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The truth about "addiction"

I have limited time, but will expound on this later, and clean it up. The WAR on REASON (Drugs) is taking down its innocent victims by offering options that ALL make someone else wealthier. Be it insurance companies, Municipalities, "Doctors", "Counselors", Police Department, politicians... the list is long. One thing that the 'war on drugs' has done, besides creating a new class of political prisoner, is reinforces the subconscious powers of addiction. To simplify (due to time constraints): when you create laws that punish and threaten personal liberties, simply for being in possession of a substance, or having an "illegal" substance present in your system, you drive the people enjoying said substance into the shadows. The user (BAD choice of words - to be corrected) creates ritual and a safe mysticism in order to enjoy. Perhaps to escape the daily bite of shit sandwich that the present climate is heaping on all but the wealthiest and those that conspire above the law (COPS, etc). What ever the reason for enjoying ones drugs of choice, the users know they have to keep it hidden. The rituals and mysticism surrounding use create and become habit. Habit is probably the most powerful force to break free of. Habit is the real addiction. Sure, after doing the same yummy goodies over an extended period of time the body may crave, but it's the habit and importance that the mind has placed on it that is the real problem. If ALL (yes you lazy, only weed should be legal morons), I said ALL drugs should be legal! [Perfect World scenario follows]:If you know that you can go down to the corner store and score a couple of ounces of coke (for $25 each) you're not going to "jones" worrying where your next fix is going to come from. It's been my personal experience that if I know it (insert your favorites) is going to be around tomorrow, I can just go to sleep and I never "jones" for anything. I end up using less and can concentrate on the good time I'm having now. It's when I have to worry, 'will I be able to get more and what if I get busted', etc... come into play those are the times my desire are at their highest... I end up carelessly taking more then I need and create a problem. Just as Prohibition did with Alcohol, there is a dare to live dangerously air about it all. Only the hardest of true alcoholics are concerned that the liquor store isn't open early enough. But, if you're on a weekend party bender (pre-planned and under control) you're not likely to rob someone, get involved in gun-play or smash windows, because tomorrow morning the stores will open. When was the last time anyone tried to score a bottle of Jack Daniels for a gang banger Well, looking back at this, I just realized that the writing sucks and I don't know if I've made my point clear. I'll fix it later. In the mean time, there is NO reason that anyone can give me why I do not have the right to put whatever I want into my body! "We know what's best for you!" was last used by the Nazi's, and look how that turned out! It's my body and only I know what's best for me when it comes to recreation. Only I know how much or how little of something I need to enhance an experience... And to those who would say, "why do you need anything to alter your perceptions of an experience... how can you enjoy it if you're numb?" A) I'm not numb to it, asshole! and B) Well, that's nobodies business except my own. I take responsibility for my actions, I live by a very very simple rule. Never harm another. Regardless of what those laughable "Above The Influence" ads say, as long as I've taken care of my business and executed my responsibilities (and paid my fucking taxes!) as long as my behavior, actions or anything else effect another, then I couldn't possibly have done ANYTHING wrong! It's my life. I want it to be a very long and prison free one. I'm moderate and use care when it comes to my drug intake. (I like to be conscious when I "enhance" any experience) Only I know what's best for me! -- I say to those sanctimonious fear mongers that worry I might go on a killing spree because I took a toke off of a joint; clean up your own back yard before you DARE to even peek into mine! If you don't like drugs (or your local chapter of Pedophiles R-US, aka The Church, tells you not to), THEN DON'T DO THEM. MORON! Just leave the rest of us alone. It's NOT about you and doesn't involve YOU!
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Interesting points

You seem to say: The perceived lack of availability and risk required to obtain the next dose might have a intensifying effect on an addiction or on recklessness of use. I think this is pretty fascinating and I wonder if it's ever been studied...

I think you're tying to say something else about the day-to-day routines required to hide drug use, but I'm not quite getting it.

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