Marijuana, Inc. Tonight on CNBC

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This looks interesting. Tonight at 9 ET on CNBC.

Update: I hated it. My comments here.

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peace and pot makes the world go around

i thank we should all shut up and live with pot cuz we will smoke it any way.

Mad Money

Where has CNBC been all along? Honestly. I hope his story at least legitimizes the business potential, and not make it about people breaking the law. All the major news stations would have to do is tell us the truth to convince even the harshist critics... something like, "Science and government has been wrong about marijuana, it is indeed harmless and can be regulated like alcohol and tobacco." And I would think that most of the hardcore prohibitionists would even conceed to toke when it's legal. The mainstream news has the power to make or break a story and control what people think about a subject. CNBC needs to morally legitimize the cannabis business.

gateway to drugs!!!

Maybe if we could get listeners to think that alcohol is the real gateway drug. Then, what is their answer to closing the gate?! Alcohol prohibition was ended with a Constitutional amendment! Can't play that tune again!

marijuana a narcotic

In the preview they say marijuana a narcotic, if they don't know better than that, why watch?

Thats gotta be a gotcha phrase ....

But let me tell ya .... if they do portray it that way then we'll know ....propaganda pushers of misinformation . Where the hell do we live !!

I would expect

that CNBC will do a very ignorant and status quo kind of report. BUT the fact that they are doing anything opens the door for other organizations to rebut and counter their stereotyping and ignorance.

I have CNBC on my TV every working day for hours, usually I keep the mute button on. For the most part they are a bunch of slugs that follow rather than stay abreast of the news. But I have been writing to them for years sending them reports and essays on drug policy reform and I expect that others have as well. If they have gone so far as to invest in an hour long package on pot then someone in their organization has succeeded in instigating them to think about some of the economics of the reform issue.

Let's all hope that this starts a new round of reform discussion in the U.S. media. Its been too quiet for far too long. Be ready to write to your local outlets and fan any sparks that ignite.

I'm gonna watch

Roach is my real last name, way tired of the stigma. But, I've never got off my soapbox!! We have got to stand up and be heard....

Just more "cop porn"

Get some popcorn and sit down to watch some "cop porn". Nothing here requiring even the slightest introspection.

I hope I can buy this

I want to show it to people. Marijuana is just a drug the government is scared of because they cant control it fully right now. I tell ya what tho, I pay taxes for my cigarettes, I'd pay taxes to walk into a store on my payday and be able to buy some good green without having to search for it. Weed is just America's chance for another economic boom. About a decade ago this same opportunity presented itself and it was in the form of computers, technology, and Microsoft. Now the general public is becoming more relaxed with the idea because its all around and it's had next to no serious side effects, i.e. car accidents, overdoses, etc. We just need to speak out more to make our government hear what their people want.

Pleasantly surprised

For a mainstream media outlet that hardly ever does anything approaching journalism I was pleasantly surprised at the objectivity and professionalism of the CNBC Marijuana Inc. report.

I was much better done than I had expected it would be.

The exposition of the tax revenues issues was informative and useful material that can now be used in debate of these issues.

Closing the piece with a career narc sounding hopeless was priceless.

legalize, decriminalize...

Bob: Evey one needs money...let people grow...let people grow......
george: I like barbie, ah uh duh
Bob: well the economic benefits could be verry lucrative
george: i like cupcakes

thats the way this has been for years, the government hears what they want, and then say fuck you couch, and wipe there $3,000 muddy shoe's on it...I hope the president watched that show last night

Obama after watching the show: *Thinks to himself, where did I hide that joint*, then today holds a press confrence...

3 months later pot is legal....But that wont happen unless Obama has some balls and says hey that shit is pretty good..Lets sell it and get some money..its a new market, and for the last depression our country was in they ended prohabition..why not do it again...people can make alcohol but the government makes it, so why the hell should we have to, because its easier, if the government sold marijuana legaly i bet alot of people would stop growing and just buy their bud from the government..out of conveinence...

Al Capone revisited

The conditions that CNBC described today with Mary Jane (Marijuana) are similar to those described with alcohol in the 1920s. The last remark, we're losing the war on drugs says it all.

The government does NOT make alcohol

Individual businesses make it, the government just regulates its strength, and where and to whom it may be sold. The very last thing we want is the government growing our cannabis, the stuff they do grow for researchers is, according to those researchers, of very low quality, inconsistent in quality, and, therefore, of little use to them. And the DEA will not allow any private growers to supply researchers. See earliers posts by Scott on that.

And I am having the same difficulty with the captcha validation.

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