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Mexican Drug Cartels Dissolve Corpses in Vats of Acid

Lately, the drug war is sounding less and less like an actual government policy and more like a distopian future from a science fiction movie:

As the nation's drug war rages on, with its weekly tallies of headless torsos, it is getting harder to produce a shock wave in the Mexican media. But the gruesome recipes of "The Stewmaker" have gripped public attention here, as authorities describe how a "disposal expert" working for a Tijuana drug cartel boss allegedly got rid of hundreds of bodies by dissolving the corpses in vats of caustic liquid. [Washington Post]

They call him "The Stewmaker" and his henchmen attacked the police station with machine guns after he was captured.

Does any of this sound like the story of a drug policy that works? How much more of this unfathomable gory mayhem do we feel like putting up with? We’ve crossed the line into some seriously dark territory here and it’s way past time something is done about it, something completely different from everything we’ve tried before.
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Legalize it all

Yeah, let us finally try complete legalization of ALL currently "illicit" drugs, because prohibition does not work. Prohibition only creates violence and crime, and makes very rich criminals, because it pushes the substance and those who want it and those who provide it into a black market. The "illicit" label is completely arbitrary, anyway, it is not based on any kind of science, and is not related to any actual harm from use -- if it were, alcohol would still be prohibited (not that that prohibition was a good thing, it wasn't, which is why it was repealed) and marijuana would be grown in every vegetable/herb patch and sold at the corner store.

END PROHIBITION 2.0! Prohibition of ANY substance causes greater harm to society than the substance(s) being banned. One would have thought that lesson well learned after the first attempt at prohibition in the early 1900s.

I'm pro-choice on EVERYTHING!

Perpetual Failure Unacceptable

As long as corruption persists and "We the people" fail to do our duty as true leaders of the United States decade after decade, drug prohibition (and similar nanny state regulations) will enrich the corrupt and powerful.

Our Founding Fathers sacrificed their lives against power abuse to establish the unalienable right to liberty, and "We the people" sacrifice little, if anything, against corruption within our borders, watching certain public servants (and supporting citizens) turn that right into a naive notion pushed aside (along with its supporters) to make way for the so-called complexities of a modern age requiring "smarter" government.

I appreciate the need to properly handle abuse wherever it emerges, including in the private sector, but opposing the written American foundation by improperly shifting control to the public sector, which has historically shown at least equal power abuse, is outrageous.

I will keep encouraging "We the people" to rise and shine, to face corrupt liberals and conservatives alike, to understand that we do not live in an open and free society and must work towards building one, to understand that our Founding Fathers were not fools, and while I'm no soldier and I loathe violence, I will fight and die against traitors, because negligent public servants leave us no peaceful choice. Submission to their ill-gotten power is never the right option.

Let freedom ring!

it is amazing.. the government keeps fighting this war on drugs. They will never stop something that makes millions of tax free money, addictive, cheap and of course, how amazing it can make people feel.

And i guess the people that come in the way of drug distribution through snitching, backstabbing etc, end up dissolved in acid.

Libertarian Party

Not sure if people who visit and agree with this site know it or not, but we are Libertarians. Everyone needs to understand that there is a political group that is established that represent voices heard here. I am not here to spout politics but I want visitors to know that whether they think they are Republicans or Democrats, they may in fact be Libertarian. Do a web search for "political quiz" and take one. It might open your eyes. Libertarians essentially conduct themselves in a live and let live way. Maximize freedom and liberties. Destroy the nanny "Big Brother" and never infringe the rights of the individual in their persuit of happiness and success. There is heavy penalty for those who commit crimes thereby taking safety and freedom from others. People should be held accountable for their own actions and decisions. FYI our Presidential candidate is Ron Paul. You may have heard of him. If you have, tell others about him. If not, look him up!! The legalization of even marijuana only would have a huge impact on our nation in positive ways. I will not get into it as I am preaching to the choir as it were. Let it be known that I do not do drugs that are illicit, but I do not want to infringe the choices of informed and safe use of others. I will be among the first to buy stock in marijuana producers if or when it is legalized, regulated, and taxed! What will the gang bangers do then? Bootleg most likely, but business will not be what it used to be.

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