Opponents of Marijuana Legalization Will Say Anything

This letter in the Montgomery Advertiser is a mind-numbing illustration of the vivid imaginations that local anti-drug activists can frequently be found to possess:

Assume the government legalizes pot. It will be taxed (federal and state) and regulated for THC content. Do drug cartels just fold their tent? Hardly. Simply offer a more potent product at a lower cost -- tax-free, of course. Higher THC content is the goal of all serious pot smokers -- check out any issue of High Times, or the myriad of Internet sites offering more potent seeds.

Note to prohibitionists: the second you find yourself arguing that no one will buy legal pot, you've gone off the rails badly. If you wanna talk about the advertisers in High Times, what about the ones that make money hand over fist selling legal herbs that merely look like pot? Legal pot will be an extremely popular product among people who like pot. You don't have to worry about that.

And if you find yourself arguing that drug cartels can stay in business despite sudden widespread competition by simply improving their product and lowering their prices, maybe you should stop to consider how ridiculous that sounds. If they do that, they'll go broke overnight, hence you just accidentally stumbled across the exact reason why legalizing marijuana will annihilate the black market for pot.

It really shouldn’t be necessary to explain that drug cartels thrive on astronomical black market inflation. Everything they are and everything they do revolves around the massive drug monopoly that prohibition bestows upon them. If you take that away, they are nothing.

But if the fundamentals of black market economics continue to escape anyone, I suppose we could always just agree to legalize potent pot as well.
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prohibition folks

Montgomery? Are we talking `bout Alablama here now? Surely those Blalabamans know sumptin` `bout `dat` `d`er weed don`t day? Alabama Black Snake Surprise i see. Oh well.....

OMG!!! You are so right.

OMG!!! You are so right. Anyone who even considers thinking that legalizing would only FUEL the cartels, is a complete utter moron. Get your head on straight, read the facts, UNDERSTAND the facts, and stop being an idiot and siding with the other mindless prohibitionists who don't realize that prohibition and the supposed Drug War, has failed miserably!! One action can be taken that would solve it: Legalize marijuana, & tax it, regulate it, educate about it, and enjoy it. If it's not for you, then don't bag on the people who do like/need/use it. Just know the benefits: Economy stimulation, patients' access to rightfully deserved medicine, cartels crime reduction, saved money on not enforcing the stupid marijuana laws, and revenues for the taxation of the herb.

They might make a good point

The good point being that they should be careful not to over regulate cannabis.

While there is certainly some tipping point where no-one will care if the weed is stronger or not, there is no compelling reason to regulate the THC content of pot. So don't. As for the taxes: don't tax it so heavily that it's worth having a black market. If we tax cannabis at the level we tax tobacco, I don't see there being any issue.

It's also vital that it's legal to grow your own. The regulation should only be on the distribution of cannabis.


Remember Prohibition of Alcohol?

While it is true that the mob continued to influence the market of alcohol after prohibition ended, they've been heavily removed. Is Anheiser-Busch a mob owned business? Is Coors? Is Samuel Adams? No. The only end of the market they control is through the extortion of small business owners running a liquor store. Organized crime has little, if any control over the cultivation of crops, manufacturing of alcohol, and warehousing of the product.

Yea Because Bootlegging is Still a Problem

Any argument that drug cartels would still have influence after legalization is rediculous. Although minor influence may exist immediately after a legalization framework were to be installed, the black market would completely disappear soon thereafter. Last time I bought liquir at the liquir store I was not approached after I left by a bootlegger who asked me whether I wanted buy some cheap vodka. This argument against legalization is so stupid it almost does not even deserve a response. All one must ask themselves in response to this argument is: "when was the last time anyone been offered to buy cheap black market alcohol." If that answer is never, then that prohibitionist argument fails miserably.


