standard of ethical behavior, when they fail to hold up to that standard, they MUST be severely punished and removed from such a position of power. Same thing goes for judges, prosecutors, legislators and presidents.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Dear Mr. Morgan I apologize for inconvieniencing you:

I dont insist you call police terrorists or serial murderers. However,I know that when(some) police continually terrorize and murder people and are given the o.k. for this behavior to be somehow justified,their violent behavior will continue if they are allowed to still be recognized as police. My theory is that the when bad behavior is called out by its actual titles,whether legal or illegal,it starts hurting the malevolent ones ability to stay in business. Just like the Catholic church did not oust pedophile priests until the whole organization of priests became the butt of sick rhetorical pressure and humor in mainstream and alternative cultures, the same will be for the police when violent power abusers are given a wink and nod by media and other bad cops,it puts the nice cops in a position where they are not allowed to condemn such horrible acts as torture and murder,rape or whatever committed by fellow officers who should not be titled as police and keeps the bullies in charge of the good cops as well. My point is that if they are to hold the title of police officer they are not allowed to abuse other people especially to the point of death. This goes for all occupations as well. I dont care what you call them, if they are doing real police work and helping people they are police,if they are doing the opposite of real police work such as these thugs that you show murdering this guy by choking him,Then to me their title is terrorist and serial murderer. By the way Mr. Morgan. You and Mr. Smith have the best most well written information ever. You help people to have hope and confidence and that is rare these days. I sincerely appreciate you and consider it an honor to be critiqued by by the zen master. Have an excellent one and thank you for being you. Sincerely from entheogenic revival

To JJ you sick person you:

I and my shipmates wonder how you would like being choked to death by the same cop,then spend eternity down on your knees screaming in hell to die if that is really how you feel about people who have problems you don't have. You and police who behave violently and condone bullying are the downfall of America and the whole world. We hope you recover from your criminally insane mental illness and encourage healing instead of torture and murder.

Police Report

How can anyone watch the video and then believe the police report or anything else they say for that matter.

Murdered or Saved?

It appears to me that the intent of this officer was to try to save the suspect from overdosing on whatever drugs he obviously crammed into his mouth. Unfortunately the ironic twist was that he died in the process. Officers are sworn to serve the law and protect its citizens. In what universe can legalizing a harmful drug like meth, cocaine, heroine, etc. be helpful to anyone??

Had this man not died from his injuries he may very well have been saved by the attempt to try to get the drugs out of his mouth. He obviously was not and had no intention of cooperating. We don't need to legalize drugs we need stiffer penalties for drug trafficking and everything that is involved with it. It is a real community horror for everyone.

legal? our country is in the universe?

In the US, methamphetamine and cocaine are both legal (class two) drugs, by prescription. Only heroin (diacetyl-morphine) is class one . (Class one is to be reserved for drugs with no medicinal use). Why is pain medicine (morphine) not medicinal? I know the answer to that one!! It is because politicians and cops, instead of doctors, are the ones who decide how to classify drugs! The DEA (and its CSA) is a laughing stock! They are such a joke!

Then repeal drug prohibition so the only danger is the drugs.

Oh that's right alcohol is a dangerous drug yet alcohol prohibition was repealed and declared unconstitutional,meaning drug prohibition is fraud run by frauds who feel the compulsion to add more danger to things that can already be dangerous. The sick part is everyone knows how much worse things would be if all legal drugs were suddenly made illegal yet the illegal drug dealers of high office who started prohibition while secretly exempting themselves from it still rely on drugs to be illegal because they are also legal in pharmacies. The violence of prohibition artificially therefore fraudulently inflates the price of ALL legal drugs. According to laws of basic common sense. Resources of any kind especially ones like drugs,weapons etc should be neither illegal or legal especially for some people to make some resources a tool to make everyone fight and argue over as profit by inserted pain scam.

Michael Vick went to prision for what?

Those cops are murderers. Only a fool would argue otherwise.


missing ten seconds

did no one else notice the missing ten seconds? i wonder what was happening during a murder that we could not be allowed to see?

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