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Will our new President make the changes we've hoped for? Or will he do the same as the Bush Administration and not even address the drug war.

Is Obama honestly with the change we were promised? 

I will admit to everyone, yes, I did vote for senator Obama. When it came down to him and Mccain it was clear on who was the better party. The thing that struck me, and the thing I'm sure struck everyone who did vote for Obama, was the word "change." Well, in America change is something we really need. We have an endless list of issues that have to be dealt with for national security. So far, the president-elect has not mentioned stopping the drug war, and his administration has made it clear that they are not with ending marijuana prohibition. Here recently, a clinical research company and FDA have approved a marijuana cultivation study for medicinal value. Before I go any further, YES, THE FDA HAS APPROVED THIS STUDY. Appearently, our fellow americans in the Food and Drug Adminstration cant even do there job, and allow studys to take place without getting higher authority permission. The DEA was informed on this situation, and rejected it with no clauses, and no explanations. 

What I can't figure out is how the people in Washington want the economy to change, but cant figure out how to get the money. How about marketing a US Government Marijuana Reform Policy to help boost the economy. It is lower than it has been in years, yet no one in there power can make the change we need. 

To my fellow activists: 

"all we can do as activists is continue to fight and encourage the government to invent new policies on drug reform. we have no other power but to fight." -DJ dramine. 

As a mutiple musician performing rap, rock, and etc. I can say I will always proudly support this organazation, and make it as public as possible. We must spread the word of stopping the drug war even more than ever in this point in time. We will have to continue to push these politicians. And you can bet, we will push til' they fall over. 

As far as Obama and his "stimulous plan," it is crap. Its worthless. They are still not even acknowlaging the activists in this country. They think we're freaks, and outcast, yet, when civil rights came around, Washington responded. When Frank Lucas became the first black man to be the head of a black crime organization, they responded quickly. 



The only freedoms we have, are made illegal because they "make people happy." 

The American Empire is falling, and they could stop it, but they dont want to. 

My main question to the readers is this..

Do you think Obama will change the failed drug policy? 


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dj_dramine's picture

my answer is no, he will

my answer is no, he will not.

it will take many outside forces to make this all happen.

it is not solely left up to obama, but, he could fight for what we are fighting for.

When will you people ever learn?!?

Voting for a Democrat or Republican (other than Ron Paul) and expecting any kind of change from the authoritarian, interventionist structure of government is an exercise in futility! None of those politicians in those two parties will ever rock the boat for change, no matter what they say during their campaigns. The ONLY way to get REAL change is to vote for libertarians at every level of government, write in NOTA (none of the above) in every race where there is no libertarian candidate. Nothing less than this will work.

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