Excellent Drug Policy Book Available for Free

Mike Gray's superb book Drug Crazy: How We Got into this Mess & How We Can Get Out is now available for free online. Mike is best known as screenwriter of the classic film The China Syndrome, though Drug Crazy has become a classic in its own right. It's the first book I recommend to folks who are new to drug policy reform, but it's also a fascinating read even if you've been following these issues for a long time.

I've you haven't read it yet, this is the perfect opportunity.
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The name of the book is

The name of the book is vivid.I am new to the drug policy reform.Where can I get the free book?Many thanks.


From the Drug Policy Alliance

It’s a classic drug war ploy: The government takes a very real tragedy and then exploits it to create unfair and extremist drug policies.
In a year of rising overdose deaths and just a week after Michael Jackson’s passing, it sparked a media firestorm about prescription drugs, the government is already starting to take steps to reduce access to prescription drugs. Databases that track your medications and threaten your privacy are already in the works, and who knows what might be next.

It’s a hysterical overreaction taken right from the drug war playbook -- but there’s a better way to prevent overdose deaths than to unfairly restrict people’s access to their medicine.

Working closely with the Drug Policy Alliance, Rep. Donna F. Edwards (D - MD) has introduced a balanced and evidence-supported program for overdose prevention in Congress. This bill provides a sensible alternative to unfair restrictions on access to medication, and gives public health professionals more power to effectively prevent overdose. It could keep Congress from falling back on a typical drug war response to overdose that would damage people's lives.
The Drug Overdose Reduction Act, which would save lives by increasing access to medications like the opiate antagonist naxolone, which can stop overdose before it is fatal. Naloxone is not widely available, currently, but health guru and former emergency room physician Deepak Chopra said it could even have saved Michael Jackson if it had been on hand.

By getting congress to pass this legislation, you and I can not only prevent thousands of overdose deaths each year, we can make sure the people who need pain medication can safely access their medicine.
Please, help us stop the drug war from claiming even more victims, tell congress to pass the Drug Overdose Reduction Act.

DPA can also use donations to help them in this effort to educate the members of congress.
I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

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