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Another Chance to Pressure Obama for Drug Policy Reform

Obama’s website has created yet another feature for soliciting ideas from the public. This time it’s called the Citizen’s Briefing Book and you can vote on ideas or submit your own. The winning ideas will be printed out and handed to Barack Obama, so he can wipe his ass with them.

Unsurprisingly, the most popular idea is legalizing marijuana, yet again. This has really escalated to the point of absurdity and if the new administration hasn’t figured it out yet, this will continue until they either give us an intelligent response, or stop asking us to post ideas on their website.  

If, like me, you’re becoming cynical about this whole process, shake it off. Go to the website and vote. There is no way of measuring the impact of our repeated domination of, but it is intuitively greater than zero. They wouldn’t keep doing this if it didn’t mean something to them.
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Support this idea

This one covers it all:
but it has fewer favorable votes tha other ideas relating to the war on drugs. We need to vote this one to the top!

The attorneys at America’s

The attorneys at America’s Criminal Defense group and senior attorney Anthony Partipilo secure six month jail sentence for client facing charges of possession with intent to deliver 500 pounds of marijuana. Client was arrested on the Interstate I-80 in Nebraska while traveling through the state. Through the tireless efforts and aggressive representation by America’s Criminal Defense Group the prosecution was left with no other choice but to offer a plea of 6 months county jail time of which the client was given credit for the 3 months he spent in jail on the arrest and was released with time served. The client resides in California. Anyone charged with transportation of marijuana is encouraged to contact the attorneys at America’s Criminal Defense Group and senior case manager Todd A. Terry (non-attorney) before talking to law enforcement call 818-225-2468

They are childishly pressing the reset button on the voting

So keep voting!!!

Our officials are criminals

Anyone who supports "drug prohibition" supports an ongoing criminal enterprise. The cops have proven, that for over 35 years, they can't or won't stop the flow of drugs into our neighborhoods. That leaves the criminals in charge, and taxes being wasted, drugs are more available everywhere, cheaper and stronger, and they don't check IDs. However Booze and tobacco, not being illegal, are a lot harder for kids to buy. How the hell does that work out? So when someone talks about supporting "the war on drugs", ask them why they want the criminals to be in charge?


If you really want the Obama team to answer a drug policy-related question with specifics about his plans for follow-through, then I suggest people support a question he is more likely to spend more than 7 words responding to, such as:

Stop using federal resources to undermine states' medicinal marijuana laws
Our federal government's Drug Enforcement Administration continues to raid marijuana (cannabis) dispensaries and compassionate use clubs in locations where local and state law allows them to operate. Medicinal marijuana is one of the most widely-supported issues in drug policy reform. Our federal government is wasting scarce resources -- and hurting sick people -- by arresting patients and their caregivers; it should stop doing so.

It's currently in popular ideas and hanging in the top 5... please sign in and vote now!

Obama has already answered that clearly MANY times

He on several occasions that he supports ending the raids in states with medical marijuana laws. With our economy going down the toilet, lets not stop half way but end the wasteful war on marijuana altogether.

enough already!

Thought I was signed up for change .gov. I am worried that this might be a bogus site, since they can't remember my sign in!! I have had it, anyway, after two times of the new "change" administration ignoring me. What is it that Bush didn't say. --- Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! I am disgusted with how may times they are doing this! I guess it is because they did not get the message the first two times!!!

Obama administration must end the refusal to debate and discuss

The Obama administration must end the refusal to debate and discuss the "War on Drugs"

A few hours remain to vote this up. Same for similar posts and posting similiar ideas.

It seems that the #1 marijuana question has been removed. If you use Scott's link most popular idea it comes up. If you go directly to the site and hit most popular the plug in car question is #1. Just FYI

Scott's link doesn't take

Scott's link doesn't take me where it did last night (did anyone save for future reference as a Web Archive, Web Page or equivalent terms other browsers than IE use?). However, it took me to the current Popular Ideas where Ending Marijuana Prohibition is firmly in the lead by nearly 22,000 points.

Next time they put this site up for ideas,

let us NOT make a hundred different postings for the same subject as was done in the two previous go rounds. Let's just do it ONCE, one idea, and then everyone vote on that one idea.

I was just going thru the site with the intent of counting all the different "stop the drug war" ideas and adding up the votes for all of them together (because I wanted to know exactly how many votes the idea got in total), but the site when down before I got more than a few written down. When there are so many similar ideas, spread throughout the site, it dilutes the overall number of votes for the idea.

So, let us come up with the best way to phrase the idea of completely ending the drug war, not just for cannabis, but for ALL drugs. Make it brief so the whole thing can be read in the initial view without having to go to the comments page to read the whole thing. We need to have it ready for when next they put this site up again. And we can then all vote for the one idea, and keep it at the top without dilution.

I agree

I agree that we need one solid question to be put forth.I'm a little disappointed that the major reform groups haven't been the leaders on this by coordinating and coming up with a unified topic.
In my opinion,the fairest and least politically dangerous thing to ask is for a special commission to be called.
What legitimate arguments could be put forth by Obama's lame transition team if all we are asking is to call in the experts and ask for recommendations?

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