The World's Smallest Marijuana Joint

Police don’t just get the facts wrong about the dangers of marijuana and the impact of commonsense reforms like decriminalization. Frequently, they’re wrong about marijuana itself, making wild claims about the street value of the latest bust or exaggerating plant yields to make small growers sound like major traffickers. If you think you’ve heard it all, here’s a cop from Massachusetts who says an ounce equals 200-300 joints:

According to Lt. Danny Maguire of the Weston Police Department, "The biggest challenge we have is to convince people that, just because the law has changed, marijuana has not become 'legal,' and that the problem of drug addiction is still just as severe as always. There is also the danger that people will think it’s actually OK, under the new law, to smoke a joint or two and get behind the wheel of a car."

One ounce of marijuana is the equivalent of 200 to 300 joints, according to Maguire.

This is just shockingly crazy and wrong. Researchers have estimated the average size of a joint between 0.4 and 0.9 grams, which would equal 30-70 joints per ounce. If you roll more than 70 joints from an ounce, they’ll be empty toothpick-sized joints with more paper than pot. They won’t even work and no matter who you are, I’m sure you know someone who can assure that this is true.

Claiming that you can roll up to 300 joints from an ounce is a total lie. It’s hilarious to anyone who’s ever smoked or even seen a joint. It’s like claiming a bag of skittles will serve 300 people, when there’s actually only 70 Skittles in the bag and most people don’t find an individual Skittle very satisfying anyhow.

So what the hell is this guy talking about? He’s angry that voters in Massachusetts decriminalized possession of up to an ounce of marijuana, and he’s trying to pretend that’s a huge amount of pot. It isn’t. His lie, on the other hand, is enormous.
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It just makes my head hurt

It just makes my head hurt when cops bring up the intoxicated driving issue. As though prohibition IN ANY WAY prevents anyone from toking and then getting behind the wheel of a car. As though ANY RESPONSIBLE ADULT would think impairing their ability to drive (whether that be through ingesting a drug, driving sleepy or talking on a cellphone) is "OK".



how many people think that it is actually "ok" to "drink" and get behind the wheel? how many cops are actually alcoholics? how many cannabis users are arrested each year by alcoholic cops? hypocrisy is rampant within the "drug war". american citizens in general are just too vain and selfish to see what is really going on. the drug war ain`t just a company, it`s an industry. ending the drug war means lost jobs for law enforcement and government idiots. will obama increase funding for the drug war? he will if he signs off on it. we will see. the folly of the "drug war" is far more spectacular than 9/11 could ever be. can`t see the forest for the tree`s huh? man can discern the weather but not the signs of the times.



ain`t it amazing at how cops can place a value of $5000 on a cannabis plant that is only 14 inches high? get busted with 10 plants , 14 inches tall and the local paper will say that the " crop" is worth half a million dollars. the local pot kingpin is big money with 10 plants that fit into a gallon bag . amazing . surely it ain`t just about publicity to get get more funding. surely not.

Pipe dreams

There was another Mass cop who wrote in the Patriot Ledger that ...the voters just don't know how much an ounce of marijuana really is the size of a loaf of bread.

Find me the link

Please. Just looked and couldn't find it.


Sorry was the Cape Cod Times.
I can't get the link but it was Mass. DA O'Keefe who said it shortly after the vote.I tried to retrieve it but they want to charge for the article.Yankee misers.The article was something like "Marijuana is Legal :How Did We Get Here"

In the Patriot Ledger it was cops threatening people that I saw.


Nov 7 edition

This cracks me up...

The best part of this is on the West Coast we call an ounce of pot a "zip" (dunno if the rest of the US does).

Why is it called a zip? Because it fits inside of a Ziplock sandwich bag.

The guys I've met who sell make a maximum of $50 bucks off a zip.

Some seriously hiiiigh rollers right there.


im from south africa

everyone smokes here, who the hell would bother buying an ounce and where on earth could you even get 20 joints out of an ounce, i barely get 20 out of a bankie. unless you folks are smoking that gm kak

Please, if you gonna decriminalise the stuff. Make it illigal to mess with it genetically

these cops are full of shit

a dump truck not quite more like a pickup truck full .if these guys are that delusional they have no buisness being cops .it just means they lie what else do they lie about fire them

They must've watched Cheech and Chong one too many times.

"What kind of joint is this, man?"
"It's a heavy-duty joint, man."
"It looks like a toothpick, man."
"No, it's not a toothpick, man."
"It is a toothpick, man."
"No, man, it's just... It is a toothpick."

Danny the Liar or Danny the Deluded?

Lt. Danny Maguire is either lying about the amount of cannabis contained in joints, or he’s totally out of touch with the drug world.  I’m guessing the latter.

Maguire sounds as if he just left the church choir and stepped directly into the center stage spotlight of the self-righteous and prohibitory-strewn world of superstition that permeates the nationalist and corporatist discourse about cannabis.  He may even be a dues-paying member of the extreme right, a culture that seethes with hostility, xenophobic aggressions, and a binary world view that sees only right and wrong, black and white, with no shades of grey in between.

Imagine someone so sheltered all their life that they never had a chance to experience the delightful, self-absorbed and dreamy cannabis high.  With no direct experience involving cannabis, who might such a person listen to about marijuana and other drugs but the same people who shelter him or her?  All the more reason drug law reformers need to smash all barriers to truth that bring about mindless, authoritarian proclamations about drugs, such as those made by Massachusetts police Lieutenant Danny Maguire.

Marijuana and other soft drugs remain prohibited partly because of misconceptions about their physical and mental effects.  Erroneous ideas about recreational drugs often originate from culturally deprived and racially biased groups.  The outrageously short-sighted leaders of these insular organizations bear much responsibility and blame for the drug war, and as such they and their members must be openly ridiculed for their support of drug prohibition.

Drug enforcement, like racism, is a dead albatross hanging about the neck of anyone who supports it.  Those who think drug prohibition is a solution to various social problems must be made to understand they’ve been misled.  Racism was never a solution to anything, either, but some people still employ it.  Ultimately, drug law reform has to succeed as an international public deprogramming and re-education process, much as if someone were to deprogram members of some insidious cult of unreason.  The task is difficult, but not impossible.


You people are living your

You people are living your own private Idaho. Why don't you all move there?


I thought this was a "free country" and we had the right to live where we want! So, do you have any constructive criticism? Or, are you like all the other prohibitionists, who prefer to remain ignorant of the facts, while imprisoning the poor?!

thats fucking bullshit in

thats fucking bullshit in prison you wouldnt get 90 joints off a once what the fuck is that wank stain cop on about 2to3 hundered joints of 1 fucking once u want a half a bar to make 300 jonts and if you like or love your blunts it woundnt last you pissing time

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