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New Michael Phelps Ad Tries to Capitalize on Marijuana Controversy

Check out Subway's new "Be Yourself" ad featuring Michael Phelps:

The ad concludes "You can always be yourself at Subway." The whole thing is a brilliantly veiled reference to the backlash against Kellogg's that emerged when they dropped Phelps for smoking pot. Better yet, Subway has launched a new promotional website at You see what they're doing, right?

The new campaign is already generating tons of press coverage, including positive reactions to the ad's apparent reference to the infamous marijuana incident. It's a brilliant maneuver by Subway and, hopefully, an early indicator that corporate America is finally learning that it makes more sense to wink at pot culture than risk alienating it.

Once again, I'm humbled by the immeasurable impact of the Michael Phelps marijuana saga. I'm seeing discussion of the Kellogg's boycott reemerging in comment threads around the web today and I don't think one can easily exaggerate what a major event that was, and still is, for our cause. Along with the intense and heavily-publicized popularity of marijuana reform questions on the President's website, it's becoming widely understood that marijuana culture has a tremendous and now powerfully intimidating web presence.

In the age of viral web marketing and online-everything, the visible web presence of marijuana culture becomes a potent weapon that's now reshaping the debate right before our eyes. For fear of offending us, the President and his drug czar can scarcely utter more than a vague sentence in defense of our marijuana laws. Meanwhile, the mainstream press is hustling marijuana stories like dimebags in a city park. And Subway is celebrating freedom of personal choice in a new ad campaign featuring the world's most famous marijuana user.

The war remains, but the battlefield has changed. I can smell it, like the aroma of fresh baked bread wafting free from the entrance of the Subway down the block from our office, which I might just visit tomorrow for the first time in a while.

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Phelps marijuana...

Subway's trying to compete with Taco Bell for the "munchies market"... you know, where stoners go out to eat when they're high and got a craving for the "munchies"? ;-)


I think Jack in the box has the munchies market on the west coast followed by Tacobell.

Pot subs...

Ever make a pot pizza? Crumble up bud in the sauce, with the usual pizza sauce type spices. That easy. When it's legal, they'll serve those kinds of pizzas in bars at first, but later...

this is disturbing

this is not the kind of ad we need on teleavision telling kids go get high and eat subways thats just sick! .they need to pull that ad from tv it's just inmoral to a god loving christian socity no marijuana should'nt be gorfiyed like that it's wrong my family doesnt want that kind of smut on tv i will contact the fcc and DEA about this wrong message ur sending to kids which is wrong and illegal drugs are not okay we need to keep fight this war on drugs

Are you serious? First off

Are you serious? First off church and state are seperate for this very reason. Second freedom of speech is a great thing you should check it out sometime. Your kids are going to be introduced to drugs early either way you look at it. Read the statistics you'll see. Hell your kids might smoke their first joint behind a dumpster behind your church. You seem to be honest citizen so I'll be nice. As for calling people like the DEA about a commercial is silly. You should call the FDA about the Frosted Flakes commercial glamorizing sugary cereal to your healthy perfect kids. bottom line you are out numbered by a lot of people cannabis is a beautiful medicine so educate yourself. I would know I'm a combat veteran suffering from combat PTSD. The PTSD I obtained by kicking ass to reserve your right to speak English, and pratice your religon. PS I went to catholic school. ;)

WTF knows what he's talking about

WTF knows what he's talking about, you don't.

Are you serious OUTRAGIOUS? P.S. It's OUTRAGEOUS

Good luck contacting the FCC and DEA. Smut? Really? Oh, the KIDS! SAVE THE KIDS!!!! How about you talk to them? Your kids don't concern me much beyond the general goodwill I try to afford all humans. I'm a dang commie pinko liberal socialist to only a certain extent: I don't think we need a nanny state raising your kids for you.

BTW, we're supposed to be a liberty loving DEMOCRACY, first and foremost. Christianity I unfortunatly have to tolerate. There's quite a bit of scholarly study going on out there that posits Jesus used hemp (cannabis, marijuana, the Devil's--I mean, the LORD's--weed. God did say he made all plants and animals and to use them all for our purposes). Same studies theorize that hemp may be the biblical Tree of Life.

I only point out the Christianity/Hemp connection to get your goat, since you're probably too dullwitted and moralizing to see the connections, and really, the actual spiritual rightness of these theories. Putting all this aside, just the facts on the failures of drug prohibition and the facts of the medical efficacy of marijuana should want you to support the end of the drug WAR (my how cheek-turning Christians so love war and oppressing their fellow humans).

Kudos to Subway. Screw Kellogg's. And if Obama can't stiffen his spine by the end of his first term and do the right thing to end the stupid, racist, prohibition on cannabis and other drugs, vote his ass out. I'd even vote Republican if a candidate ran on a primary platform of ending the drug war. But I'd rather vote for Senator Jim Webb, if he takes that route.

Not all Christians are like

Not all Christians are like Outrageous - I am a moral-driven Christian who happens to agree with you - I base my faith and morals on the teachings and philosophy of the Bible, not the popular "Christian" determination of what is right or wrong. What's funny is there was no Christian moral stance drugs before any laws were imposed.

Stupidity & ignorance aren't traits specific to Christianity - they apply across the board, but unfortunately the most politically vocal Christians are applying popular moral/political rhetoric, not the lessons the learned in their own spiritual findings - so many rational thinkers view particularly stupid self-proclaimed Christians as representatives who illustrate the thinking of their entire religion. (Outrageous) - noticed he/she spelled it wrong.

As far as Jesus using hemp, you're probably right. A large portion of textiles were made from hemp until it was prohibited. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if most Bibles were made from hemp paper in America up until the 18-19th century, as it was the primary means for making paper.

I'm ashamed to be even remotely associated with people who use my fundamental spiritual beliefs to justify sending so many non-violent people to jail, instigating so much violence, and demonizing and criminalizing people who should be treated as sick people.

Since Kellogg's is more upset by weed than Phelp's drunk driving

the jokers need to be boycotted until they apologize for their violence promoting behavior Drunk driving isn't a game, Kellogg's, and the signal you sent isn't the one you think you sent

I'll guess that "outrageous" is a goof, spelling is over the top

probably the same source as the other entertaining faux pro drug war rant newly posted on another thread here

Marijuana Toker Phelps Sets New Swimming Record

CNN is reporting that cannabis aficionado Michael Phelps, competing in the Swimming World Championships in Rome, has just set a new men's world record in the 100-meters butterfly.

Good news for pot smokers.  If Phelps had failed to beat the record, the prohibs would have blamed marijuana.

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