Once again, prohibitionists have their facts wrong. Where cannabis is effectively legal people rarely prefer the most potent available, rather a pleasant balance that does not come on too strong so the experience can be truely savored and enjoyed. This holds true for alcohol users who rarely prefer the most potent straight alcohol drinks available, rather mixed (diluted) drinks, beer, wine, etc. Cannabis prohibitionists, who are mostly drunks, should be able to understand this.

Myths of Moral and Social Decay

It is always amusing to hear prohibs describe the kind of society they think the U.S. will become with marijuana legalization.  Their bleak and bizarre descriptions always seem to take on a kind of Blade Runner quality.  Doom and gloom is the only option.  The sky will fall.

The doomsayers need only buy the ticket and take the ride to Amsterdam to see for themselves what a system of pot quasi-legalization looks like in a free society.  There they will find quaint, peaceful coffee shops plying the marijuana and hash trade with none of the attendant violence and other problems associated with liquor sales in America.  And there are no government controls in Holland to regulate THC content, just as there are no government controls to regulate the caffeine content of coffee and soft drinks.

Sure, pot costs less in the Netherlands because weed is not prohibited per se, but it’s not cheap, either.  Cannabis sales add in many different ways to the economy of a Dutch city.  Besides retail sales, tourists and locals need public places to sit and relax and smoke cannabis the same way people need commercial areas set aside to drink alcohol.  Since 1976, the hundreds of coffee shops in Amsterdam have not only generated jobs, major profits and tax revenues, but they function as oases of calm in a bustling and very popular European tourist destination.


Yes the guy got a point.

Yes the guy got a point. Yesterday I bought some high grade java from that suspicious looking guy lloitering round the street corner. I hate that low quality crap they sell in the grocery stores.


I’m tired of this country being in denial. America has a strange fixation with pot, much like sex and homosexuality. We deny deny deny, yet behind closed doors, everything is so commonplace. Marijuana has been a staple of entertainment (and entertainers) for decades. From George Carlin and other comedians in the 60s to the Cheech and Chong movies in the 70s amd 80s to more current comedies like Half Baked in the 90s. And it’s ok for Tommy Chong to do it again on screen in new movies like Evil Bong 2: King Bong – we all laugh and then our government puts those same entertainers through hell for it! how insane is that? Not to mention hypocritical.

get some brains

there is already a black market for marijuana. your saying it would get bigger if it was legalized....that makes absolutely no sence what so ever. its already everywhere...people can get there hands on it at any point. thats what happens when you try to make a plant illegal. a plant that makes you think, rather than somthing that makes you a slave like ciggs or alcohol.good luck trying to bann somthign that is far healthier than both those legal drugs. The government would regulate the THC content yes, but the content they choose will be higher THC than current mexican marijuana. And yeah your right people would grow it and not bother paying taxes, because IT IS A NATURAL PLANT. i mean we are fighting about them mking us pay money for a plant rather than them throwing us in jail and ruining our life over a plant. the world is a corrupt joke if you smoked amrijuana you would realize we are all slaves. We dont make money or get help from taxes, we get the scraps from the elitists. henry ford made a car entirely out of hemp fuel and all, and now the auto companies crashed its all greed. we have no rights its not up to us if it gets legalized...kids melt down oxicodone and inject it like heroin....and they are debating if marijuana is bad...but they release synthetic heroin at the drop of a hat...think people..cmon

Face it democracy has

Face it democracy has failed. Prohibition is the most undemocratic policy imaginable. It denies people the very freedom they are supposedly entitled to. It goes against religious rights. For if God created the world then surely he created cannabis as a holy medicine to heal the sick. It creates a crime in which all society becomes the victim of a lie, the kind of lie that is for the greater good but that only benefits the upper class, because they are all doing it but have the money and connections to get around the law. Democracy has failed us all and all that is left is a burned out empty shell of what it once was and is now just a festering cesspool of corruption and lies. The kind of lies that with enough money you can murder your ex-wife and her boyfriend and get away with it. Democracy is dead and has been dead for a long time and prohibition is just a reminder that you are in fact a slave.

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