Jackson death creates witch hunt

Of all the flak that's been stirred up by the recent death of M.J.,the king of pop,the scariest is the dea's searching for doctors that prescribed various pain medications.As a person taking large doses of pain meds for a spine that is missing the entire Lumbar section,I am acutely aware of how difficult it is to access such drugs and how rare it is to find a doctor that is willing to prescribe such drugs no matter how serious and painful and obvious the need.How any doctor could prescribe the medication being talked about for a person as a sedative is beyond me but I'm not a doctor and I can guarantee there's not a single doctor acting as a DEA agent.These things happen every once in a long while and it's no surprise that the DEA is trying to make brownie points off another dead rocker.I've had the sad experience of watching a Province lose it's mind over the drug scenario and go on a witch hunt for doctors that were sympathetic to the addict population.Some were just operating methadone clinics and others were prescribing what they felt they had to prescribe for the good of their patients.After it ended,the college of P&S were in charge of all methadone programs and it was nearly impossible to get a tylenol #3.It took 17 months for me to be placed on with a pain doctor.Her plan was to stabilize me and transfer me to my family doctor.He wouldn't touch the prescription of opiates at all because it's just not worth the risk.That risk is the college,who love nothing better than to revoke privileges .As long as there's this insane fear of drugs and we allow police officers to super cede our doctors in matters medical,nothing will change.What person would attend school for the years necessary to become a doctor,only to risk it all by prescribing opiates to a patient when they know they could lose their license if some governing board decides the dose is too high or the duration of treatment is deemed to be excessive?Michael Jackson was the perfect personality type to be a hard core drug addict.It's a shame that his fame and money allowed him to find so many people willing to asceed to his demands and so willing to turn their backs to what was happening.I'm sure a lot of decent doctors were caught by his fame and soon realised they were being conned.I hope none of them lose the power to earn a living just because they made an error in judgment.Things like this are always used by federal agencies to say there is a huge problem with prescription drugs.The fact is there is a huge problem with the maniacal prohibition of drugs.The lack of education has a whole generation less afraid of oxycontin than of pot.I've spoken to young people who think heroin is probably OK because they tried pot and it didn't fry their brains.If nothing else,I hope this death causes them to realise that prescription drugs can be just as deadly as or even worse than anything they can find on the street.I'm afraid that the only voices we will hear will be those of the DEA and other such agencies whose only goal is to raise fear and keep their jobs.The CIA smuggles it in and the DEA tries to arrest everybody that has it in their possession.Prohibition is a major money maker and an industry builder.Too bad it's the industry of human suffering and filling up private prisons.
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