Cannabis Strategy: Stop funding Democrats until they listen and act on drug reform!

It was all over the news: on January 22, the DEA raided a California Medical Cannabis Clinic in Lake Tahoe, and two medical cannabis grow houses in Colorado. This was two days after Barack Obama's inauguration, and several months after the President vowed on the campaign trail, to stop Federal raids on medical cannabis providers.

In spite of those promises, the raids and harassment continue. Back in August of last year Nancy Pelosi spoke on CNN about the medical cannabis and Federal policy. She said their just were not enough support in Congress to get the laws changed, and she called on the public to contact their representatives, and make a lot of noise.

OK Nancy: how's this for noise? No funding of Democratic initiatives, or candidates until your start representing the interests of a majority of the voting public who believe our drug policies are punitive, unfair, and simply designed to pack as many people into prison as possible (with great success, I might add, since the United States, with 5% of the world's population, incarcerates 25% of the world's prison population.)

So, dear reader, if you're happy having 1 out of every 100 adults in the US in prison, and 1 out out every 32 adults in prison, jail, on probation or paroled, then keep on sending your hard earned dollars to the Dems.

But if you think drug use should be primarily a public health issue, and feel that nearly 1,000,000 arrests each year for cannabis offenses is just plain wrong, there here is a solution for you:

Do what I have been doing since I heard about the January raids. I have been answering all phone calls and returning all fundraising mail I get from the Democratic Party with this response:

“I will not give another cent to the Democratic Party until they support a complete overhaul of our Federal drug policy; stop the Federal persecution of medical cannabis users, providers and caregivers; and remove Cannabis from it present Schedule I classification.”

If you are willing to rise to this challenge and you do speak with fundraisers on the phone, be polite, but tell them in no uncertain terms what your position is, that you will no longer be donating until the party's policies change, and ask them to please give this feedback to their supervisors.

Money talks volumes, and it seems to be the language politicians understand. Let's put that unfortunate reality to work for us, and stop this abuse of civil and human rights.

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I love it! This approach should be used for the republicans as well. I sent my money to Ron Paul! He, openly called for the cessation of the "war on drugs". There is no doubt, money is the thing they would listen to. Problem is, do we have enough money to make a dent against rich contributors and the lobbyists of LEO, DEA, and the prison industry? I still say GO FOR IT!!

I also sent my money to Ron Paul

And i even contributed to the Republican party early on in his candidacy, after they marginalized and censored him, tho I quit giving to the REpublicans and I let them know it ws because they pushed aside the one conservative running under their banner. I have been libertarian all my life and Libertarian since the party's inception, 2008 was the very first time I ever gave money to any party other than the LP, so I cannot use this threat against either Democrats or Republicans, but I can certainly spread the word about it, and I certainly will.

I'm pro-choice on EVERY THING!

Sorry about the double post

I'm pro-choice on EVERY THING!

No donations isn't enough

No donations isn't enough. Vote for a candidate with an acceptable drug/civil liberties postition and be vocal about your doing this. Run for an office yourself if necessary to create a candidate who can affect the outcome of the election. Boycotting is pretty much irrelevant to candidates as is voting for someone if your vote won't be counted (which, if any, write-in votes will be counted depends on local law}. The votes that matter are the ones that can effect whether a candidate gets enough counted votes to win the election.

Ultimately your donations are worth less than your votes. The Big Party winners and losers in a race both seem to rake in enormous amounts of money that could be spent on better things but only one gets elected. If may not take many votes for an alternative party or independent candidate to tilt the balance or force a run-off. We can see in many states that economic problems may cause "mainstream" politicians to become less vicious about the expensive-to-government punishments they inflict but their attitudes aren't changing. Real change will come after there is a sense of a voting block that needs to be courted and can't be bought with "chump change" reforms.

Go Brinna go, go..

The Democrats do not listen to or care about their sycophants. The Democrats do care about and listen to their detractors and opponents.

I quit the Democratic Party in 1996 over Bill Clinton's drug war policies. Since then I have changed my registration in and out between Independent and Democrat depending on candidates in the primaries who I wanted to give support to. Over the years I noticed something. When I am registered as an Independent both of the dominance parties have poll takers calling me every week or so during the campaigns looking for my opinion. When I am registered Democrat no one ever calls me.

The Democrats will start to listen when enough reform advocates are registered Independent that it is a factor in election results. And we have to be very vocal about it. I try but I am a lone voice in the storm of party hack opposition.

Remember, be loud and be proud. Don't let the party hacks tell you you don't matter as an Independent or that you are supporting their opposition by being Independent. You are supporting your values best by supporting candidates and policies that reflect and respect your values. This is the only time that you get to actually exercise your constitutional free political speech where it matters and is listened to. Don't waste it by voting for party hacks who will simply shit in your face after they get into office.

The war on drugs was created by Richard Nixon specifically to subvert independent political dissidence because Independent political dissidence can't be controlled by the right-wing that controls our America. We can restore American democracy by fighting in the polling booth the war on drugs. Here is more on the politics of the prohibition: Why the War on Drugs Continues

Boycott the party system.

Become a values voter. Be like the right-wing and take personal control of your political power. Vote and sponsor only those candidates who reflect and respect your political values.

Brinna's picture

That's a great idea!

I love your response. It makes perfect sense. Register as an Independent and finally have your voice heard. Brilliant! Thank you. I am adopting this policy, and will promote it.

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