Norm Stamper is Awesome

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Here's another old LEAP video that's been making the rounds this week:

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i wish their were more rational people in this world that would realize that we can have the freedom to dictate what is put into our body and keep people safe at the same time...


Norm Stamper wouldn't make a pimple on a policeman’s ASS.

Thank God, he was never allowed to implement his ultra left wing policies, while on the SDPD.

the drug war will never be over..this is stupid!

He is so right!...I agree..


I worked with Stamper...I recived my masters degree with stamper...He was an idiot then and has since slipped even further...Buck


At least he's got his eyes open and he's not a fool, such as some who would criticize him.


We got rid of him in San Diego then he went up to Seattle where he lost control during a bio tech convention and they destroyed the city. He got dumped from Seattle. A true lib who was a failure as a cop.


I'm so tired of hearing this talk. I tried to read his book, but it kept flying out of my hands and hitting the wall across the room. He spent his whole career as a police officer, yet every time he opens his mouth he gives law enforcement officers a clear vote of no confidence. What is he saying about himself? In San Diego, he wanted us to drive pastel colored cars and exchange our uniforms for suit blazers to cover up our guns. -way out there.

I'm sure his political position on drugs makes him accepted and popular when he's engaging in "intellectual and thoughtful dialog" with the far left hippie liberals with which he must be now associating in retirement.

Nobody in their right mind is going to open their front door and say "There's not enough problems in my life. Any problems out there? Come on in! I can handle it!". That's what you're doing when you decide to flirt with dope. -even it its just a doobie.


In every profession there are liberals. There are liberal judges, lawyers, cops, doctors, and so on. Our universities are filled with liberal thinking students with no life experience, but they all want to defy the "estabilsment",when they don't even understand why they are so defiant. This is the group of people Stamper and his ultra liberal yahoos are trying to reach. Leagalizing drugs will just ensure our next generation of children are dumber than the previous. It is a downward spiral of the strength of our nation. Every life that has been destroyed by drugs has started off by using that peace loving drug marijuana. It is a gateway drug and always has been. Peace, love, dope.

A failure and bitter old man

I worked for him when he was with SDPD. He was a nice guy but a terrible leader. Because of his type of liberal thinking SDPD had the highest mortality rate of officers killed in the line of duty when he was there as a chief. Her had a chance to change things in Steattle and look what happened. I don’t necessarily disagree with his views on marijuana and only marijuana but when he goes off on a tangent about how the police are poorly trained and are out there killing innocent people, please. You can tell by this video and his book that he has an ax to grind with law enforcement because he was booted out for being such a failure as a cop at all levels.


Stamper and the current Prohibition.

Prohibition of alcohol took control away from government and put it firmly in the control of what became organized crime. In the process it corrupted politicians, police, judges and the business establishment. It took more than a decade for the nation to realize the folly of that prohibition.
It's apparent from some of the comments on this page that many, especially police who should know better, haven't learned that lesson from history, and now we are condemned to repeat it.
Drug prohibition has created a wealthy and brutal group of syndicates powerful enough to corrupt, if not topple, governments around the world. That wealth has enabled thugs to buy politicians, police and huge arsenals of weapons.
Decriminalization and taxation of drugs would immediately pull the economic rug out from under this evil element, while providing the funding source to finance drug rehab programs and educational campaigns to limit the impact of drugs on society. Anyone who thinks the current situation, which is completely beyond control, is a better answer has their head firmly tucked where the sun never shines.

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