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Thought for 2009

Submitted by David Borden on
Why do we allow para-military swat teams to serve drug warrants on pot dealers with no violent crime on their record?Why are these raids,when botched causing innocent civilian deaths,are they not only covered up but when exposed,justified by the authority in charge?Why are naive high school and college students allowed to be used as cannon fodder so that overzealous police can make a bust,sometimes causing the assassination of the "agent"?Why are these kids threatened with the maximum sentence when it's more likely they'd receive probation or a much reduced sentence(especially if they were to inform their defense team of the police offer and how it was presented).We all know the way law enforcement has turned themselves into the enemy and how often police are caught selling the very drugs they sell.Some cities are so corrupt it's impossible to deal there unless you procure your narcotics from an officer.Some drug war.Creation of some of the wealthiest gangs with the largest arsenals and the most dedicated killers that see it as their only real shot at a good life.Prohibition is on my hit list for things evil that must be brought out into the light of day.Anyone can join.Just contact your representative and find one of the links to Obama's info line.Vote for an end to the drug war and other reasonable actions in drug policy.

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