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Today I am ashamed to call myself an American. As much as I LOVE MY PEOPLE I can not stomach the wretches in our governing body any longer; they have stepped too far in the last year or so with their war on Americans trying to survive. We who can not afford the billion dollar a year medical expenses and the "cut backs" sit in anticipation of our next meal (while gov. officials are making a staggering 100,000.00 a year) and we watch as these people eat out at expensive high class restaurants during "business meetings". Why do we have to sit around eating Ramen noodles while we watch Filet Mignon devoured by people hired to help the American citizens? Why are we watching these people who claim they are helping us; helping us do what... starve? I'm tired of watching, when the only thing being helped are the truly fortunate few who make money for lieing. Our leaders are sucking the life from us and we tell them we want change and they turn their perfectly styled heads the other way so as not to tarnish the three thousand dollar suit....WTF America wake the hell up! Marijuana is our biggest cash crop as well as medical miracle and yet the dum dum in charge is still giggling in the corner waiting to be told what to do next....G.W.B. 2?
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why are you in this forum?

I was curious to ask the anonymous person what would be the purpose of frequenting a forum such as this if the only thing we have to say is

"I'm not sure about medical miracle... there are different legal drugs that have a similar effect"

What I know for sure and without bias is that hundreds of teens in NY (where I am) are dragged from their classes because of the addictive prescription pills that were found in their lockers. These kids are just like you and I when we were young and dumb; they do not care as much now though as we did when we were their age about what others may think of them if they get into trouble. People in Holly- Wood are always in and out of rehab for coke, heroine, popping pills, etc. I am not saying that making an illegal drug easily accesible will do anything but cause the kids to question our ability as individuals. Now let us question the ability as an individual.... why is it illegal in the first place.... what would have been gained.... face it alcohol is far more addictive and dangerous than marijuana will ever become and yet we just wont admit that the people in charge could be wrong from the start. Truthfully Harry Anslinger's only reason for fighting against marijuana was money. He, (Harry Anslinger) like the alcohol companies and the government will not allow anything to take away their profit. alcohol+ addiction=rehab Bad day+alcohol=Domestic Violence+ DWI=prison sentence Come on people wake up and look at who has the most to benefit and who has the most to lose if we could legally smoke marijuana and you will find that these people are just stalling. we've won and no one has realized it yet. More and more people are becoming fed up with our present controlling body. No matter what you do with your beer you pay the gov. but the bud we want isn't for you uncle sam. So any way why are you reading these if your for the use of pill popping Sarah Alpinewatches? I'll be waiting to hear from this person, I would like to see your argument hold up.

Medical miracle?
Comment posted by Anonymous on Mon, 07/13/2009 - 3:58pm

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